Friday, 30 September 2011

Britney spears perfume winner is.....

A huge massive hug for all the support for getting me up to 250 likers on facebook you all did a smashing job!!

The winner of the perfume is.............  pinkshoes76

I will be in contact soon Congrats :)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

And the winners are........

The winner of the Dino-Daisy necklace is........ EVA HUNT

The winner off the nelsons treat for mummy is... MUMMY VELVET

Congrats i will be in contact soon.

A huge thank you to all that shared and your lovely comments, i love reading them all.

Monday, 26 September 2011

And the winner is........

I enjoyed reading all your comments and I've noted and used a few already!!

Well it was second time lucky as the first person i picked wasn't following :(

The winner of the Sophie pack is arrianep !!!

Well done and congrats!! I will be contacting your shortly!!

Don't forget i have another few competitions ending in a few days!! :)

Thank you :)

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Daisy Roots

I normally don't put shoes on Lexie at the moment its normally tights or socks. Now the weathers getting colder I'm starting to worry about popping something on her feet especially early mornings on the school run.
The fabulous Daisy roots gave me a pair of stunning  pony shoes Adorable little white leather pony with cerise suede mane and tail on yellow leather.

They are proud to be the only UK manufacturer using safe and Eco friendly leather which is chrome free & also washable. All shoes are handmade here in the UK with a huge range of  fashionable, designer styles including colourful character, Elmer the Elephant. There is sure to be something for everyone's taste. There shoes cater from newborn to four years old, theya re also great if you have wooden floors too to keep toes snuggly and warm.

When they arrived and i got them out the popper bag which would be great for a gift too they also have the option to send them gift boxed too if you was buying for a baby shower or present.

I liked how they are elasticised at the top so they don't fall off plus they was so soft and light too. I think Lexie liked the pony as she kept trying to pull them off but they stayed on Yay!! Least I'm safe in that i can go shopping without checking she has both shoes on every five minutes. I also have peace of mind there still letting her feet breathe and grow as normal. They are affordable too think i will be getting the ballerina ones for christmas day.

Please go and check there huge range of styles at ~  DAISY ROOTS . They also have a fun and friendly facebook page too so pop over over and say hello.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Not been around much

Well i have a huge list with what i want to blog about but at the moment I'm lucky to have a hot cup of coffee.

All Lexie wants to do is eat, play and sleep on me so its been pretty hard this week, along with getting up at all hours she just has screaming fits thought out the day where i have rocked, fed, put gel on, played with her everything but she doesn't seem to settle. I had to pop her in her cot for a few minutes ( which within ten minutes she was flat out) or pop her in the pram and go for a walk to settle her.

I'm really struggling as Raiden wasn't ever this bad with teething. Im feeling so helpless as i don't know what else to do when shes screaming the place down too. Im hoping one of these teeth pops though and gives her a break soon.

Baby Zilli Pouches

So baby Zilli is the new and upbeat baby range from the popular celebrity chef Aldo Zilli .

Food was a very big part of Aldo’s upbringing and in this respect he had a typical ‘Italian’ upbringing. Meal times were sacred and a very big family affair. Fresh home cooked food was a way of life and despite leading a poor lifestyle Aldo was raised on fantastic, fresh homegrown food. “I remember gnocchi being one of the first foods that I was given as a youngster and how much I loved it” Aldo recites.I remember gnocchi being one of the first foods that I was given as a youngster and how much I loved it.

On the birth of his second child (Rocco) Aldo started to take great notice of the food that was available commercially for his young son. “I was horrified by the bland tastes of the baby food available in the supermarkets. This was not anywhere near the quality and taste of food that I was raised on and I therefore did not want to feed my children this” Aldo recalls. It was at this moment that Aldo decided that he would create his baby food for his children. After weeks in the kitchen Aldo had created a number of fantastic baby food dishes. Family and friends with children then all started asking for the recipes and began to rave about what Aldo had created.

In 2008 Aldo met serial entrepreneur Dean Dunham. Dean was also a very big family man with 3 young children.

