Monday, 29 August 2011

Week number Five of the Summer Hoildays.

Well its not been very summery this week its rained most the week, so we have been stuck in :(

So here is a few things I've done this week.

Lexie & Raiden made me a lovely picture canvas to hang up.

We also did Jelly play, Raiden just wanted to eat he's, but he had fun.

We went to hickory dickory's fun house which is a huge soft play area.

We have done lots of drawing and colouring.

Raiden had a teddy bears picnic then did a colouring after.


There is a pretend beach at one of our local parks, so Raiden went there and to the fair with nanny. While me and Lexie has some time together.

Raidens read Lexie some books ( well tryed too) he he.

We have had a busy weekend with a family 80th birthday party and a trip to the kids grandads for a BBQ.

Ive got Lexie some sensory toys which she has loved.

Lamaze socks and wrist rattles, water mat and a soft spongy ball.

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