Monday, 31 October 2011

Co Sleeping.......

So this week theres been so much about co-sleeping, the headlines have been  'babies should share their mum's bed until age three' So i thought i would talk about my expecience.  

Well Raiden was pretty contented sleeping in he's cot athough he was a very hungry baby he was up around three times in the night, he slept in our room with the cot right up to the bed. He used hes moses basket for a mere two nights ( total waste of money) .

One month before he's 2nd birthday we moved house, he moved nursery and the second person he spent most of the time with he's grandad passed away.We thought a nice big room for himself, took he's cot sides off great! 

Well it didn't turn out that simple, Raiden wouldn't eat for two weeks and was hugely unsettled, so we decided to have him co-sleep in our bed. From then on he slept in our bed, right up until i was four months pregnant with Lexie a huge two years! We decided to get him a huge bunk bed so he had a big boy bed, it took him ages to get him settled in there and we often have to wait until he falls asleep then sneak out.

Well Raiden is four years and its only since starting school in September we read him three stories and leave him to go to sleep himself, but he has to have the light on. He does wonder in our bed every now and again and we wake up with him in the middle. lol

While Lexie goes down and stays in her cot there's been a couple of times I've been shattered and Ive slept with her on the sofa or on my chest, but with how long its taken us to get Raiden out of my bed I'm not in a huge hurry to start sharing again.

So we are told much skin to skin contact as possible but not to sleep due the the risk of cot death, inuring or suffocating her baby whilst they sleep. I'm not here to judge or make anyone feel bad, these are just my thoughts. 

I used to be a massive deep sleeper, now i would hear a pin drop, But there is that once every so often when i don't hear Lexie and the other half gets up. My partner is totally deaf in one ear so its very rare he hears the kids. So it would frighten me to have a baby sleeping with me when if i cant hear them crying would i hear it if they was in danger right next to me?

This is a controversial issue, which is at the top of the list with the weaning debate i think, but overall its down to personal choice to co-sleep or not. Friends have told me it helps when they are breastfeeding in the night and some moms just love the general closeness with there baby.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Mini competition number two

Right then i have three key baby teethers to give away!

For your chance to win follow my blog then leave me a comment saying you are & a way of contacting you if you win.

Open to Uk & Ireland & the competition will run until 5th November ( 10pm)

Cuski Love & Competition

Well i had never heard of Cuski until one of my facebook friends popped up and asked me to write on there wall they had send them. Cuski have been sharing there love and have been giving out Cuski's and book's left right and centre. I have never saw a company give out so much. I was lucky enough to win a sunny cuski for Lexie and a book too.  

So what are these lovable Cuski's you ask.

Cuski Baby Comforters
They are  designed to stimulate the awareness of your familiar scents, helping to induce security and well being, which is fundamental to your child.

The Cuski Concept
Mummy/Daddy sleep with Cuski to transfer all their comforting scents on to Cuski’s unique material. When introduced to your baby/toddler, Cuski will create a cosy safe environment for your little one to drift off to sleep still feeling the closeness of you.

Cuski Baby Comforters
Are essential for those times when you cannot be with baby 24/7. Cuski Baby Comforters are a gift of love for baby and a gift of love for parents too.

Now you have a choice of purchasing Cuski Baby Comforters are made in Terry/Cotton, Antibacterial Bamboo Fabric or 100% Organic Cotton.

Cuski's come in a range of colours and are priced from £13.75, i wish i had one of these for Raiden it may of stopped the label comfort & he's hands forever down he's pants. Lexie loves the softness and is often sucking poor sunny, hes had to be washed already because of the dribble. Which is one of the plus sides to them he looks good as new every time he has been washed, they would also be very easy to replace if they had get lost too.

I was very lucky to win another Cuski with LovedbyParents made a wish prize draw but unfortunately it was another sunny Cuski and because they was prizes they cant swap so I'm super fabulous and I'm sharing the Cuski love.

So to get your hands on your very own Cuski??

Please follow my super blog with GFC on the right hand side, then leave me a comment with a way of contacting you if you win.

Competition is open to Uk & Ireland only & will run untill the 28th november ( 8pm)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

In The Kitchen......