Dean also owned children's day nurseries around the UK and therefore had a great understanding of the needs of babies and young children. For 2 years Dean and his team had been researching the baby food market and had begun to develop a number of ideas. Aldo and Dean therefore combined their efforts to create a baby food range like no other.

So the fabulous baby zilli gave us four pouches to try, up to know Lexie has only had purred fruit/vegetables and a bit of mash so i was eager to try the pouches. Not only baby zilli but a fab pouch with is great for on the go saves taking a spoon and bowl around too.

So we was given to try four flavours.

~ Fruit Berry Crumble with strawberries, bananas & blueberries.

~ Banana Cereal with rice, bananas, apples & peaches.

~ Aldos fruit brekkie made with rice, pears, peaches & milk.

~ Tutti frutti  made with peaches, bananas and apricots.

I try everything before i give it too Lexie & with the slogan ''good enough for mamma and papa to eat'' well it was an invite wasn't it. The pouches was really nice bursting with flavours and quite sweet i was pretty surprised.

Lexie loved the tutti frutti one she ate 3/4 of the pouch first go, along with the fruit crumble too. The one s with rice she struggled with as they was slightly lumpy and she never had full lumps before only purred. I tryed her again adding a bit of water in which she then ate them fine. I think it was just the texture if it being not purred.

There is stage one for 4 months stage 2 from 6 months and stage 3 from 9 months. There is also a selection of puddings and brekkies along with fruity drinks too. So there is loads on offer to choose from. They are also huge pouches so there are very good valve for money.

~ No added sugars or salt
~ No added preservatives
~ Organic
~ No added bulking agents
~ no artificial additives
~ no E numbers
~ non GM product

Please check out there fresh and funky website & they also have a friendly facebook page which keeps you up to date with new things too.

Monday, 19 September 2011

weigh in...

Well no exercise and been rather naughty  I've stayed the same.

Tbh no effort doesn't get rewards, really struggling as Lexie is up in the nights again too feels like I'm trying to walk up a hill backwards.

Suppose i will get there in the end. Still using my phone app which ive listened to 5/7  :(

So still stuck at 7lbs loss.

Friday, 16 September 2011

National Cupcake Week

The event is already in full swing, but it is not too late to get involved - and join in with the celebrations.

So far this week, National Cupcake Week has been featured on:
And, the Internet is buzzing with all things cupcake. National Cupcake Week has been trending on Twitter in the London area - and we need a big push to get it trending nationally. We have more than 2,000 people that are fans of the event on Facebook and 3000 people following on Twitter. There is a whole community of professionals and amateurs out there that are swopping recipe ideas, sharing tips and motivating their fellow cupcake conisseurs.

The week long celebration of all things cupcake features special events and promotions taking place in craft and high street bakeries across the nation, alongside a series of special programmes on Food Network.
Also, a whole host of businesses have so far confirmed their support to help raise money for National Cupcake Week's partner charity CLIC Sargent, which supports children with cancer. Among them are craft bakery chains Simmons Bakers and Greenhalgh's, while ingredients supplier Puratos and bakery supplier Rich Products have also pledged their support.

Me and raiden love baking so we had a go at chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and white chocolate sprinkles. They was yummy!!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Halo's & Horns Little Book Of Hoilday Fun & Competition.

Well if your anything like me, i can get stuck on ideas on things to do with Raiden. I acme across this fab Holiday book that Halo & Horns have put together. I have done a few activities in the book one of the ideas out the book I've started to do is a scrapbook of different pictures and drawings they we have done throughout the summer.

Inspiring fun all round, the NEW
Halos N Horns Little Book of Holiday Fun

In the Halos N Horns holiday fun survey 75% of mums say they prefer to spend their time on holiday playing with the kids.  Whilst 60% plan their fun activities before they head off, for 68% of mums it’s doing something spontaneous that gives the best all round fun.  For some added inspiration check out the new Halos N Horns Little Book of Holiday Fun, it’s bursting with fun ideas.  You can download or request a FREE copy at: 

As an added bonus to help make bath time good clean fun, there’s a 50p off Halos N Horns coupon inside - you can use it for Halos N Horns gorgeous fruity-smelling Zingy Orange Hair & Body Wash, Mango Melon Shampoo & Conditioner and Berry Burst Shampoo and Detangler.

