Monday, 27 June 2011

4 little 1 Eezimed medicine dummy

This arrived just in time for Lexies injections and her having antibiotics. Having a baby and trying to give them medicine in a total nightmare. A spoon or syringe the medicine just gets spat back out at me , i always worry that she isn’t getting the right dose and i don’t like to give her more because i don’t know what she’s spat out.

The dummy is a simple to use you snap open the chamber behind the teat and pull back the plunger. Measure the required dose (2.5ml or 5ml) and add this to the dummy. Close the chamber ensuring it is snapped tightly shut. Pop in to baby’s mouth and depress the plunger until medicine has all gone. Simple as that.

Well this product was fantastic i managed to give Lexie the required dose in a few pushes of the syringe, she was quite happily to suck the dummy while i gave it her and there was no fuss or mess. Which was fantastic for me as i didn’t need to worry about if she had enough or not which was a weight of my shoulders?

The dummy is designed by a doctor and is from 3mths + But i used for Lexie at 10 weeks. It’s BPA /Latex free and has an orthodontic teat.

The dummy is a reasonable priced at £6.99 and is available at 
They are doing special offers which you can buy a pack of their products which include massage oil, nasal aspirator, 2 dummies and Room Vapour for a mere £29.99 perfect for snuffy noses and colds.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Quack Quack Moo Length n loop

I’ve had dummy clips before but I thought this is a nifty idea to have them to attach to the bibs.
It’s also lightweight and washable not like the heavy plastic ones you can get with are very fiddly to get on and off this one is just a simple popper fasting.
I always worry while in the pushchair ( when I’m not looking) Dummies fall out and get lost, with this that will never happen with this and them little hands will find it hard to pop the popper too.
Then clip is mutli functional and can be taken off the bib and attached to mostly anything coat/seatbelt/bag etc.

The clips come in a pack of three for a mere £2.99 which you would pay over that for one in most stores.
See here for details

The bibs are separate to buy ad made from Organic Bamboo Cotton Toweling, it is naturally anti-bacterial. Perfect for wiping messy, dribble faces, as well as being super absorbent. They are Machine washable and suitable for tumble drying no more melted plastic which you can get with the plastic backed bibs. The bibs include the dummy fastener tab and they come in arrange of super funky and gorgeous designs suitable from 0+.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

My Munchkin Baby Products Ltd hooded towel

I was really excited to get the towel once I knew it was on its way I was surprised when I unwrapped, it was so fluffy, super soft and a decent size as most baby towels seem to be too small for a baby more than a few months old, but in the shape of an apron. It attaches around the neck with Velcro and then hangs down until you are ready to pick up baby, hold them to your body and wrap the towel around them and a corner with a little hood.

The towel comes in a handy bag so it’s perfect for things like holidays or swimming, where you can just grab the bag and go. It would be a great gift as well- as the packaging is lovely and eco-friendly!

It was also large enough for my 4 year old to use too and absorbent enough to dry both of them without having to use two towels, which is an added bonus.

So far so good, the washing tests… dum dum dum! The towel has been washed and dried a few times already and looks as good as I first took it out of the bag. Most hooded towels I’ve used go hard and flat. This one stayed fluffy and soft. I think it’s worth paying the extra for quality, plus you get that extra wear because it’s so big.

The towels can be found here, they also do great bathrobes too

Vital baby play N Splash ducks

Playtime would not be complete without our Play 'n 'Splash Duck Family baby bath toys! Their bright colors, squeaks and super cool style make them perfect for play in or out of the bath. Look out for other Play 'n 'Splash Friends and Families within our range to join in the fun!

After finding the family ducks my son couldn’t wait to get in the bath.
I asked him what he like about the ducks and he said there masks, he liked filling the ducks up and squirting the water everywhere. They kept him entertained while in the bath and out of the bath. Reminds me of my younger days when I had a duck family. There still a classic toy.
Amazing how such simple toys can give so much play. Just shows you don’t need to spend a fortune on toys all the time! I’m sure my daughter will love playing with them too.
The duck family went off to school with him this morning too, so he could show he’s friends so he was well please with he’s new toy! hehe

Quick Overview
- Baby bath toys
- Safe
- Phthalate free
- 1 x Mummy Duck
- 2 x Baby Ducks

The ducks are £2.49 

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Barry M nail poilsh

I love painting my nails, especially in bright, vivid colours....greens, purples, pinks, blues, anything a little different and eye catching. I had heard a lot about the Barry M range of Make up in the past and had been told about the amazing range of colours they produced, so tempted by such fabulous reviews and comments on the range decided to check out what Nail polish they had available.

