Monday, 11 July 2011

Update on Quinny.

Well on Friday night while scrolling down the newsfeed on Facebook i came across this.

'' Unfortunately we’ve just been informed by production that due to unforeseen circumstances we will not be able to issue our proposed Casters with a Quinny Senzz to test. After much deliberation and careful consideration Quinny has had to take the decision not to continue with the Senzz Caster programme. This is purely down to time constraints''

Oh no i thought i had better check my emails, yep there is was in black and white an email from Quinny themselves. I was devastated. Along with another 19 Quinnycasters we where all on cloud nine, being picked from hundreds of entries it was an amazing opportunity to be testing for a huge brand as Quinny. For me being new to blogging i still couldn’t believe they had picked me, they must have seen something they liked.

After sleeping on it, it wasn’t so bad in the morning, after all the email did say that we would still have an opportunity to work with Quinny with a super new product! After the slack Quinny got on Friday some of it was uncalled for but to be honest i think it was emotions running high, I posted on their Facebook wall  ''Now ive calmed down from the disappointment look at the positive we are getting a new product, it must be something super-duper exciting! '

I just thought with that comment it was to inject some positive after all we still have a chance i wanted to let the other Quinnycasters know it wasn’t the end of the opportunity.

 After a few hours i came back to this which was someone backing up Quinny ''There's a post a couple down from here saying now the lady has gotten over the disappointment, she is excited to be receiving a freebie! ( don't quote me though, as I can't see it at present as I'm on my phone). Post after post of people slating Quinny.... That can't be denied. I just think it's strange that people that were so disgusted, are now ok because they have had a think about possible other freebies''

I was really upset about comment this anyone that knows me knows in honest and hardworking. I would have done the testing even if Quinny had asked for the buggy back. Nothing i get benefits me i don’t sell anything on, it’s for the benefit of my children NOT me. I’ve worked all my life went back to work after a mere six months after my son was born. This time around I’m not i want to spend more time with my children so i took up blogging as a hobby, any blogger knows it can take up so much time it like having a job.. Its hard work.
I never do blogging for freebies, it’s so other mums have an honest option of products, yep it’s ok to look at amazon, Argos etc. reviews but i know full well i would prefer a detailed mum review!

I know Quinny wouldn’t of pulled out without reason and if the buggy’s had been rushed there could of been a fault and i wouldn’t of wanted to be walking one day and it fall apart because of it and harm my daughter.

I want to thank Quinny for the updates over the weekend and how they have handed the situation so far and thanks for the other opportunity in the Autumn. I look forward to receiving more information on it soon.

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