With 97% of mums saying having small children lets them be more childlike and playful again, the new and updated edition of The Little Book of Holiday Fun contains some lovely playful games and activities to keep you and your little ones entertained, from water-based alfresco fun, to bath time fun at home and away, and creative ideas for making things together. 
Plus, there are great tips on surviving the car journey; activities for the beach; fun games when swimming and splashing about; the perfect family picnic; making the most of being outdoors and inspirational ideas for rainy days.

When it comes to what toddlers have most fun playing at, mums say it’s:

·         Playing with water: 73%
·         Anything messy and dirty: 47%
·         Making something together (with mum or dad): 44%
·         Blowing bubbles: 41%
·         Swimming: 40%
·         Building sandcastles: 27%
·         Family picnics: 23%

In the Halos N Horns holiday fun survey 76% of mums say doing something fun with their child is what makes them happiest.

And of course children do the funniest things too … Topping the list of the most hilarious things your little ones do include: funny little dances, walks and bum wiggles; hysterically contagious laughter and giggles for no apparent reason; and pulling funny faces and doing expressions.

The fabulous Halo & Horns, have given the chance of one of my lucky followers a prize worth £30.

- Splash and Learn Duck £10,
-Little Book of Holiday Fun £4
-Zingy, Mango, Berry, Baby Bath, Moisturising Lotion £16

1.All you have to do is follow my blog ( right hand side).

2.Pop over to the halo & horns website and tell me you favourite product ~ Halo & Horns

3.Then leave a comment with a way of contacting you if you win.


Open to UK & Ireland only.
Competition will end on the 12th October at 9pm.
Winner is picked at random.

Good luck!! :)

Cozy Comfort Objects

Children can use the funniest things as a comfort cant they I've saw blankets, dummies, bottles, dolls, teddies, taggies & LABELS!! Yes that was meant to be in capitals. Both of my children's really haven't been dummy mad Raiden had one up to 11 months while Lexie will not take at all. Raiden loved he's bottle and ashamed to say nearly up to three. I brought every cup to try and get him off the bottle and none worked. I ended up getting so fed up him breaking the teats i refused to buy them anymore and after two days of him screaming the place down because he didn't want a broken teat he finally gave in and started drinking from a big cup.

So that brings me to the question of labels, yes Raiden often has hes hands down he's pants trying looking for he's label which can lead to some rather strange looks. The first thing he will do when i put a top on him is to feel for a label if it hasn't got one in he will tell me and will go and change into a top that does.
The label business only really started after we moved home, nurseries and he's grandad pasted away. You can judge if he's tired if he is messing for a label. I wonder now if its to do with a taggie he had as a baby, but Lexie has one and he doesn't mess with it at all. It more of a cosy comfort thing. I just hope he isn't forever with he's hands down he's pants. Ive often thought about cutting them out but I've always left them as i know he isn't doing any harm.

'' From infancy through toddler hood and often beyond, many children become attached to comfort objects. Whether it’s a pacifier, a special blanket or a stuffed animal, these objects are a great asset for both children and parents, says Claire Lerner, a child development specialist with Zero to Three, a national nonprofit organization devoted to promoting the healthy development of infants and toddlers. “They provide comfort and a sense of security, helping children soothe themselves and cope with many everyday feelings and experiences.”

So have anyone else's children has a comfort item please share. I know my little sister had a panda sleeping bag up to her teens!! ha ha



250 Likes Competition On Facebook

For a Thank you for getting me to two 250 likes via Facebook I promised to hold a competition for some Britney Spears Fantasy Perfume. So here we are. Thank you all for your support and sharing :)

All you have to do is leave me a comment with a way of contacting you if you win. If you want to you can follow my blog (at the right had side).


Uk & Ireland only

Competition will run untill the 30th september Untill 8pm.

Winner will be selceted at random.

