Thursday, 21 July 2011

Bambino Mio Nappy Challenge Day Four

Well we are half way through the challenge so i decided to do use two reusable’s today, even showed daddy how to do one too. So day four and i think i may be convinced in to start using them more often i don’t think I’m going to be a 100% reusable nappy user though as disposables are handy if you out all day. What do mommies do when you are on holiday?

So thinking about the positives to using reusable nappies?

1. Saves money anything from £500

2. They have no impact on landfill sites and therefore don’t take ages to biodegrade.

3. They look great because they are 'shaped' liked a disposable with Velcro fastenings and come in a range of patterns.

4. Reusable nappies are made from chemical free materials and organic so there better for baby’s skin. 

5. Re-usable nappies can be equally as absorbent as disposables and as long as they're changed frequently pose no increased risk of nappy rash.

7. You can further help the environment by using an energy efficient washing machine and an eco-detergent and softener.

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