Monday, 31 October 2011

Co Sleeping.......

So this week theres been so much about co-sleeping, the headlines have been  'babies should share their mum's bed until age three' So i thought i would talk about my expecience.  

Well Raiden was pretty contented sleeping in he's cot athough he was a very hungry baby he was up around three times in the night, he slept in our room with the cot right up to the bed. He used hes moses basket for a mere two nights ( total waste of money) .

One month before he's 2nd birthday we moved house, he moved nursery and the second person he spent most of the time with he's grandad passed away.We thought a nice big room for himself, took he's cot sides off great! 

Well it didn't turn out that simple, Raiden wouldn't eat for two weeks and was hugely unsettled, so we decided to have him co-sleep in our bed. From then on he slept in our bed, right up until i was four months pregnant with Lexie a huge two years! We decided to get him a huge bunk bed so he had a big boy bed, it took him ages to get him settled in there and we often have to wait until he falls asleep then sneak out.

Well Raiden is four years and its only since starting school in September we read him three stories and leave him to go to sleep himself, but he has to have the light on. He does wonder in our bed every now and again and we wake up with him in the middle. lol

While Lexie goes down and stays in her cot there's been a couple of times I've been shattered and Ive slept with her on the sofa or on my chest, but with how long its taken us to get Raiden out of my bed I'm not in a huge hurry to start sharing again.

So we are told much skin to skin contact as possible but not to sleep due the the risk of cot death, inuring or suffocating her baby whilst they sleep. I'm not here to judge or make anyone feel bad, these are just my thoughts. 

I used to be a massive deep sleeper, now i would hear a pin drop, But there is that once every so often when i don't hear Lexie and the other half gets up. My partner is totally deaf in one ear so its very rare he hears the kids. So it would frighten me to have a baby sleeping with me when if i cant hear them crying would i hear it if they was in danger right next to me?

This is a controversial issue, which is at the top of the list with the weaning debate i think, but overall its down to personal choice to co-sleep or not. Friends have told me it helps when they are breastfeeding in the night and some moms just love the general closeness with there baby.

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