Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Original Sophie the Giraffe Teether Toy & competition

Well with Little miss red teething I'm willing to give anything a shot! So i called on Sophie the giraffe.

Sophie the Giraffe is made out of natural rubber ( phtalate free),  who has been part of babies’ lives for almost 50 years. she is slender, flexible, and soft, so baby can squeeze and chew her in complete safety.

Its suitable from birth and has received a number of awards,  Its easy for babies to hold and chew. Lexie likes chewing on Sophie's Ears. It does have a very strong rubber smell, but as its natural you would expect that. Lexie isn't to keen on the squeaker bit but it doesn't help with you have a bigger brother squeaking it behind you.

SIGHT : At the age of 3 months, a baby's eyesight is still limited and he can only make our high contrasts. The dark and contrasting attention-catching spots all over Sophie the Giraffes body provide visual stimulation and she soon becomes a familiar and reassuring object for baby.

HEARING: Her squeaker keeps baby amused, stimulates his hearing and then later, helps him to understand the link between cause and effect.
TASTE: Sophie the Giraffe is made of 100% natural rubber and food paint, and is completely safe to chew, just like a feeding bottle teat. Her soft texture and numerous chewable parts (ears, horns, legs) make her perfect for soothing baby's sore gums when teething.

SMELL: The singular scent of natural rubber (from the Hevea tree) makes Sophie the Giraffe very special and easy for your child to identify amid all his other toys.

EASY TO GRIP: Sophie the Giraffe's shape and 18cm size are perfect for baby's small hands. She is very light and her long legs and neck are easy for baby to grip, even from his earliest days.
TOUCH: Touch is the first means baby has of communicating with the outside world. Sophie the Giraffe's soft feel is just like mummy's skin, stimulating soothing physiological and emotional responses that soothe baby.


So for your chance to win your own goody bag with your own Sophie, a Sophie rattle and a vanilla teether...........

1.Please follow my blog ( right hand side)

2.Please comment below with your contact details ( Email or Twitter ID) & a teething tip you may have ( told you I'm willing to try anything) ha ha.

Only open to UK & Ireland.

Competition with end on the 26th September at 8pm.

Please note if the winner doesn't come forward and claim it will be redrawn.


  1. following your blog the only tip i have is baltic amber teething necklace

    email address

  2. already follow your blog. so far got on great with nelsons teething powder, love to read the other tips i'd try anything too.

    twitter @WelshMummyLove or email

  3. am an avid follower love to read your blog bloody good work
    my teething tip is to place a clean teaspoon in the freezer leave till cold and give to baby to suck i used it on my 3 no complaints

  4. Amber teething necklace and the teething powder as well as a squeeky sophie ;)

  5. Following you via GFC

    Teething granulas are a god send... they work much quicker than calpol etc. Top tip, empty packet onto a spoon din't try to tip into babies mouth from packet


  6. following by email Sandra Nixon

    I would love one of these for my grandson, hes just teething, and his mommy is using some teething powder, but i know he'd love to bite on a sophie the giraffe x

  7. I'm following! @superluckydi

    I couldn't get anything to work for my boy apart from distraction - I always ended up taking him out for a walk in his buggy to take his mind off it!

  8. Already following as annaojbee. Something that may work is mashing up a banana and freezing it as a lolly.Cooling, soothing and completely natural.

  9. Following your blog by e-mail (Twitter @FlumpyPie Facebook CP Brien)

    My little one is teeting like mad. The only time he seems content is when he is chewing on a Babysafe Feeder (the one that has a mesh holder for solid foods). I fill it with apple chunks that I've kept in the fridge. It's very messy so i normally have to strip him down to his vest but he gets a lot of relief from it. Hope you find something that works : ) xx

  10. I follow your blog via GFC as Marzena
    my tip- try to use special teething gel

    @marzutek on twitter

  11. hi im sarah clegg on fb,im following u.x
    i use cilled carrots on older babys and teething bling and a taggie blanket x

  12. Following your blog via GFC.

    My teething tip is to use teething powder to rub on the gums and the gel filled teething toys that you can put in the fridge til they go cold and let baby chew on that xx

  13. Following by email subscription.
    teething toys can be cooled by popping them in a polybag (to keep them clean) and storing them in the fridge for a short while.