Monday, 12 September 2011

First Cups/Trainers Dr Browns ~ Vital Baby ~ BabyBornFree

Ive had a bit of a rough time with the cups, I'm not gonna lie! Lexie doesn't seem to be taking very well at all with something other than a bottle.

First up is the BabyBornfree training cup features the BornFree Venting System that allows for a free flow of liquid and reduces vacuum build up. The soft and hard teething-friendly chewy spouts are a big favourite with toddlers and can be bought separately.
The BornFree Baby Bottle and Cup Range is fully interchangeable, making it super convenient and economic at the same time.
Lexie took to the cup the best she was able to hold the handles and chew on the spout big, plus the flow of juice didn't seem to bother her either. The cup comes in yellow, green and pink and also a hard or soft spout.

Second up is the Dr Browns Trainer cup. It features a Sip-Activated Valve which keeps the cup spill-proof while providing easy flow of liquid when baby drinks. only baby's mouth activates the valve so there is no mess when baby is not drinking.
I loved the multi colours on this cup, i liked the lightness and smallness of it. Lexie held it pretty well too but the spout was a little to small for her and couldn't latch on that well. She got pretty frustrated with it.

The last cup was Vital baby first trainer cup. It's soft spout and special soft grip base make drinking easy and safe. Made from safe BPA free materials No spill or free flow - you choose! Every cup comes complete with a non-spill valve which has been cleverly designed to provide a smooth drinking action and a steady flow of liquid. As baby grows the valve self adjusts to allow more liquid flow, the stronger baby sucks the faster the flow.
To use your cup as 'non-spill', insert the valve into the inside of the cup lid by pressing it firmly into place making sure the silicone strap is covering the outlet hole. Alternatively you can choose to use your cup as 'free-flow' by simply removing the valve altogether.
I loved the hot pink colour, Lexie struggled with this a bit because there wasn't any handles on it and she could grip it properly, she seemed to take the juice fine from it while i was holding it though.

I liked the concepts and different things on all three cups, even though Lexie is five months I'm not sure shes ready for the switch over from bottle to cup yet as i really had to be very persuasive and Ive had three weeks of testing.

Please check out there following websites for the range of cups they have :

BabyBornFree ~  

Dr Browns ~ 

Vital Baby ~

Weigh in......

I really thought i was gonna put on this week. Im not be very good plus ive only done the Wii Fit twice! * smacks hand*

Ive started using a lose weight with hypnosis application which you put on before bed to relax and help loose weight.... Well its worth a shot!

So i lost a 1lb this week! Soooo its 7lbs in total half a stone!! Yippee. Slowley but surley its comming off.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Finger foods

Well I've started Lexie on finger foods mainly to help her get used to holding and  help with her teething.

So far we have tried Toast fingers, Apple, Carrot & Cucumber. There mainly foods that she cant eat just chomp on or suck. She's pulled some faces after licking some of them too. he he

Friday, 9 September 2011

Sitting up already.

Well little Lexie can pretty much sit up by herself now she sometimes takes a nose dive still though. We got her a bumbo chair to sit in and now she hates sitting in her bouncer!

Shes also rolling around everywhere i will leave her on the mat to make myself a coffee then i come back in and she's in the middle of the room! ha ha

Last week of the summer hoildays.

We have really took it easy this week, we have tryed to get Raiden back in to he' sschool time routine. Read him a book and bed before 8.30. We have done so much thought out the hoildays we just kept it at home, the park, soft play area & we had a party to go to too. So just kept it simple and easy!

Our local park had a teddy bears picnic with the mystery machine there so all the children had there faces painted it was a fun afternoon. They all got a little teddy if they took there own picnic too. Roll on october school hoilday as we are off to Legoland as a little treat :)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Childrens people drawings

Ive always loved children's drawings off people, how the legs come out there heads or extra eyes or a nose. They always make me smile. Raiden's at that age now where he is drawing them. Its amazing to watch a scribble turn into a beautiful picture, as the years go on and drawing is developed I've always been keen from an early age to give Raiden a chunky crayon and just to make marks ( I have every piece of ark work he's done from 0-4 years)

Here is a few of Raiden's people pictures from the summer hoildays.


