Monday, 29 August 2011

Weigh in.....

OK not gonna lie, not done much exercise and not ate the best. I'm struggling for motivation at the minute again, you would think being a porker is enough but i just cant get into it. Stayed the same this week.So a little disappointed in myself.

So at week three its still only a 5lbs loss.


  1. Hi tina,

    I'm not gonna say don't be disappointed what i will say is don't be to hard on yourself...everyone lacks motivation from time to time. 2 children end of summer hols within touching distance running out of ideas, money and patience. Chin up deep breath and try again you will get there in your pwn time and pace....well done you for efforts you have already made..

    X x

  2. Thanks hun, tbh really i should of put on. So im lucky to of stayed the same really :) x

  3. you will find when the little man goes to school you will have more motivation so keep up the good work its not gonna fall off it will take time so dont b hard on yourself be delighted u havent gained any xxxxx