Saturday, 11 June 2011

Lamaze Lulu in a Tutu

Here is what Lexie and me thought of Lulu.

I firstly popped Lulu in my daughters Moses basket, so when she woke up it would keep her stimulated with all the different colours. I thought it was fantastic with the bright colours and different textures. I moved Lulu around to get her used to the toy as she was only 6 weeks, so I attached it on to her play gym and pushchair when I’m out and about as it has a huge ring that you can attach to anything. I’ve had a few people comment on it, ask what brand and where it’s from.

The older she gets, the more things there are to discover and explore with this cleverly designed toy. The inclusion of a teething section as well as crinkly tutu ,busy beads, colourful ribbon, multiple textures and a rattle that appeal to little ones are all here within one excellent value toy its defiantly value for money and I would highly recommend it. This was her first Lamaze toy and I'm already looking at her next one.

Even my four year old loved playing and teaching he’s baby sister what Lulu did which all the different things you can do.

You can find LULU to buy at

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