Wednesday, 6 July 2011

How hot has it been.

Well with this hot and humid weather I’ve has a very hot and grumpy Little miss Lexie. With her gorgeous red hair I’m very aware of taking her out in the sun so unless I really need to I’ve avoided going out. She hates being plastered in sun cream and I’m sure people think I’m strange walking down the street having a fight with her parasol when I see the slightest bit of sun on her.

But even with every window open I’ve still had to strip her down to a nappy (as least there hasn’t been a lot of washing ha-ha) she’s still been grumpy. I’ve tried to get as much water down her as possible to keep her cool and to keep her from getting dehydrated

Even night time after a warm bath I’ve and just popped a vest on her with no blanket and kept the window open to allow a slight breeze on her.

Here are some tips with cooling babies down on hot days.

We did venture to the local fair when it was on. I really don’t know how she slept most of the day in the heat!

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  1. Its been a nightmare - I was glad of the cooler weather coming back in as at least Jack coped better with it.

    I have excatly the same problem wth my parasol too!