Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Inch Blue Shoes

The lovely Inch blue team asked to pick a pair of shoes to review there is such a huge selection I had trouble picking. As Lexie has red hair I’m always going for anything that has strawberries on so these was one of my first choices. So I was lucky to receive the strawberry rose pink.  (Rose pink shoe with strawberry detail)

Inch Blue shoes have been designed to give total comfort for little growing feet. They are made exclusively from soft natural leather allowing your baby’s feet to breathe, And they’re not just for babies, Inch Blue make shoes for toddlers and children aged up to 6 years, which make them ideal for use in nurseries.  They understand your baby’s feet aren’t just smaller versions of your own, they’re a completely different shape.   They’re softer and plumper with hardly any hard bone in them at all. So perfect for your little ones feet!

So my little Lexie never keeps on any shoes or socks. I usually turn around and there kicked off on the floor. These actually kept on her feet, due to the stretchy elastic around the top of them. I absolutely love the designs of inch blues there are so many designs to choose from so there is something for everyone. There perfect for pre walkers to and a great price at £18.00 per pair, theres not a price on your childs feet is there! They come in fantasic plastic bag so there great for a gift too and they do great gift sets for baby showers.
Please pop over to INCH BLUE website and check out the different styles.

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