Sunday, 26 June 2011

Quack Quack Moo Length n loop

I’ve had dummy clips before but I thought this is a nifty idea to have them to attach to the bibs.
It’s also lightweight and washable not like the heavy plastic ones you can get with are very fiddly to get on and off this one is just a simple popper fasting.
I always worry while in the pushchair ( when I’m not looking) Dummies fall out and get lost, with this that will never happen with this and them little hands will find it hard to pop the popper too.
Then clip is mutli functional and can be taken off the bib and attached to mostly anything coat/seatbelt/bag etc.

The clips come in a pack of three for a mere £2.99 which you would pay over that for one in most stores.
See here for details

The bibs are separate to buy ad made from Organic Bamboo Cotton Toweling, it is naturally anti-bacterial. Perfect for wiping messy, dribble faces, as well as being super absorbent. They are Machine washable and suitable for tumble drying no more melted plastic which you can get with the plastic backed bibs. The bibs include the dummy fastener tab and they come in arrange of super funky and gorgeous designs suitable from 0+.

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