Well with half term in full swing me and Raiden have been busy as usual we have been busy in the kitchen. Raiden loves baking I'm not sure where he has got it from as I'm not really a baker at all. I don't remember ever doing it with my mom either apart from fairy cakes now and again. I have lots of crafty Halloween things i will be doing this week and I'm going to try and include Lexie in some of them too  :)

Body part Jelly

Butterfly cakes

Chocolate brownies

Chocolate chip cupcakes

Fruit & Veg monster

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Our First Hoilday

Well me and my other half have been together not far of 7 years and we have never been away together. We saw a groupon deal and my dad offered to pay so we jumped at the chance, only problem was Pontins in the UK in the middle of October! Brr.

So packed with jeans hoodies and an all in one for Lexie we set off for a two day break. We did get there after dark so we unpacked, had a chippy for tea & off to bed for the day ahead! Lexie didn't sleep to good and was up every 2 hours! EekK

The kids was up at the crack of dawn so we was up and at breakfast for 8.30! Sadly it was luke warm but hey was still a bit of food to keep us going until lunch! I was amazed how much we crammed in. Raiden went swimming both days and loved it, we have agreed to start taking him more before he's lessons start  in January.

We had a celeb spot of Scooby doooooo, which Raiden was pretty impressed with, they played fun little games with them to. Then on the the arcade ( too much money was spent in here)  Followed by Go karts with daddy, the activity centre on site. Then we popped down to the beach and the park on the way back, before we had some lunch then went on to the nights entertainment where both kids fell asleep which mummy and daddy watched a Micheal Jackson tribute. Result!!

Day two we was slightly worried as we had to be out of the place at 10am and want being picked up until 8pm. So armed with a plan we hit breakfast ( which was a surprise as it was hot, not like the day before) Checked out, took Raiden swimming then on to a massive fun fair from 1-5pm. The fair was massive and both daddy & Raiden loved it although after coming off the terror house Raiden said that was yuk i don't wanna go on there again!! he also nutted the see though maze, while inside!

We spent the last few hours in the arcade until we was picked up and we planned our day quite well!

It stayed dry and wasn't to cold so we cant complain not bad for October! Over all we have decided that next year we are going to go on a family kids Holiday in the summer maybe check out Butlins or Haven. As i few things put me off with pontins to be honest! Not major things but enough to put me off! I'm glad we went as a short break as first to see what it was like. Overall the staff was very helpful & friendly. It didn't curb our fun as we had an amazing time anyway

* Fridge had leaked everywhere and there was a massive puddle on the floor
*Breakfast was stone cold on the first morning ( but was fine the second day)
* Mould on the shower curtain ( Lexie was bathed in the sink)
* Activities on the timetable some didn't go ahead. Face painting was supposed to happen be when we went over the women said, if a few kids come i will do it, but otherwise i wont. As she was standing about doing nothing she could of done Raidens face which left him upset.

it’s an entry to the al Fresco competition, to try and win a holiday for the family. Fingers crossed got to be in it to win it :)

Here is a links to the Al Fresco site

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Win £500 worth of baby goodies with Infacol

 Infacol, the UK’s leading colic relief treatment, is offering one lucky person the chance to win a £500 worth of baby goodies and raising awareness of colic in the progress. Lexie struggled with colic and Infacol was our lifesaver. Not only can it be used from birth it had a dropper so its make it easy to use. It brought up Lexie's wind instantly so she wasn't in pain with her trapped wind.


Win £500 worth of Baby Goodies 

Infacol’s new social media pages officially launched on 3rd October 2011 (Facebook / Twitter / Blog / YouTube) and together, are dedicated to creating the ultimate parenting and baby well being social community where you can learn, share tips and advice and get updated on all things relating to the well being of your new addition - with a focus on colic of course.
To celebrate the launch of this new initiative, Infacol are running a sweepstake competition on their Facebook page (, the prize being approximately £500 worth of baby related goods.

It’s simpleJust ‘Like’ the new Facebook page ( then answer 3 colic related questions correctly and follow the instructions to enter the contest - one lucky winner will be picked to win the prize on 2/11/11.

Competition Start Date: 3/10/11
Competition Finish Date: 1/11/11

Also please check out the fabulous Blog Match too that keep you up to date with great honest reviews  and up to date information too.

The Prize: The goody bag contains an exciting range of premium brand unisex baby related goods, ideal for a newborn. The actual contents of the goody bag remain secret but the total value is equivalent to £500 of goods (RRP).