  14. Following by email subscription

    My teething tips are:
    The Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Easy Reach Teethers, I keep them in the fridge & my daughter really enjoys chewing on them when she is suffering.

    I also swear by the Nelsons Teething Granules, they are like magic!

    Also after trying every teething gel, I have found the Boots own brand teething gel to be by far the best & most effective one!

    Would love love love a Sophie for her :)

  15. already following, amber teething necklace

  16. Following on GFC @Isis1981uk

    My tip is to wet a muslin & keep it in the freezer, great for sucking on/chewing

  17. Teething gel helps.

    Following - @clairew137.

  18. Following @anna8301
    I use Bonjela gel, it helps sometimes :)

  19. Following already
    I use bonjela and calpol.

  20. I'm follwoing via GFC as kittysclearance
    I find different textured teething toys help.


    I use to make breastmilk ice lollies for teething babies ...they always helped sore gums

  22. following your blog nelsons teething powder is very good thanks

  23. Following you. Teething gel usually works.@judithsbooks

  24. the tip i have is something cold to bite on colder the better

  25. ice cubes in a munchkin food net to chew on :)

  26. My twins chew on cold wet flannels, following your blog. email address is :D

  27. following by email

    try teething toys in the fridge.

  28. Following on GFC
    Tip: rub the tooth area gently with a soft toothbrush

  29. Am following :)

    The Dentinox teething gel helps my little one with his teeth. Have tried a few things like teething toys, powder etc but this seems to work the best!

  30. I've tried teething powder, bonjela gel and calpol all of which are spat out. I have amber beads on order. My lo likes some teething toys but is too small to hold them himself for very long (16 weeks). Mostly he likes biting my little finger as I rub his gums but this might not be an option when the teeth finally come through! Looking forward to trying the foodnet when he starts solids :)

  31. following GFC twitter name @emzispeers

    I freeze the teethers rather than just fridge... my mum did this for all of us kids and she had 4 and worked well for us all..

    Tip for sore bums tho, use egg white and leave on over nite! Heard this wk and works a treat ;)

  32. @lindylubilou following by GFC

    Put a teething toy in the freezer for an hour the coolness of the teether should help with the pain. Good luck x

  33. @cheepcheepcheep following you on GFC
    I recommend calgel and dentinox over bonjela as it can be used more frequently...oh and very cold carrots to nom on!

  34. Following your blog on GFC Katherine De Riera
    My son uses a teething bangle to chomp on and he loves it!
    My twitter name is @sweet_Kat30

  35. Following your blog :) @milkpetal
    I'm expecting my first baby in November so am bookmarking this page so I can read the comments when the time comes for when mine is teething! Lots of people have told me that the teethers you can stick in the fridge are amazing x

  36. Following your blog @cloudberry07 :-)
    Try the Amber teething ring like others have said!
    Contact -

  37. @quin0002 on twitter

    Both my daughters loved their vibrating teether

  38. following your blog :) so far anbesol is our best teething friend and works straight away.
    amanda walsh on facebook

  39. contact details are:

    My advice is Amber teething necklace and Teetha!

  40. Following your blog.
    My best teething tip and buy is baltic amber teething anklet.My little lady is teething right now and this anklet is helping her soo much :-)

    a cold (but not frozen) food. Cold helps numb the mouth

  42. Great giveaway!!!!
    I am following your blog via GFC and you can contact me on Facebook: Tracy K Nixon

  43. Lots of distraction, cucumber and carrot, teething sachets and maybe your clean finger for her to chew on?

    I'm following through Blogspot and Facebook :)
    (I thought i'd already entered this but can't see my post.. apologies if I have!)

    Lynsey Jayne Ball - FB

  44. Following via GFC. @Linz_TOYT on TW. Get some Ashton & Parsons teething powder from Boots, comes in a small white box...brilliant stuff x

  45. I follow your blog on GFC. My tried and trusted teething tips (I've used them successfully on my elder 2 and plan on doing the same with my little one when she starts teething!) are to keep a supply of the liquid filled teething toys/rings in the fridge so they are ready to hand, as the coolness helps to soothe sore gums and the chewing on them also helps to relieve pain and discomfort. Never put them in the freezer though, as they can actually cause burns inside your little one's mouth!

