Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Bambino Mio Nappy Challenge Day Two

Well I've been doing my research and asked in a forum of  mummies that use reusable nappies why they used them, i was quite shocked with the response 4/5 said its cost effective the other because it was eco-friendly. The initial cost is what put me off in the first place, so is it really cheaper than disposables? It is said to cost anything from £750+ depending on how quick your child goes into potty training into pants.

 Bambino Mio have a birth to potty pack priced at £249.99  which  easiest and most economical way to buy nappies and nappy covers for your baby. The RRP of there birth to potty pack is approximately 30% cheaper than if the items were purchased separately. The birth to potty pack combines all the basic essentials you will require for your baby from birth until potty training. Hmmm that is a huge saving of at least £500!

So how many nappies do you need?

If using our cloth nappies full time Bambino Mio recommend the following

- 24 x mionappies (nappies) of one size - available in size 1 or 2 ~ £12.99
- 3-6 x miosoft (nappy covers) of one size ~ £ 9.85
- mioliners (nappy liners) ~ £ 4.95

- miofresh (nappy cleanser) ~ £ 4.60

The more I'm researching in to reusables the more keen I'm becoming more aware of the facts and figures. Day 2,  I've tryed the nappy at a different time and left it on a little longer. Again no problems, no leaks, Lexie seems happy in it, I'm not sure she even knows the difference, i didn't even have to look how to fold them either go me. The nappy seems to look as good as new after the first wash too.

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  1. We have used Bambino Mio for our son since he was 3 months old and get on great. But I would say that 3 covers is not enough unless you plan to do a nappy wash every day. We have 8 and would recommend at least 6. With 6 we washed every other day and occasionally ran out. With 8 we wash every other day and occasionally manage to go 3 days! (BTW there are fantastic deals at Mothercare.com ATM. 1/2 price + 3 for 2 and you can use both offers at once! The starter sets are pretty good value this way.)