Wednesday, 30 November 2011

CoolFans Dinnertime Made Easy

Well i dread mealtimes, i always dish Raiden's up first to try and get it cooler, then i end up blowing it until nearly mine is cold.

So i jumped at the chance to test out a fabulous Coolfan, they come in four different designs Dixy, Izzy, Axil and Milo. We had Milo for a tester. They come in cartoon charcters with bright and eye catching colours. Raiden thought the fan was actually Milo's bow tie he he. So it was an added extra for him.

So the first test was super noodles for some reason these take forever to cool down. I popped the batteries in and put it above he's dinner, Raiden was so impressed that i managed to eat my dinner hot!! Wooo hoo. He kept checking himself to see if it was still hot ( I'm sure he's dinner was probably stone cold )  but he wanted it on, it made the cooling down time became quicker and fun.

I didn't realise by blowing on he's food i was transferring bacteria and germs on to it. I was slighty worried about the fan being dangerous but it stops as soon as you touch it. So no cut fingers.

Such a simple idea has given me peace of mind, knowing that i can eat my dinner without the moaning and taturms that await, the first thing Raiden does now is grab Milo and sticks it on hes tray. Its had a massive effect on our dinnertimes now.

Pop over to the Coolfans website and check out the other three designs.

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