Monday, 22 August 2011

So week four of the summer hoildays

Well its week four and i thought i would never say this but it’s going soooooo fast!!! So with all of Raidens school uniform ( apart from shoes brought)  & Sewn name labels in, he really missing school and cant wait to go back.

Mr Sunshine hasn’t had he's hat on so again we have been limited to what we can do.

So this week we have made a treasure box, to keep special things in.

Plaster of Paris a figure of a dinosaur which we painted.

We went to two different wacky warehouses.

Made Jelly and cookies AGAIN!! lol

The park, where there was a zip wire. Raiden and daddy went on a boat ride & the train, while i walked Lexie around the park.

Bubble machine _ Think Lexie was a little scared at first

Lots of colouring too, big pages of toy story & scooby doo!

Here is a few of Lexie Boo too

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