Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Baby Zilli Pouches

So baby Zilli is the new and upbeat baby range from the popular celebrity chef Aldo Zilli .

Food was a very big part of Aldo’s upbringing and in this respect he had a typical ‘Italian’ upbringing. Meal times were sacred and a very big family affair. Fresh home cooked food was a way of life and despite leading a poor lifestyle Aldo was raised on fantastic, fresh homegrown food. “I remember gnocchi being one of the first foods that I was given as a youngster and how much I loved it” Aldo recites.I remember gnocchi being one of the first foods that I was given as a youngster and how much I loved it.

On the birth of his second child (Rocco) Aldo started to take great notice of the food that was available commercially for his young son. “I was horrified by the bland tastes of the baby food available in the supermarkets. This was not anywhere near the quality and taste of food that I was raised on and I therefore did not want to feed my children this” Aldo recalls. It was at this moment that Aldo decided that he would create his baby food for his children. After weeks in the kitchen Aldo had created a number of fantastic baby food dishes. Family and friends with children then all started asking for the recipes and began to rave about what Aldo had created.

In 2008 Aldo met serial entrepreneur Dean Dunham. Dean was also a very big family man with 3 young children.

Dean also owned children's day nurseries around the UK and therefore had a great understanding of the needs of babies and young children. For 2 years Dean and his team had been researching the baby food market and had begun to develop a number of ideas. Aldo and Dean therefore combined their efforts to create a baby food range like no other.

So the fabulous baby zilli gave us four pouches to try, up to know Lexie has only had purred fruit/vegetables and a bit of mash so i was eager to try the pouches. Not only baby zilli but a fab pouch with is great for on the go saves taking a spoon and bowl around too.

So we was given to try four flavours.

~ Fruit Berry Crumble with strawberries, bananas & blueberries.

~ Banana Cereal with rice, bananas, apples & peaches.

~ Aldos fruit brekkie made with rice, pears, peaches & milk.

~ Tutti frutti  made with peaches, bananas and apricots.

I try everything before i give it too Lexie & with the slogan ''good enough for mamma and papa to eat'' well it was an invite wasn't it. The pouches was really nice bursting with flavours and quite sweet i was pretty surprised.

Lexie loved the tutti frutti one she ate 3/4 of the pouch first go, along with the fruit crumble too. The one s with rice she struggled with as they was slightly lumpy and she never had full lumps before only purred. I tryed her again adding a bit of water in which she then ate them fine. I think it was just the texture if it being not purred.

There is stage one for 4 months stage 2 from 6 months and stage 3 from 9 months. There is also a selection of puddings and brekkies along with fruity drinks too. So there is loads on offer to choose from. They are also huge pouches so there are very good valve for money.

~ No added sugars or salt
~ No added preservatives
~ Organic
~ No added bulking agents
~ no artificial additives
~ no E numbers
~ non GM product

Please check out there fresh and funky website & they also have a friendly facebook page which keeps you up to date with new things too.

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