Friday, 17 June 2011

Aden & Anais Muslin blanket

Swaddling is said to be as familiar to babies as it is to their moms because it recreates the secure and cosy feeling of the womb - and using swaddles made of natural cotton muslin only enhances that blissful feeling. Muslin is a finely-woven breathable fabric believed to have originated in Bangladesh during the middle Ages. It's delicate, yet durable weave, makes the fabric stretchy, and therefore ideal for swaddling, as the natural give" allows the blanket to be tucked snuggly around a baby without being overly restrictive.

The lightweight muslin also permits air to circulate around the baby's body, while still providing comfort and warmth without the worry that the baby may overheat in moderate weather. Cotton muslin is also a workhorse fabric, in that wraps woven from this natural fibre stands up to repeated washings only becoming softer --and better -- with age.

My first thought when seeing these blankets was how cute they were! I loved the cute little elephant animals on them! My second thought was how big they were. One of my biggest problems with most of the baby blankets I either bought when I was expecting a baby or received as baby gifts was have they outgrew them after about the first three months.

The swaddle blanket couldn’t have come at a better time. My daughter loved to be swaddled, but the blanket i was using was really fleecy and thick, which was making her pretty hot and sweaty in the night. It was hard trying to settle her without her being wrapped up so tight, i always worry about overheating. This arrived and it was soft & so lightweight.

It’s been great to use when out if she’s been sick, to use to change her bum & even a sunshade for the pram. I’ve taken this blanket everywhere & the amount of times ive washed it, it looks as good as new. Somehow they have not stained either despite sometimes being used to mop up messes.

The booklet that came with it shows you step by steps different ways of swaddling which i think is fantastic as if one way didn’t settle her the other did. I thought this was a fantasic product, defo a thumbs up from me

Aden & Anais blankets can be found at which they come in different sized packs to buy too single, two packs or four.

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