Friday, 4 November 2011

Hipp Baby Food

Well the lovely Hipp sent little Lexie some yummy food to test out. At the moment Lexie is being pretty fussy with her food she used to love my pureed vegetables and fruit but all she will eat is the dry packet food now or she will take or leave jars too at the moment too. Shes always been a good eater but her teeth are playing up a bit.

First of all i thought i would try the jars, there quite large jars. We had the following varies to test out :

Tender carrots & potato
Vegetable & turkey casserole
Apple & cranberry breakfast
Apple & blueberry dessert

The first thing i noticed was the thickness you need a spoon to get it out, i had to add a bit of water to the food as Lexie just point blank refused it as it was so thick. I was quite surprised as she ate quite a bit of the turkey & vegetable casserole, about 1/2 a jar. She had no problem with the breakfast and the dessert think she has a bit of a sweet tooth.

I love how the range is organic and HIPP have been making baby products for over 50 years. I love the whole vibe on the website too its fantastic there there is always so much going on.  As a member you can enjoy all these things for nothing.

  • Personalised baby calendar

  • Chat to other mums and health experts in the HiPP Chat forum

  • Regular baby development emails

  • Exclusive offers and competitions

  • Expert advice at every stage

  • Online pregnancy and baby health A-Z

  • The second lot we got to test was the pouches, i love how these can just slip in you bag and you can feed your child with just the pouch very handy if your out and about. Lexie took to these quite well and i poped the other half in the fridge for the next day as there pretty big pouches. Totally difeerent texture than the jars to its just like you have pureed them by hand. I think these would be perfect to satrt weaning with, lots of different tastes and texture for your little ones.

    Mango, apple & peach
    Apple, Strawberry & banana

    Please pop over to the fablous Hipp baby club ~  Click here

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