Saturday, 3 September 2011

Your Question & Answers


Hi guys Ive had a fantastic request to add a question and answers page to my blog. I'm happy to answer any questions ( well i will try).

I know motherhood isn't always easy and sometimes you just want to talk to an adult not a baby. We always have questions that we would like answered. 

Don't forget there is an anonymous option to if you want to post but don't want to give your name too. Other followers please feel free to answer too i would love to build a little friendly community.


  1. I'm currently trying the "Pick up, put down" method to get my little one to start sleeping through the night and i have to say it's tiring but he is already sleeping a little better.. and i've finally got him in his cot to go to sleep for his naps as previously he was on the sofa.. with him growing i could never leave him so i never got ANY free time.

    Have you had any sleep problems with your little one? If so, what did you do?

    Thanks :D oh and thanks for listening to my idea!

  2. Thats ok i love suggestions!

    Sometimes a little tough love is all it needs, honestly it gets better. He will get used to sleeping in he's cot!

    I have when we moved, Raiden changed nursery & he's grandad passed away. It shook him up so bad from 2 years up to i was four months pregant he would always awake and jump in our bed and co-sleep! Honestly we had to fork out £380 for a bunk bed to get him out of our bed. It was a nightmare.I wont made the same mistake twice.

  3. I agree, its actually working!! I have just put him down for a nap and 10 mins later he's asleep.. didn't cry at first either.. such a break through! He also slept through the night last night for the first time since he was about 5 weeks old! Phew! Hopefully I can start looking a bit normal again instead of the walking zombie i've been for the last 4 and a half months lol

    Sorry to here about his Grandad.. it sounds like it was the way he dealt with it because even at that age i bet they still know whats going on.. I bet it was tiring though, ecspecially being pregnant too. I dont know why but as a kid all you want is a bunk bed.. i was the same!

  4. Heyy, I have another question to ask..

    Do you know where I can buy baby friendly paint from? I want to do some painting now my lo is more active.. Can't wait for the messy times!


  5. Thank you!! :) I'll get some today and let u know how i got on x