  46. Following via GFC
    My tip would be a baltic amber teething necklaces, it's really made a difference with my little boy x

  47. Following via GFC. I'm @ktcoventry on Twitter.

    Baltic amber teething necklaces are great!

  48. Following your blog via GFC!

    Up until about two weeks ago we were using a chunky plastic spoon chilled in the fridge which seemed to work much better than any of the toys. However, on recomendation ordered an Amber Necklace and it is working like a dream :0)

  49. Following xx

    I have also heard amazing things about the Amber Necklaces and will be ordering one for my nephew when he starts teething xx

  50. Already following @andrewcbo
    Try teething necklaces or soft chewy things

  51. Following you on Facebook and Twitter :o)

    I have tried so many gels, powders, liquids and god knows what else on Jacks gums but as soon as I put his Amber Teething Necklace on him when it arrived yesterday he has been a lot better.

    I too was willing to try anything!

  52. i swear by porsons powders and bickie pegs-worked with both of mine xxx following as kelly mitchell and on facebook as kellieanne mitchell (hope ur little one is feeling better soon x)

  53. i tried calgel which seemed to work for a bit but she much preffered chewing on teething rings as they would cool her gums. also she liked sucking on ice pops!

  54. Already following your blog, just joined GFC and already a fan on facebook....

    @emzispeers twitter
    emma speers facebook

    Teething tip - freeze teething rings rather than fridge and leave to melt slightly (abt half hour). Stays colder for longer and harder... also for a sore bum (which most of us know often accompanies teething) smother in egg white before bed :)

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  56. My tips are New Era mineral salts for teething from Holland and Barratts, 450 for £5, my baby loves them and it really helps and calms her and its natural.
    Also try froozen pinnapple core for them to nor on, its an old trick and works well.
    Following via email and GFC- rachael chorlton lewis Facebook. rachaellewis81 Twitter

  57. I follow your blog with GFC. @piperanddaisy

    I have tips for teething, the first is to make sure you have plenty of clean bibs because a teething baby produces so much dribble that their clothes will be absolutely soaked unless you 'bib' them.
    Second tip is to try to let baby have some time with their nappy off each day. I know this is easier in summer than winter when you can be outside and it doesn't matter if there are little accidents. The thing is, when babies are teething they often get sore bottoms too. I'm not sure if their wee gets stronger during teething but it certainly seems to cause more rashes at this time so changing nappies regularly and giving them some nappy free time will help prevent tears due to sore bums!

  58. Teething granules & toys :)


  59. My friend just had a baby 18 years after her last one so I'm entering to have a chance to win for her.

    Teething tip - I breastfed all my children and didn't use a dummy either! I fed on demand and accepted that occasionally BF'ing was more about comfort than food.

    Also - I would rather use Calpol as pain relief than as a temperature reduction tool. Heat actually kill the bugs that are making you ill (that's why we get temperatures).

    This isn't about teething but it is about teeth. Both my kids have got straight even teeth. Many of their friends haven't although their parents never had any problems. I am convinced (and there is evidence to back it up) that kids who eat proper food (at the right age obviously) that NEEDS CHEWING, as opposed to sausages and other "pre-chewed meat" develop good jaw muscles and bone structure allowing adult teeth to drop into the correct place. It might not solve every problem but given the amount of wonky teeth and the prevalence of processed foods are linked.

    Hope this is of interest to someone.

  60. I swear by teething amber necklace, weve never had any trouble with Freya whilst teething since we got the amber necklace, it has a safety catch & each bead is knotted on individually so no worries about choking. Would LOVE to win a sophie giraffe for Freya, something she can her lil teeth into :0) (email- x

  61. Already following as Sophie The Giraffe.Something that may work is mashing up a banana and freezing it as a lolly.Cooling, soothing and completely natural.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Sophie The Giraffe