Saturday, 18 June 2011

All About me

Hi there, I’m Tina. I’m 28 and a mummy of two.
Since leaving school I worked with children, I came out of college with An NVQ2 in Early years and got a job as a nursery assistant. I worked my way up the ladder as nursery nurse, team leader a deputy and an after school club manager.
Working g with children is so rewarding. Nothing beats watching a child grow, blossom and achieve while in your care it’s amazing.
My life changed in the year 2006 when I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I found out pretty late I was having him so it was a huge shock to the system. In February 2007 my angel baby was born, the moment I saw him I knew he was my life. I decided after 6 months I wanted to go back to work after suffering with Post natural depression, I thought it was best for me to have another purpose for myself and my son got extra time to spend with his grandparents that worked out fantastic. I found a great part time job working as a deputy in an after school club, which was so chanledge as I was so used to working with under 5’s.
After deciding on another baby I was blessed again on the April of this year with a beautiful red haired baby girl. This time I’ve watched my son grow so fast that I have decided to take more time out and not to go back to work for a few years. So this is where I’m at now I’ve decided to comp and blog with the extra time I have. Yep I’m a supermommy!! Ha-ha
So this is me I hope you enjoy my blogging, I know I enjoy writing it J

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