Barry M is known as the most colourful name in cosmetics and the UK's number 1 fashion cosmetic company. With over 400 different colours and a wide range of products Barry M has become a household name in the field of Fashion Cosmetics. We offer the customer a low to mid-price brand of quality, affordable and extremely fashionable fun cosmetics

They have such a huge range including the new shatter effect, glitter & neon colours. That’s 50 shades they have. So there is something for every one of all ages.

 I had the chance to try out:



Berry Ice Cream


The range is animal friendly which is an important factor in beauty products nowadays.

To maintain a good colour using Barry M polishes you really need to be reapplying every 2 or 3 days. For £2.99 per varnish i thought was a fantastic price you’re looking at over £6 for a standard No7 in boots now. I tend to change my polish every few days so it didn’t faze me when it chipped, for the colours and range it defiantly worth having a few in your make up bag.

Beauty & The Bib

Beauty & The Bib was established in 2004. Lara found it really hard to buy beautiful but practical baby bibs for her own children. She rented a market stall and took her original and innovative ideas to market.
Lara’s bibs were the first to feature an interlining to keep dribblers dry. Within months of starting her business from home she was taking orders from boutiques and stores, and in January 2005 she exhibited her designs at a London Trade Show.
Today, the brand has distributors and stockists throughout the UK and overseas.
Wow is what I said when I opened the packet, I pulled out a beautifully bib packed in an organza bag with ribbon tie. This would be perfect for a gift or a
baby shower.

My first bib was the bright red strawberry. I love anything red as it matches my daughters beautiful hair.  The Red and green strawberry baby bib has embroidered green 'seeds' Green leaves and red strawberry are each made from a double layer of cotton terry toweling with interlining.

The second bib was a blue & white spotty bandana bib. Printed cotton jersey, with blue terry toweling reverse. Velcro closure, comfy fit. Interlined. 100% cotton terry toweling.

The bibs are amazing quality really thick and fluffy each one is made from high quality fabrics. They are soft and surprisingly absorbent. The Velcro closure makes them easy to get on and off. These will be fab for dribbling teething babies as they will catch the dribble but look ultra-funky too.

I was pretty surprised how they washed too, they have been washed & tumbled dried (no plastic backing to shrivel up) a number of times and still look as good as new and as soft.

Beauty and the bib also do clothing such as hats, vests, playsuits and baby slippers which you can mix and match to make gifts sets.

Funky and stylish what else can I say, fantastic products!

Barry M Competition CLOSED


Hello everyone I’ve decided to set up a competition to try and boost my numbers for my blog!
The competition will run for three weeks till the 13th July - 12.00 (midday).  All names will be put in a hat and my son will pick one out! So it’s a random draw!
All I ask is you to follow my blog and post a comment below with your name once following.
You need to be following to enter, if your not then it will be re-drawn!
For an extra entry you can tweet....... I love Barry M @supermommy1983
Please feel free to share to friends etc  too.
So the prize is a selection of Barry M products!
Two nail polishes
Lilac eye pencil
Three juicy lip-glosses
Shimmer power
Dazzle dust

Sunday, 19 June 2011

MAM perfect soother review.

I was thrilled to be given the oppurtunity to try and review MAM’s new perfect soother.
So again MAM have brought out a new range of perfect soother so why are they so perfect….??
The new MAM Perfect Dento-Flex soother is 60% Thinner and 3 times softer. It’s designed to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth too.
The direct relationship between soother use and dental and jaw development is a relevant topic in research and clinical practices.  All MAM soothers take this relationship into account. Now however, MAM has made another significant advancement in soother technology through scientific cooperation with dentists and pediatricians: The new MAM Perfect has a teat neck that is only 2.28 mm thick and the teat is 3 times softer and more adaptable than other brand soothers. Independent experts agree: the less pressure that is exerted on the teeth and jaw, the lower the risk of malocclusions.

My daughters quite funny with soothers she will take or leave them, I’ve struggled to find one that she will keep hold of. I’ve always liked to give my children soothers as I know it helps reduce the risk of cot death at night, which has always been my biggest worry.
Lexie took to it straight away which I think is because it’s thinner and flatter, it’s now actually helped her go longer between feeds. I’m finally glad she’s taken to a soother. Again another funky & quirky design from MAM, Simple but sweet just like there other designs.

It comes in its own box which you can use to sterilise it, so there is no need to use a full sized steriliser just like the MAM bottles which is fantastic so if you out & about you can sterilize if need be!

