Saturday, 22 October 2011

Our First Hoilday

Well me and my other half have been together not far of 7 years and we have never been away together. We saw a groupon deal and my dad offered to pay so we jumped at the chance, only problem was Pontins in the UK in the middle of October! Brr.

So packed with jeans hoodies and an all in one for Lexie we set off for a two day break. We did get there after dark so we unpacked, had a chippy for tea & off to bed for the day ahead! Lexie didn't sleep to good and was up every 2 hours! EekK

The kids was up at the crack of dawn so we was up and at breakfast for 8.30! Sadly it was luke warm but hey was still a bit of food to keep us going until lunch! I was amazed how much we crammed in. Raiden went swimming both days and loved it, we have agreed to start taking him more before he's lessons start  in January.

We had a celeb spot of Scooby doooooo, which Raiden was pretty impressed with, they played fun little games with them to. Then on the the arcade ( too much money was spent in here)  Followed by Go karts with daddy, the activity centre on site. Then we popped down to the beach and the park on the way back, before we had some lunch then went on to the nights entertainment where both kids fell asleep which mummy and daddy watched a Micheal Jackson tribute. Result!!

Day two we was slightly worried as we had to be out of the place at 10am and want being picked up until 8pm. So armed with a plan we hit breakfast ( which was a surprise as it was hot, not like the day before) Checked out, took Raiden swimming then on to a massive fun fair from 1-5pm. The fair was massive and both daddy & Raiden loved it although after coming off the terror house Raiden said that was yuk i don't wanna go on there again!! he also nutted the see though maze, while inside!

We spent the last few hours in the arcade until we was picked up and we planned our day quite well!

It stayed dry and wasn't to cold so we cant complain not bad for October! Over all we have decided that next year we are going to go on a family kids Holiday in the summer maybe check out Butlins or Haven. As i few things put me off with pontins to be honest! Not major things but enough to put me off! I'm glad we went as a short break as first to see what it was like. Overall the staff was very helpful & friendly. It didn't curb our fun as we had an amazing time anyway

* Fridge had leaked everywhere and there was a massive puddle on the floor
*Breakfast was stone cold on the first morning ( but was fine the second day)
* Mould on the shower curtain ( Lexie was bathed in the sink)
* Activities on the timetable some didn't go ahead. Face painting was supposed to happen be when we went over the women said, if a few kids come i will do it, but otherwise i wont. As she was standing about doing nothing she could of done Raidens face which left him upset.

it’s an entry to the al Fresco competition, to try and win a holiday for the family. Fingers crossed got to be in it to win it :)

Here is a links to the Al Fresco site


  1. They had pontins on watchdog last week saying about the mould and dirt and stuff I would definitely recommend going to a haven next year for your family holiday we've been a few times the past few years cus the prices are good out of Season but the activities And entertainmment are still really good :)

  2. Yes Haven is great and can be done on all sorts of budgets, including ebay where private caravans hire out too.

  3. Really vicke, will have to check eBay for that thanks for the tip x

  4. Looks like lots of fun with lots to do there