Friday, 7 October 2011

Halloween simple recpies.

Well as Halloween is fast approaching i thought i would share a few easy recipes to do with your little ones! Even the for the busy mommies your on to a winner.

The first one is Spooky Jelly which is always a huge winner, i normally make jelly as normal then wait till its cool ( don't do it when its hot as they will melt) and add jelly sweets eyes, worms etc. Which you can normally pick up in any shop now that has Halloween stuff in.

Another one is cupcakes with a spiderweb, make cakes as normal then you can pick up some icing tubes for pretty cheap to ice on a spiders web, then you can add a plastic spider for decoration ( make sure the kids don't eat it though) Or if you can find edible ones even better.

Another easy one is chocolate coated apples with sprinkles, melt the chocolate rolls the apple in then cover with lots of sprinkles. Very messy but lots of fun. Lolly pop sticks can be found in the pound shop too.

Gingerbread skeletons Bake gingerbread men & ladies as normal then with an icing tube draw on a bones to make a skeleton. There you go your own little twist for Halloween.

Its always easy to make a face with fruit/vegetables use spaghetti for hair, tomatoes for nose, mushrooms for ears. you can make it into a goblin, witch, vampire. Using lots of healthy things for a snack.

Banana ghosts, peel a banana cut in half, pop in freezer for an hour. Melt some white chocolate and cover add currants for eyes and icing for a mouth.

Happy Halloween Baking

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