They can be found to buy at For £5.50 per soother, this does include the box to sterilise them though too

Saturday, 18 June 2011

All About me

Hi there, I’m Tina. I’m 28 and a mummy of two.
Since leaving school I worked with children, I came out of college with An NVQ2 in Early years and got a job as a nursery assistant. I worked my way up the ladder as nursery nurse, team leader a deputy and an after school club manager.
Working g with children is so rewarding. Nothing beats watching a child grow, blossom and achieve while in your care it’s amazing.
My life changed in the year 2006 when I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I found out pretty late I was having him so it was a huge shock to the system. In February 2007 my angel baby was born, the moment I saw him I knew he was my life. I decided after 6 months I wanted to go back to work after suffering with Post natural depression, I thought it was best for me to have another purpose for myself and my son got extra time to spend with his grandparents that worked out fantastic. I found a great part time job working as a deputy in an after school club, which was so chanledge as I was so used to working with under 5’s.
After deciding on another baby I was blessed again on the April of this year with a beautiful red haired baby girl. This time I’ve watched my son grow so fast that I have decided to take more time out and not to go back to work for a few years. So this is where I’m at now I’ve decided to comp and blog with the extra time I have. Yep I’m a supermommy!! Ha-ha
So this is me I hope you enjoy my blogging, I know I enjoy writing it J

Friday, 17 June 2011

Mama Beads Necklace

I was so excited to be given the opportunity to try this necklace, which it came it was so beautifully packaged. The necklace was really beautifully made with bright ~ colorful attractive beads and appears to be very strong which is vital with any child in my opinion.
I get so fed up with buying things and ten minutes later they are broken! Well I am positive this is not going to happen with these beads.
I know that having a distraction for those little hands really improved my breastfeeding experience not more scratching, pulling of clothes or hair for me. Lexie seemed to be very transfixed with the beads and loved looking at them defiantly kept her visually stimulated while I did my job.
I absolutely fell in love with this necklace. I thought it would be a great necklace to wear while nursing, but I will even wear this out and when my darling other half and I go out! It is GORGEOUS! The size is perfect for a little one to grab and play with while nursing and it really does entertain my little one. She loves playing with it. She plays with it even when he's not nursing & now I’m bottle feeding now too! I think she loves it as much as I do! It definitely does the trick and serves it purpose as a nursing necklace!  I will be getting lots of use out of this! 
These necklaces would make a great gift for new mamas too!  It's a unique gift for showers and something a mom to be would love not only for her, but for her baby too.
You can find Mama beads at Award winning, safety tested jewellery your children won't break - or your money back!

Aden & Anais Muslin blanket

Swaddling is said to be as familiar to babies as it is to their moms because it recreates the secure and cosy feeling of the womb - and using swaddles made of natural cotton muslin only enhances that blissful feeling. Muslin is a finely-woven breathable fabric believed to have originated in Bangladesh during the middle Ages. It's delicate, yet durable weave, makes the fabric stretchy, and therefore ideal for swaddling, as the natural give" allows the blanket to be tucked snuggly around a baby without being overly restrictive.

The lightweight muslin also permits air to circulate around the baby's body, while still providing comfort and warmth without the worry that the baby may overheat in moderate weather. Cotton muslin is also a workhorse fabric, in that wraps woven from this natural fibre stands up to repeated washings only becoming softer --and better -- with age.

My first thought when seeing these blankets was how cute they were! I loved the cute little elephant animals on them! My second thought was how big they were. One of my biggest problems with most of the baby blankets I either bought when I was expecting a baby or received as baby gifts was have they outgrew them after about the first three months.

The swaddle blanket couldn’t have come at a better time. My daughter loved to be swaddled, but the blanket i was using was really fleecy and thick, which was making her pretty hot and sweaty in the night. It was hard trying to settle her without her being wrapped up so tight, i always worry about overheating. This arrived and it was soft & so lightweight.

It’s been great to use when out if she’s been sick, to use to change her bum & even a sunshade for the pram. I’ve taken this blanket everywhere & the amount of times ive washed it, it looks as good as new. Somehow they have not stained either despite sometimes being used to mop up messes.

The booklet that came with it shows you step by steps different ways of swaddling which i think is fantastic as if one way didn’t settle her the other did. I thought this was a fantasic product, defo a thumbs up from me

Aden & Anais blankets can be found at which they come in different sized packs to buy too single, two packs or four.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Lamaze Lulu in a Tutu

Here is what Lexie and me thought of Lulu.

I firstly popped Lulu in my daughters Moses basket, so when she woke up it would keep her stimulated with all the different colours. I thought it was fantastic with the bright colours and different textures. I moved Lulu around to get her used to the toy as she was only 6 weeks, so I attached it on to her play gym and pushchair when I’m out and about as it has a huge ring that you can attach to anything. I’ve had a few people comment on it, ask what brand and where it’s from.

