Saturday, 25 June 2011

My Munchkin Baby Products Ltd hooded towel

I was really excited to get the towel once I knew it was on its way I was surprised when I unwrapped, it was so fluffy, super soft and a decent size as most baby towels seem to be too small for a baby more than a few months old, but in the shape of an apron. It attaches around the neck with Velcro and then hangs down until you are ready to pick up baby, hold them to your body and wrap the towel around them and a corner with a little hood.

The towel comes in a handy bag so it’s perfect for things like holidays or swimming, where you can just grab the bag and go. It would be a great gift as well- as the packaging is lovely and eco-friendly!

It was also large enough for my 4 year old to use too and absorbent enough to dry both of them without having to use two towels, which is an added bonus.

So far so good, the washing tests… dum dum dum! The towel has been washed and dried a few times already and looks as good as I first took it out of the bag. Most hooded towels I’ve used go hard and flat. This one stayed fluffy and soft. I think it’s worth paying the extra for quality, plus you get that extra wear because it’s so big.

The towels can be found here, they also do great bathrobes too

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