Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Ben & Betty PC Rom

At the moment Raiden has started reception, so i jumped at the chance to do a review of the Ben & Betty's disc. Raiden loves computer's and he has good fine motor skills already but Ive never tested him out on the laptop.

He was quite excited to use mommy's computer and Ive tryed the disc over a two week period, i wanted to make sure he was learning from it and to get it a fair trial.  Raiden has really enjoyed these past weeks using the game with me and has got very good at them. He confident as using the game with hardly no help now.  I loved how it was very educational and engaging both of us in fun activities whilst bonding together. I think Raiden wasn't even aware he was learning i think he thought he was playing fun games. 

There is lots of great activities using the mouse you can do trying to catch apples, getting the Caterpillar to the apple and find the same letter game. I love how there is printable activities to go with the games that you can do as well helping with letter recognition and writing. So its fun while learning which isn't hard for them to do at the same time. Considering Raiden is only four, i think hes learned a great deal just from two weeks with the disc. I definably going to be looking to buy more disc's from Ben & Betty as i think there absolutey great!

Check out there fab website too ~  Click here

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