Friday, 14 October 2011

My baby girl.

My red haired princess, turned half a year old yesterday, a whole six months old. I cant believe how fast its going.

Shes becoming more independent everyday. She can sit up, hold her bottle and has started pulling and crawling about and she spins around on her belly now. Before i know it she will be walking and talking. Lets hope we have another fabulous six months.

Love you babygirl.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The winner is

Halo N Horns competition is now finished and the lucky winner is..........


Congrats and i will be in contact soon :)

Thank you for all your entries, loved reading them all

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Ka’lide Magnetic Board Game By Imagination

Well we are a big fan of board games in our household, my son gets bored a easy so I'm always looking for various things too keep him busy and entertained.

Ka’lide is a Play one-on-one or in teams as you flick and flip your way to winning the all-new, exciting magnetic game. Flick your magnetic pucks to bend around your opponents or flip your pucks over and use the magnetic power to repel your opponent’s pucks off the mat and out of the game. Expertly create pucks clusters and you could double, triple and even quadruple your score.

It was easy to set up and pretty simple to play, there is a big spongy mat and 10 magnetic pucks. My son is only four and he was able to play it confidently, it has for 8yrs+ on the box. He tryed to flick the pucks in the circles with the biggest numbers and on the right coloured sides, but found it easier the slide the pucks instead. We also played who could knock the pucks off the mat too, which was rather fun. The game is hard wearing and i think it would last a long time and lots of hours of fun play plus there is no fiddly bits you can lose or mislay easily.

My only suggestion would be different colours pucks for each side it was pretty confusing to remember where your pucks was it they got knocked about, but overall we had a lot of fun playing the game. Even my daughter wanted a play too.

Imagination do a huge collection of games to keep your little ones entertained, CLICK HERE to see there range.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Ten Things To Do With Your Pumpkin

Well last year we threw all the insides of our pumpkin away but to be honest i didn't have a clue what to do with it so it just went into the bin. This year i plan to use it wisely. So i thought i would do a round up of  ten things you what you Can do with your yummy pumpkin!

1. Carve it!!  Cant beat trying out a new design on a pumpkin then popping a light inside and watching it glow!

2. Roast the seeds, they make a yummy and healthy snack.

3. Grow it!  Wash dry and save the seeds. Plant them in the springtime then by next Halloween you may have your own yummy pumpkin.

4. Pumpkin Pancakes-  For a warm yummy breakfast.

5.  Pumpkin Pie!  You cant beat a nice sweet pie.

6. Face Mask! Puree some pumpkin add a touch of honey and a dab of milk, apply to face for fifteen minutes while you relax, then wash off and enjoy your glow!

7. Pumpkin Bowling -  Feel sorry for all the little pumpkins that never get brought, chop the stems off and use as bowling ball. Great for a Halloween bit of fun.

8. Pumpkin Pinata - Scoop all the insides out and fill with sweets the one who breaks it is the winner!!

9. Pumpkin Soup - Come on a halloween isnt halloween without a yummy soup!

10. Pumpkin Stew - Lots of hearty vegatables for a windy autumn night.Pumpkin Pot of Stew

 This was our Pumpkin from last year!

How do you mend a broken Jack-o-Lantern?................................With a pumpkin patch!!! he he

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Life Changes

Wow - I'm sitting here looking at how much my life has changed. Its Saturday night and 4/5 years ago in my bedroom. I would be sitting in front of the mirror fixing myself up.There would be make up sprawled all over my bed, My hair straighteners plugged in and heating up, Music blaring in the background, A glass of Malibu in my hand. New outfit hung up & ready to wear and phone ringing off the hook, My plans would be to get drunk ...

Now I'm relaxing in front of the laptop... There is normally toys sprawled over my bed & in my bed... My four year old is a fast asleep with my red haired princess sleeping soundly ... I have the T.V on in the background ( X-factor)  I have a cup of tea in my hand and my mobile hasn't gone off once tonight.. Now my plans are to tidy up the toys, scrub school shirts and then relax & I actually prefer this way, I wouldn't change any of it for one second!!

