Sunday, 17 July 2011

Ballyhoo Toys & Games

A bit about Ballyhoo.
Well, Ballyhoo was the result of many long walks and a little chatter (actually rather a lot of discussion) between good friends, Tamsin and Sunita, who just happen to be two busy mums (occasionally exhausted) who felt varying levels of frustration at the lack of places where we could find beautiful toys for our children. I should mention that they have roughly 25 years of child rearing experience brought about by the 5 children (4 boys and 1 girl) that they have between them
Hey presto! Ballyhoo was born.
The office as it is affectionately known is in fact a 19th century Victorian farmhouse with stunning views over the fields of Saffron Walden. They have personally selected a range of gorgeous toys that encourage creative and imaginative play - real toys that is, for playing with not the sort that beep at you in wild plastic colors and cost the earth in batteries. They stock a huge range of toys on their website.
I’m a huge fan of sturdy wooden toys, I would rather pay the extra for something that’s going to last. Raiden is a huge fan of cars, typical boy! I couldn’t wait to pick him up from school to show him what was waiting for him at home. Within five minutes he noticed the cardboard box on the side. Mum is this for me he asked. Yes Raiden it is for you, your chanellge today is too play with it and tell me how you like it and why you do. He then proceeded to get he’s car mat and I think every car he owed out on to the living room floor.

We received a fantastic bright wooden loader/digger it comes with its very own driver eager to get on with his day's work! A fantastic wooden truck that moves along the ground with ease. Bright yellow in color with orange wheels and black rubber tires. It’s really good quality and very sturdy, Raiden enjoyed playing with it along with he’s other cars. I think I may buy the breakdown and rubbish Lorrie’s too so he can have all three.

While looking on the website I’ve saw Lexies next Christmas present Dancing mice musical box. Babies and children will be captivated by this enchanting music box as they watch the mice spin gracefully to the music. Sounds fab doesn’t it.

Please check out the Ballyhoo website and there huge range of wooden toys and games.

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