Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Halo's & Horns Little Book Of Hoilday Fun & Competition.

Well if your anything like me, i can get stuck on ideas on things to do with Raiden. I acme across this fab Holiday book that Halo & Horns have put together. I have done a few activities in the book one of the ideas out the book I've started to do is a scrapbook of different pictures and drawings they we have done throughout the summer.

Inspiring fun all round, the NEW
Halos N Horns Little Book of Holiday Fun

In the Halos N Horns holiday fun survey 75% of mums say they prefer to spend their time on holiday playing with the kids.  Whilst 60% plan their fun activities before they head off, for 68% of mums it’s doing something spontaneous that gives the best all round fun.  For some added inspiration check out the new Halos N Horns Little Book of Holiday Fun, it’s bursting with fun ideas.  You can download or request a FREE copy at: http://www.halosnhorns.co.uk/holiday_fun_games.html 

As an added bonus to help make bath time good clean fun, there’s a 50p off Halos N Horns coupon inside - you can use it for Halos N Horns gorgeous fruity-smelling Zingy Orange Hair & Body Wash, Mango Melon Shampoo & Conditioner and Berry Burst Shampoo and Detangler.

With 97% of mums saying having small children lets them be more childlike and playful again, the new and updated edition of The Little Book of Holiday Fun contains some lovely playful games and activities to keep you and your little ones entertained, from water-based alfresco fun, to bath time fun at home and away, and creative ideas for making things together. 
Plus, there are great tips on surviving the car journey; activities for the beach; fun games when swimming and splashing about; the perfect family picnic; making the most of being outdoors and inspirational ideas for rainy days.

When it comes to what toddlers have most fun playing at, mums say it’s:

·         Playing with water: 73%
·         Anything messy and dirty: 47%
·         Making something together (with mum or dad): 44%
·         Blowing bubbles: 41%
·         Swimming: 40%
·         Building sandcastles: 27%
·         Family picnics: 23%

In the Halos N Horns holiday fun survey 76% of mums say doing something fun with their child is what makes them happiest.

And of course children do the funniest things too … Topping the list of the most hilarious things your little ones do include: funny little dances, walks and bum wiggles; hysterically contagious laughter and giggles for no apparent reason; and pulling funny faces and doing expressions.

The fabulous Halo & Horns, have given the chance of one of my lucky followers a prize worth £30.

- Splash and Learn Duck £10,
-Little Book of Holiday Fun £4
-Zingy, Mango, Berry, Baby Bath, Moisturising Lotion £16

1.All you have to do is follow my blog ( right hand side).

2.Pop over to the halo & horns website and tell me you favourite product ~ Halo & Horns

3.Then leave a comment with a way of contacting you if you win.


Open to UK & Ireland only.
Competition will end on the 12th October at 9pm.
Winner is picked at random.

Good luck!! :)


  1. I already follow your blog. My favourite product on the Halo & Horns site is the Berry Burst Shampoo and Detangler.

  2. zingy orange hair and body wash is my fav i already follow your blog thanks kirwin4smithy@yahoo.co.uk

  3. Lovely competition, thankyou!
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  6. Following your blog :D
    I love the baby bath, I use it on my twins and it smells gorgeous :D

  7. I love the Halo's 'n' Horns Berry burst shampoo, smells divine!
    Already follow your blog.

  8. My favourite is the Baby Bath, the only one we've used to far and it's lovely! My email is arrianep87@gmail.com! Already following the blog!

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    my fave product is the baby bath which i have used a few times and love it.

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    Halo & Horns site is the Berry Burst Shampoo and Detangler would be my favourite product! Loving that theres more to life than Johnsons!!

    Lynsey Jayne Ball - FB

  13. Berry burst shampoo and detangler - my 2 yr old has amazingly curly hair, which has come frmo nowhere - but we love it! And vow to never cut it, but if it isnt washed with a detangler shampoo and brushed every bath time it goes like dread locks!!! I shall have to give this a go...
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  14. Shampoo & Detangler for my 4yr old who is trying to grow her hair like Rapunzel's but hates having it brushed :/
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  15. i like the sound of the mango melon mayhem!! :)

  16. Berry Burst, shampoo and detangler, smells lush


  17. my daughters love the shampoos the smell after their hair has dried is lovely berry burst is a fav though x my email is twins2009@ntlworld.com or im mary supermum barton on facebook, im following on here and on facebook xxx

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  19. following your blog. My favourite product on the Halo & Horns site is the Berry Burst Shampoo and Detangler. emmacella@ymail.com

  20. Following your blog! Some one bought us some baby bath at our baby shower a few weeks ago but i've already used it on me :-/ oooppps

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