Monday, 12 September 2011

First Cups/Trainers Dr Browns ~ Vital Baby ~ BabyBornFree

Ive had a bit of a rough time with the cups, I'm not gonna lie! Lexie doesn't seem to be taking very well at all with something other than a bottle.

First up is the BabyBornfree training cup features the BornFree Venting System that allows for a free flow of liquid and reduces vacuum build up. The soft and hard teething-friendly chewy spouts are a big favourite with toddlers and can be bought separately.
The BornFree Baby Bottle and Cup Range is fully interchangeable, making it super convenient and economic at the same time.
Lexie took to the cup the best she was able to hold the handles and chew on the spout big, plus the flow of juice didn't seem to bother her either. The cup comes in yellow, green and pink and also a hard or soft spout.

Second up is the Dr Browns Trainer cup. It features a Sip-Activated Valve which keeps the cup spill-proof while providing easy flow of liquid when baby drinks. only baby's mouth activates the valve so there is no mess when baby is not drinking.
I loved the multi colours on this cup, i liked the lightness and smallness of it. Lexie held it pretty well too but the spout was a little to small for her and couldn't latch on that well. She got pretty frustrated with it.

The last cup was Vital baby first trainer cup. It's soft spout and special soft grip base make drinking easy and safe. Made from safe BPA free materials No spill or free flow - you choose! Every cup comes complete with a non-spill valve which has been cleverly designed to provide a smooth drinking action and a steady flow of liquid. As baby grows the valve self adjusts to allow more liquid flow, the stronger baby sucks the faster the flow.
To use your cup as 'non-spill', insert the valve into the inside of the cup lid by pressing it firmly into place making sure the silicone strap is covering the outlet hole. Alternatively you can choose to use your cup as 'free-flow' by simply removing the valve altogether.
I loved the hot pink colour, Lexie struggled with this a bit because there wasn't any handles on it and she could grip it properly, she seemed to take the juice fine from it while i was holding it though.

I liked the concepts and different things on all three cups, even though Lexie is five months I'm not sure shes ready for the switch over from bottle to cup yet as i really had to be very persuasive and Ive had three weeks of testing.

Please check out there following websites for the range of cups they have :

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