Thursday, 21 July 2011

Bambino Mio Nappy Challenge Day Three

So day three and I’m getting brave, went out with a re-useable on, got to admit i was a little paranoid and kept checking all the time. Don’t know how i would feel carrying a few wet or stinky nappies about with me all day though if I’m out for a long time. But again no leaks seem to have the same absorbency as a disposable. Apart from making Lexie look like she has a bigger bum, im liking them more and more.

On average a baby uses over 5,000 disposable nappies from birth to potty. Did you think it was that many?

Age Group       Nappies used per day    Total nappies used
0-4 Months           12                          1460
4- 6 Months          10                           608
6-12 Months          8                           1460
12-18 Months        6                            1095
18-24 Months        4                             730

Overall Nappy Usage  - 5353 nappies


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