Monday, 25 July 2011

Flavory Nature Strawberry crush

I'm always looking for a healthy juice for me and my family with the amount my son drinks and the hidden sweeters or sugars in squash i worry. So when i was asked to test out a all natural juice i was thrilled. Flavory nature  have traditional and natural squashes, organic juices and fruity teas so they have something special for everyone. There are no preservatives or artificial colours and the fruit and vegetables aren't frozen or stored so they taste as mother nature intended. So 100% natural yum!

Raiden isn't a huge fan of fruit juices hes more of a squash juice drinker, i was really surprised him drinking it, hes favourtive fruit is strawberries so that's why i picked the strawberry crush flavour. He was quite sad when it had all gone.

The first sip it was slighty bitter as you can tell its pure, it was even yummier straight from the fridge. Its comes in a glass bottle so its great for recycling too. Thumbs up from me and Raiden.

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