Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Dylon colour catchers

I’m awful for not doing a colour and white wash I just shove everything in then normally turn socks and pants multi colours. I  was sent  these DYLON colour catchers  which removes loose dye from the wash, Eliminates the risk of colour runs ruining clothes, so  it Allows  you to do a mixed wash which helps reduce the number of washes, even at 30. The colour catcher is a treated antitransfer sheet with special ingredients which act like a magnet, removing loose dyes and dirt during the washing process so now I don’t have to worry which save me time and money having to replace socks and pants. Ha-ha. I also have some colour dyes to jazz up some old clothes. 

The sheet before the wash.

The sheet after…. See it works the proof is in the sheet!

 Colour catches are available from most supermarkets and range from £2-3 per pack.

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