Monday, 27 June 2011

4 little 1 Eezimed medicine dummy

This arrived just in time for Lexies injections and her having antibiotics. Having a baby and trying to give them medicine in a total nightmare. A spoon or syringe the medicine just gets spat back out at me , i always worry that she isn’t getting the right dose and i don’t like to give her more because i don’t know what she’s spat out.

The dummy is a simple to use you snap open the chamber behind the teat and pull back the plunger. Measure the required dose (2.5ml or 5ml) and add this to the dummy. Close the chamber ensuring it is snapped tightly shut. Pop in to baby’s mouth and depress the plunger until medicine has all gone. Simple as that.

Well this product was fantastic i managed to give Lexie the required dose in a few pushes of the syringe, she was quite happily to suck the dummy while i gave it her and there was no fuss or mess. Which was fantastic for me as i didn’t need to worry about if she had enough or not which was a weight of my shoulders?

The dummy is designed by a doctor and is from 3mths + But i used for Lexie at 10 weeks. It’s BPA /Latex free and has an orthodontic teat.

The dummy is a reasonable priced at £6.99 and is available at 
They are doing special offers which you can buy a pack of their products which include massage oil, nasal aspirator, 2 dummies and Room Vapour for a mere £29.99 perfect for snuffy noses and colds.

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  1. Love this review I can totally understand the spitting out problem I've had calpol in my eyes after being spat at lol