Monday, 15 August 2011

The Getting Fit Has Begun.

Well Lexie was Four months old on Saturday. Last Monday i stepped on the scales and nearly cried, i have put on over three stone during pregnancy. To be totally honest i was overweight before so i needed to get my butt in to gear and do something about it.

I managed to dust my Wii fit board off and do a 30 minute workout 6/7 days last week. Its not much but its a start! I was rather naughty on Tuesday and we had Domino's but I'm really gonna look at my eating and cut down gonna try and snack on fruit and look at my portion sizes.

I really want to loose around 5 stone altogether, i think they would be my target weight, its a long way ahead though i think but if i do it slowly it will stay off.

Ive taken Before photos ( YUCK YUCK YUCK) & Measured my tummy, legs arms etc. So if i don't loose the ILB's i can measure that way.

So first weigh in and ive lost 4lbs, ok not a great deal but its a start.

Wish me luck its gonna be a long Ride!!

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