Love you Raiden Corey & Lexie Mollie xxx xx

The Fabulous Bakin Boys Limited Edition Spooky Cupcakes

Well with the run up to Halloween The Fabulous Bakin Boys  have been busy and brought out some fantastic limited edition cupcakes. Ive always been a huge fan of the Bakin Boys range they are all rather yummy everything Ive tryed within there range has never disappointed. With Halloween being my favourtive time of year i was very eager to have a try.

They come in two fang-tastic flavours - Blackcurrant & Apple and the Chocolate & Blood Orange. I love how they come individually wrapped so there perfect for picnics/lunch box or on the go & they contain natural colours and flavours. They have great little tricks on every packet keeping up with the Halloween theme you can try the "tricks" before eating your "treats"  he he

Raiden's trick was to nibble off the sponge without eating any of the topping. There is a great competition on there facebook page where you can upload your photo's of the tricks to win a yummy prize too.

We all loved the cakes, there always moist with soft icing, i really don't like hard icing on cakes so they not the normal very dry with rock hard icing you get from the supermarkets.

There is actually a competition on the Fabulous Bakin' Boys facebook page  '' Do you know a special little person that would love to bake their very own range of cakes and see them in the shops? Fabulous Bakin' Boys are offerin' one lucky under 12 the chance to be our Mini Baker! Just  Click here to enter 

For more information on The Fabulous Bakin Boys please check out there website The Fabulous Bakin' Boys

Friday, 7 October 2011

Halloween simple recpies.

Well as Halloween is fast approaching i thought i would share a few easy recipes to do with your little ones! Even the for the busy mommies your on to a winner.

The first one is Spooky Jelly which is always a huge winner, i normally make jelly as normal then wait till its cool ( don't do it when its hot as they will melt) and add jelly sweets eyes, worms etc. Which you can normally pick up in any shop now that has Halloween stuff in.

Another one is cupcakes with a spiderweb, make cakes as normal then you can pick up some icing tubes for pretty cheap to ice on a spiders web, then you can add a plastic spider for decoration ( make sure the kids don't eat it though) Or if you can find edible ones even better.

Another easy one is chocolate coated apples with sprinkles, melt the chocolate rolls the apple in then cover with lots of sprinkles. Very messy but lots of fun. Lolly pop sticks can be found in the pound shop too.

Gingerbread skeletons Bake gingerbread men & ladies as normal then with an icing tube draw on a bones to make a skeleton. There you go your own little twist for Halloween.

Its always easy to make a face with fruit/vegetables use spaghetti for hair, tomatoes for nose, mushrooms for ears. you can make it into a goblin, witch, vampire. Using lots of healthy things for a snack.

Banana ghosts, peel a banana cut in half, pop in freezer for an hour. Melt some white chocolate and cover add currants for eyes and icing for a mouth.

Happy Halloween Baking

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Ben & Betty PC Rom

At the moment Raiden has started reception, so i jumped at the chance to do a review of the Ben & Betty's disc. Raiden loves computer's and he has good fine motor skills already but Ive never tested him out on the laptop.

He was quite excited to use mommy's computer and Ive tryed the disc over a two week period, i wanted to make sure he was learning from it and to get it a fair trial.  Raiden has really enjoyed these past weeks using the game with me and has got very good at them. He confident as using the game with hardly no help now.  I loved how it was very educational and engaging both of us in fun activities whilst bonding together. I think Raiden wasn't even aware he was learning i think he thought he was playing fun games. 

There is lots of great activities using the mouse you can do trying to catch apples, getting the Caterpillar to the apple and find the same letter game. I love how there is printable activities to go with the games that you can do as well helping with letter recognition and writing. So its fun while learning which isn't hard for them to do at the same time. Considering Raiden is only four, i think hes learned a great deal just from two weeks with the disc. I definably going to be looking to buy more disc's from Ben & Betty as i think there absolutey great!

Check out there fab website too ~  Click here

Very Proud Mummy alert

Well these last few days my babies have done me proud!

Lexie was leapfrogs Friday fan of the week ~  Click here to see

Then she was Baby Zilli Baby of the week see here  ~ Click here to see

Raiden came home today with star of the day, he had done really well and got three ticks on the happy side. I'm in the middle of doing a blog post so you will see why I'm so proud of him at the moment. We have had over a two year battle with hes behaviour so today he has made me restore my faith in him and that we are tacking the bad days with some good!!