Saturday, 13 August 2011

Pregnancy & my birth story's

OK so its not a lie when they say you wont have the same two pregnancies.

My two couldn't have been any different.

Raiden i found out at 26 weeks, no signs of being pregnant had a really good pregnancy ( well what was left of it) Ha ha! Although my labour was tough and long from start to finish it was 38 hours, the midwife didn't help as she has me pushing when i wasn't ready. I had three shots of pethidine which didn't help as i was in a right state from it. i vowed not to have that stuff again. I strugged after with PND. Which you can find my story here :  Struggles of being a mummy

Lexie on the other hand, i knew before i took the three tests ( yes three). I had a tinge of feeling sick, although we had been trying for over six months but because It hadn't happened i got myself back in to the gym and had lost 13lbs. Typical!
From start to finish my pregnancy was awful, i could actually say i hated it. Morning sickness from 3-16 weeks where i wasn't sick, just felt it from when i got up to when i went to bed. I got a chest, ear & water infection. Then at 19 weeks i was diagnosed with SPD! I had never heard of this ever before. I was so bad i was on crutches at the end, i was going up the hospital weekly and was meant to be be induced on my due date,  Because of the lack of beds i was in hospital waiting for two days to be induced, the midwife decided at 6pm on day two to give me my 6th sweep. Which got little Lexie rolling, she had magic hands!! After sending the other half home i had to call him back at 9.30pm as the contractions was around 4-5 Min's apart.  A few hours begging to be sent downstairs i finally got a bed, and had some gas and air but it wasn't enough i so i had an epidural and i can honestly say i wish i had gone for that option with Raiden, 11.5 hours later and a very calm labour four big pushes Lexie was out. With the tint in her hair, or me thinking i was still a big spaced out after the gas and air. I was shocked, until my mom came rushing in with OMG shes got red hair. I'm still getting used to the hair and I'm always saying its not ginger its red!! He he. I have another story about babies in special care, but i will leave that for another post!

Everyday i know I'm lucky to be blessed with two beautiful and healthy children. I love them both to bits.

Please feel free to share your stories, good or bad!! :) xx

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