Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Ther summer Hoildays

Right with the summer holidays in full swing, what have i got planned? Ive try ed to plan the six weeks with fun filled activities to keep Raiden happy and not bouncing off the walls! So here is some of my activities I've got. School holidays are always super expensive so i have to budget out and level out what we do thought out the holidays but also keeping Raiden happy and baby friendly too.

Trip to the seaside, its going to be Raidens first time and he's super excited. We are gonna buy a bucket and spade and have a picnic on the beach. Hopefully the weather is OK and he can have a dip in the sea and build sand castles. Ive got Lexie an all in one UV suit and hat so she doesn't burn like a crisp. Ive had to make a chart with how many sleeps countdown on, which he has been marking off the sleeps himself! he he

 Brickland AKA Legoland! Raiden keeps saying mum i wanna go to brickland, so grandad is taking us all the way down to London so we can go and have a tour around. He also said he wants to go and waves to the Queen, i hope shes in!

I will be taking Raiden to a few different parks, nature centre, the zoo, library, sealife centre and a range of play centres. Also doing making and baking at home, we are going to have a go at, fruit jelly, rice crispy cakes, banana cakes, Bread & heathly pizza.

I'm going to do lots of messy activity's at home, paint your own mug, a painting on a canvas ( for nanny's birthday) playdough, gluing and sticking, making robots out of old boxes & the best of all making dens!

We went to a wacky warehouse on tuesday and Raiden got hes face painted! Its quite scary!

Then we went to grandads for a BBQ. Yum yum !

We already have been making castles/battleships

While little miss Lexie has mainly does this, shes teething at the moment so is a bit of a grumpy bum.

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