Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Cozy Comfort Objects

Children can use the funniest things as a comfort cant they I've saw blankets, dummies, bottles, dolls, teddies, taggies & LABELS!! Yes that was meant to be in capitals. Both of my children's really haven't been dummy mad Raiden had one up to 11 months while Lexie will not take at all. Raiden loved he's bottle and ashamed to say nearly up to three. I brought every cup to try and get him off the bottle and none worked. I ended up getting so fed up him breaking the teats i refused to buy them anymore and after two days of him screaming the place down because he didn't want a broken teat he finally gave in and started drinking from a big cup.

So that brings me to the question of labels, yes Raiden often has hes hands down he's pants trying looking for he's label which can lead to some rather strange looks. The first thing he will do when i put a top on him is to feel for a label if it hasn't got one in he will tell me and will go and change into a top that does.
The label business only really started after we moved home, nurseries and he's grandad pasted away. You can judge if he's tired if he is messing for a label. I wonder now if its to do with a taggie he had as a baby, but Lexie has one and he doesn't mess with it at all. It more of a cosy comfort thing. I just hope he isn't forever with he's hands down he's pants. Ive often thought about cutting them out but I've always left them as i know he isn't doing any harm.

'' From infancy through toddler hood and often beyond, many children become attached to comfort objects. Whether it’s a pacifier, a special blanket or a stuffed animal, these objects are a great asset for both children and parents, says Claire Lerner, a child development specialist with Zero to Three, a national nonprofit organization devoted to promoting the healthy development of infants and toddlers. “They provide comfort and a sense of security, helping children soothe themselves and cope with many everyday feelings and experiences.”

So have anyone else's children has a comfort item please share. I know my little sister had a panda sleeping bag up to her teens!! ha ha



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  1. hi tina
    my daughter who is now 8 has a blanket that she drags around everywhere as her comfort item but its the label she holds onto between her fingers rubbing it,the labelis now in tatters but she takes it everywhere i have to wash it while she is in school n have it dried in bk in her bed b4 she comes home