Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Bag Fairy.

Well I've been seeing these funky tote bags with character's on for ages, there all over the celebs. Ive saw some of these type bags fetch up to a £100. While browsing eBay i came across The Bag Fairy.

The Bag Fairy started making bags about 18 months ago, just as a hobby for family and friends and has been selling on eBay since July 2011.
The hand painted personalised jute bags, embellished with diamantes and hand made hair bows. the bags are made to your specifications, eg, hair colour eye colour, colour theme plus you can choose a couple of things to make it more personal to you. Names are added on as an extra too. 
She has a variety of designs to choose from and has lots of examples on her Facebook page. All bags have  the option of having hand made hair bows or having a flower attached to the handle ( if you would like both its an extra £1 , most people just have one ) All bags can have as much bling/diamantes on as you like just say when ordering. One or two things can be added to any design to make it more personal to you, eg phone, dog, cupcake & wine glass  but the basic designs are the same on each bag.
The bags come in a variety of sizes :




The bag was made in a few weeks with updates, to my chosen requirements, and a picture was uploaded before it was sent out. I was shocked with the size of the bag as i thought it would be the same size as a normal tote shopping bag. They are pretty big. The quality is amazing and i was very pleased as it was very cheap at £18 plus postage. I'm defiantly going be recommending them and I'm sure i will be ordering more too They would make great Christmas presents if you want something different or if you have a little girl in the family that loves handbags. Imagine how cool you would be with one of these. 

Please check out The Bag Fairy's Facebook page -  Click here

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