Monday, 18 July 2011

Baby Belly Blues

Well my gorgeous girl is going to be 14 weeks on Wednesday and i think I've just hit the baby jelly belly blues. I was determined this time to get straight in there and really crack on to loosing the weight, but one thing after another has cropped up, which has totally killed my motivation. I know i just need to get there once then hopefully i can start feeling normal again as its making me feel rather crappy at the moment.

If anyone wants to share any tips please comment or if anyone has any spare motivation please send my way as im really struggling.


  1. Oh dear - I could've written this post too. My twins are 13 months and I'm finding it really hard. It's so difficult when you're tired. I just reach for the sugar every time. I wouldn't mind but I can't fit into any of my old clothes. I've bought some for my current size but it's depressing wearing the same thing every day.

    So sorry don't have any spare motivation to send you. Just wanted to write that we're int he same boat.

  2. Thanks Hunny, its so stressful being so tired and trying to loose weight too.