A friend sent over some details from her teaching days as she thought Raidens picture was quite detailed. After reading this then looking at his i was quite shocked how detailed Raidens was because he is only four years of age.

DIRECTIONS:  “I want you to make a picture of a person.  Make the very best picture that you can.  Take your time and work very carefully.  Try very hard and see what a good picture you can make.”

TIME:                                    No time limit.  Usually 10 minutes will suffice with young children. 
This test is to be used primarily as a screening device.  The drawings of bright children more than 10 years old or those who have had drawing lessons will result in an invalid evaluation of the child’s intellectual potential
CLASS A                               Preliminary Stage in which the drawing cannot be recognized as a human figure:
1.       Aimless uncontrolled scribbling – score 0. 
2.       Lines somewhat controlled – approaches crude geometrical form – score 1.
CLASS B                               All drawings that can be recognized as attempts to represent the human figure.  Each point is scored plus or minus.  One credit for each point scored plus and no half credits given. 

GROSS DETAIL                  1.  Head present
2.   Legs present.
3.       Arms present
4.       Trunk present
5.       Length of trunk greater than breadth.
6.       Shoulders are indicated (abrupt broadening of trunk below neck)

ATTACHMENTS                1.   Both arms and legs attached to trunk.
2.       Arms and legs attached to trunk at correct points.
3.       Neck present.
4.       Outline of neck continuous with that of head, trunk, or both.

HEAD DETAIL                   1.   Eyes present (one or two)
2.       Nose present
3.       Mouth present
4.       Nose and mouth in two dimensions, two lips shown.
5.       Nostril shown
6.       Hair shown
7.       Hair on more than circumference of head and non-transparent – better than a scribble.

CLOTHING                          1.    Clothing present (any clear representation of clothing)
2.       Two articles of clothing non transparent (ex. Hat, trousers)
3.       Entire drawing free from transparencies – sleeves and trousers must be shown.
4.       Four articles of clothing definitely indicated.  *should include 4 – hat, shoes, coat, shirt, necktie, belt, trousers*
5.       Costume complete with incongruities *business suit, soldier’s costume and hat, sleeves trousers and shoes must be shown*
HAND DETAIL                   1.    Fingers present (any indication)
2.       Correct number of fingers shown
3.       Fingers in two dimensions – length greater than breadth, angle subtended not greater than 180 degrees
4.       Opposition of thumb clearly defined
5.       Hand shown distinct from fingers and arm

JOINTS                                  1.  Arm joint shown – elbow, shoulder, or both
2.       leg joint shown – knee, hip, or both

PROPORTION                     1.  Head not more than ½ or less than 1/10 of trunk
2.       Arms equal to trunk but not reaching knee
3.       Legs not less than trunk not more than twice trunk size
4.       Feet in 2 dimensions – not more than 1/3 or less than 1/10 of leg
5.       Both arms and lens in two dimensions

1.       Lines firm without marked tendency to cross, gap, or overlap.
2.       All lines firm with correct joining.
3.       Outline of head without obvious irregularities.  Develop beyond first crude circle.  Conscious control apparent. 
4.       Trunk outline.  Score same as #3.
5.       Arms and legs without irregularities.  2 dimensions and no tendency to narrow at point of junction with trunk.
6.       Features symmetrical (more likely to credit in profile drawings)

FINE HEAD DETAIL         1.  Ears present (2 in full face, 1 in profile)
2.       Ears present in correct position and proportion.
3.       Eye details – brow or lashes shown.
4.       Eye detail – pupil shown.
5.       Eye detail – proportion.  Length greater than width.
6.       Eye detail – glance – only plus in profile.
7.       Chin and forehead shown.

PROFILE                              1.  Projection of chin shown – usually + in profile.
2.       heel clearly shown
3.       Body profile – head, trunk, and feet without error.
4.       Figure shown in true profile without error or transparency.



I would love to see any of your little ones handy work or people pictures please post them to my FACEBOOK wall :)