The older she gets, the more things there are to discover and explore with this cleverly designed toy. The inclusion of a teething section as well as crinkly tutu ,busy beads, colourful ribbon, multiple textures and a rattle that appeal to little ones are all here within one excellent value toy its defiantly value for money and I would highly recommend it. This was her first Lamaze toy and I'm already looking at her next one.

Even my four year old loved playing and teaching he’s baby sister what Lulu did which all the different things you can do.

You can find LULU to buy at

Review of Nuby ~ Dr Brown ~Green Baby & Yoomi Bottles.

I was asked to Review and test. Four branded bottles, to see which ones i liked the best. Here are my results.

Dr Brown’s:
''A complete feeding system for happier babies. Created by a physician, Dr Brown's Natural Flow® is the only baby bottle with a patented internal vent system that actually helps promote good health in babies. By eliminating the vacuum and air bubbles, it helps to reduce feeding problems like colic, burping and gas. And the positive pressure created by our system is as close to breastfeeding as your baby can get. Quite simply, it looks and works unlike any other bottle''
Overall favourite with me & baby.  I went and brought some for my daughter to use now.
Using these bottles my daughters wind transformation was instant! While not completely getting rid of wind (some wind is very normal) I was able to feed the baby more in one go and winding took minutes, not 10's of minutes. The bottles were Easy to clean, plus you get a little handy brush to clean the filter part.
My only problem with these was you can't mix the formula properly in the bottles, the manual say's to stir the powder in so not to clog up the air system. You can't mix formula adequately by stirring, you have to shake! I got round this by using my other bottles for mixing then pouring into the Dr Brown's. Which ive now found out you can buy a separte jub for mixing forluma in. 
Price - 4/5
Design - 4/5
Features- 5/5

Green Baby
* safe: bisphenol-A Free glass does not leach toxins. Cap is a BA free polypropolane.

* hygienic: glass does not retain smells or tastes from previous feeds

* practical: made of heat resistant, toughened glass so can be washed in a dishwasher, boiled or steam sterilized.

*sustainable: glass is a recyclable, renewable resource.
I was quite shocked when I opened the parcel as ive never saw a glass baby bottle, my initial reaction was the bottle was very big and heavy. My daughter took ages to adjust to the bottle, she just kept spitting it back out, the bottle does have a funny shaped teat which I don’t think she liked.
The fantastic thing about these is you know your child isn’t drinking any terrible chemicals and when you are done with them they can either be packed away for the next one or recycled.
The bottle was Fantastic to clean and did feel cleaner than a plastic bottle and you know that they aren’t going to dull or get scratched like a plastic one. Very envoirment friendly as you could tuck away for other children. 
Price - 3/5
Design - 3/5
Features -3/5

warms feed in just 60 seconds
Rechargeable warmer x 100, no plugs, no batteries
Tested to rigorous safety standards
Makes combining breast and bottle easier
Use bottle alone or with the warmer
BPA free
Bottles, teats and warmers are interchangeable across the range
Charge it and it stays that way until you use it
Breast-like anti-colic teat for easy latch-on

I was very excited when I opened the parcel the packing was very fancy its defiantly something that would catch my eye if I was out shopping the bottles and teat was quite big and my daughter seemed to gulp and seem out of breath when feeding on the bottle, which made her really windy. The shape and design was really fab and after researching i found that you can buy a warmer to go with it that heats the bottle up in 6o seconds perfect for the night feeds or if your out and about.
The bottle was easy to clean because of the wide neck & the teat is very realistic, but these both gave me problems as I use a steam steriliser and they didn’t fit in there as they was too big.
Price -3/5
Design - 5/5
Features - 3/5

Nuby Natural Touch
''Nothing is better for your newborn than a Natural Touch™. The SoftFlex™ Natural Nurser is designed to make breastfeeding and bottle feeding work better together. It features the new Nûby™ Breast Size Nipple which closely mimics the natural shape, feel, and function of a mother’s breast helping to ease the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. Superior anti-colic valves in the base of the nipple help prevent colic, and soft nubs on the surface massage baby’s gums. Additionally, this bottle is made from a high grade of Poly Propelene material which is 100% Bisphenol A FREE and is fully interchangeable with the SoftFlex™ Silicone system''
My daughter seemed to like the teat on this bottle, it was pretty easy to feed her. I liked the silicone bottles as it was easy to squeeze a bit of milk in to her mouth to encourage her to carry on feeding. The bottles was easy to assemble, they needed a good scrub before popping into the steriliser thou.
They didn’t seem to help with her wind though and needed a lot of winding after drinking the milk.
This is a really good option for mums that are combining bottle with breastfeeding or who are introducing their baby to a bottle for the first time, As the teat is breast like shaped.
Price - 3/5
Design -3/5
Features -4/5