Monday, 11 July 2011


I first came along Snazzyziplets on twitter. I saw the re-tweet and thought what on earth that could be. I’m a huge fan of unique handmade jewellery, I like the look of people when you catch them eyeing up your jewellery and wondering where it’s from. Snazzyziplets is definitely an eye catcher.

The creator behind Snazzyziplets is Yasmin. She started making Ziplets in January 2011 and started selling online in April 2011. Since then she has created a variety of styles for her customers to choose from, including necklaces. Ziplets are bracelets made out of zips. You can wear them either zipped up as one large bracelet or unzipped as two more delicate ones - THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

Here is a link to her happy customers

Here is a few of the ones that caught my eye, They come in sizes Adult S/M & Adult M/L. They also come in children's sizes to keep our little people cool and funky. If there isnt a colourway you can see you like please use the contact tab on the website as im Yasmin would be happy to help you with a custom made one.

I'm currently doing a jewellery box full of one off or unique pieces for my daughters 18th birthday. so i think a ziplet is gonna be a must to go in there.

For more patterns and styles see

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