Sunday, 19 June 2011

MAM perfect soother review.

I was thrilled to be given the oppurtunity to try and review MAM’s new perfect soother.
So again MAM have brought out a new range of perfect soother so why are they so perfect….??
The new MAM Perfect Dento-Flex soother is 60% Thinner and 3 times softer. It’s designed to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth too.
The direct relationship between soother use and dental and jaw development is a relevant topic in research and clinical practices.  All MAM soothers take this relationship into account. Now however, MAM has made another significant advancement in soother technology through scientific cooperation with dentists and pediatricians: The new MAM Perfect has a teat neck that is only 2.28 mm thick and the teat is 3 times softer and more adaptable than other brand soothers. Independent experts agree: the less pressure that is exerted on the teeth and jaw, the lower the risk of malocclusions.

My daughters quite funny with soothers she will take or leave them, I’ve struggled to find one that she will keep hold of. I’ve always liked to give my children soothers as I know it helps reduce the risk of cot death at night, which has always been my biggest worry.
Lexie took to it straight away which I think is because it’s thinner and flatter, it’s now actually helped her go longer between feeds. I’m finally glad she’s taken to a soother. Again another funky & quirky design from MAM, Simple but sweet just like there other designs.

It comes in its own box which you can use to sterilise it, so there is no need to use a full sized steriliser just like the MAM bottles which is fantastic so if you out & about you can sterilize if need be!

They can be found to buy at For £5.50 per soother, this does include the box to sterilise them though too

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