Saturday, 8 October 2011

Life Changes

Wow - I'm sitting here looking at how much my life has changed. Its Saturday night and 4/5 years ago in my bedroom. I would be sitting in front of the mirror fixing myself up.There would be make up sprawled all over my bed, My hair straighteners plugged in and heating up, Music blaring in the background, A glass of Malibu in my hand. New outfit hung up & ready to wear and phone ringing off the hook, My plans would be to get drunk ...

Now I'm relaxing in front of the laptop... There is normally toys sprawled over my bed & in my bed... My four year old is a fast asleep with my red haired princess sleeping soundly ... I have the T.V on in the background ( X-factor)  I have a cup of tea in my hand and my mobile hasn't gone off once tonight.. Now my plans are to tidy up the toys, scrub school shirts and then relax & I actually prefer this way, I wouldn't change any of it for one second!!

Love you Raiden Corey & Lexie Mollie xxx xx

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