Saturday, 26 November 2011

Big Cups & Lumps!

Well we got Lexie a new highchair two weeks ago to start her properly on finger foods. Ive given her a few bits now and gain like toast & fruit.

So my first task was to try and get Lexie from a bottle to a cup for her juice. Which isn't going too well I've got a collection of 6 cups ones with hard soft sprouts, big/little with and without handles. Ive tryed each one and shes very stubborn too, i tryed the tough love approach with resulted her not drinking any for a day.

My next task is going from purred food to lumpy food, I've tryed adding boiled rice in and little lumps to start but she will just spilt them out. She is refusing to eat anything home made apart from mash and will just refuse point blank. She will take most things as in finger foods, shes willing to have a good go.

If anyone has any tips they want to share please do.

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