Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Ka’lide Magnetic Board Game By Imagination

Well we are a big fan of board games in our household, my son gets bored a easy so I'm always looking for various things too keep him busy and entertained.

Ka’lide is a Play one-on-one or in teams as you flick and flip your way to winning the all-new, exciting magnetic game. Flick your magnetic pucks to bend around your opponents or flip your pucks over and use the magnetic power to repel your opponent’s pucks off the mat and out of the game. Expertly create pucks clusters and you could double, triple and even quadruple your score.

It was easy to set up and pretty simple to play, there is a big spongy mat and 10 magnetic pucks. My son is only four and he was able to play it confidently, it has for 8yrs+ on the box. He tryed to flick the pucks in the circles with the biggest numbers and on the right coloured sides, but found it easier the slide the pucks instead. We also played who could knock the pucks off the mat too, which was rather fun. The game is hard wearing and i think it would last a long time and lots of hours of fun play plus there is no fiddly bits you can lose or mislay easily.

My only suggestion would be different colours pucks for each side it was pretty confusing to remember where your pucks was it they got knocked about, but overall we had a lot of fun playing the game. Even my daughter wanted a play too.

Imagination do a huge collection of games to keep your little ones entertained, CLICK HERE to see there range.

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