Monday, 17 September 2018

The National Pet Show Birmingham NEC & Giveaway To Win Tickets

The National Pet Show  National Pet Show at the NEC is returning to Birmingham’s NEC on 3rd and 4th November bigger and better than ever! 

It is the perfect day out for animal lovers of all ages, who can get up close and personal with hundreds of animals, from dogs, cats, chinchillas and rabbits, to snakes, fish, spiders and lizards!

After meeting the animals, enjoy fascinating talks and learn from experts like Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and Michaela Strachan! Watch live interactive animal demonstrations and shop for the festive season. Experience amazing animal action displays from acts such as Lucy Heath from BGT, the K9 Conquest Dog Display Team and many more!

We had a ball last year meeting all the animals and learning about them all. 

I have two sets of family tickets to win click below to see how to win. 

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Happy Cute Surprise Bag & Giveaway.

From the makers of Kawaii Box, have branched out with a new Happy Cute Shop  bag surprise and it is all about living up the cuteness! Surprise bags full to the brim with random cute items, that will sure to make you go awwww. 


The bags are shipped all the way from Singapore and retail at around £14.72, inside you get at least 15 items included inside. Making the items under £1 each. The retail value of the included products is approximately 45 USD!

The bag was perfect for Lexie she is a sucker for anything cute and fluffy and there is definitely a lot of fluffy packed inside.

First up was two purses included, Lexie adores the Llama one and it’s been one of the favourite things. The second purse is a stripy cute one with a face which has a keyring to attach to a bag or a pocket. 

Next is a variety of clip on items and keychains, which are great for back to school. You can attach to bags, coats and even pencil cases.

Next is a selection of hair accessories including some princess hair clips, Pom Pom hair bow some super cute M&M hair ties and a pink chocolate comb and mirror. 

Some Hello Kitty super fluffy socks, a bracelet making kit, a star bracelet a flip mirror, a four selection container ( think it’s a medication pill box). 

Please click below to win a surprise bag for yourself. Good Luck.

Trials & Tribulations Happy Cute Shop Giveaway

Friday, 17 August 2018

Schleich Bayala Unicorn Range Review

We was super excited to receive some new items from the Schleich Bayala unicorn range

We are a massive fan of Schleich figures and have had many in the past including animals, knights and DC comic figures, they are a little bit more expensive but the quality and paintwork is amazing. Plus they are durable they last for years and years.  I personally don’t think you can get a better quality figures out on the market than Schleich. 

Lexie is a fan of anything magical and mysterious and unicorns are one of her favourites. We received Unicorn Mare and a decorated Pegasus Stallion and they are both new in the Bayala range. Schleich has expanded its magical Bayala world of elves to include additional figures and super cute playsets with add more fun while playing.

Little fantasy fans can explore the fairytale world and let their imagination run free by playing with the magical creatures including the beautiful new unicorns. In this range there are Mermaids, elves, fairy’s and unicorns. 

The two figures we received are quite large, definitely a lot bigger than the animal ones we have bought in the past. The details on them are absolutely amazing, we loved the extra glitter and gems that make them sparkle. 

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Reading Book Challenge Update.

I haven’t posted an update since June, which I had read a total of 4 books. The challenge was to try and read two books a month which I’m trying super hard to do. Since June’s post I have managed to read another 6 books, bring it up to 10 books - Hooray! 

Alice Keale - If you love me.

Anna - Slave

Cathy Glass, writing as Lisa Stone - The darkness within. 

Barbara O’ Hare - The Hospital 

Rachel Williams- The devil at home

Caitlin Spencer - Please let me go.

Anyone have any recommendations for any good books they have read lately? 

Monday, 13 August 2018

Disney Puppy Dog Pals Toy Collection Review.

We were sent some of the brand new range of #PuppyDogPalsToys to celebrate the Twitter Party with  Don't forget to join us on Twitter on 15th August at 1pm for fun and games with the Puppy Dog Pals for the chance to win some fantastic prizes. 

Puppy Dog Pals is a television show on Disney Junior that follows the adventure of two Pugs called Rolly and Bingo. Lexie loves the show, so was super excited when we got a box with some of the new range included. 

Light Up Pals on a mission Figure and Accessory sets with four different ones to collect. ( Rolly, A.R.F, Hissy & Bingo) They each come with a removable kid powered spinning simplifier and light-up feature. Lexie really loves the light up feature and has been using Hissy as a torch when it’s dark. 

RRP £9.99 

Surprise Action Figures, there is two to collect ( Bingo & Rolly) We received Bingo the pug. Press the button on his back to hear him talk and walk. He says 10 sounds and phrases from the Puppy Dog Pals snow. 

RRP- £14.99 

Pet and Talk Plush Pals, Two to collect ( Bingo & Rolly). Lexie received the Bingo soft plush. Press the button on their back to activate the fun bobbing head movement and hear over 10 sounds and phrases from the hit TV show!

RRP - £9.99

This is just a few selected items from the range there is also play sets and figures to collect too. Perfect for Puppy Dog Pal fans. 

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Pretend Play Is So Much Fun With Casdon.

Casdon  has been renowned for toy innovation for over 65 years and has an unrivalled reputation as a developer of toy replicas, with some of the most prestigious domestic appliance products on the market.


Lexie was sent a couple of Casdon items to review. She loves to play pretend and role play. She has a huge thing with baby dolls at the moment. So after school we build the first item the shopping trolley. The trolley is a small replica of a supermarket trolley, ready for a pretend trip to the shops.

The trolley it’s self was a little fiddly to put together, the base itself was great but the wheels did need a good bang when putting them on. I was a little worried about banging them too hard as I didn’t want to break the actual frame. The stickers was a great touch and Lexie liked to stick them on. The bright and colourful trolley has a chunky handle to hold and a wide wheel base for added stability. It also had a trolley key for added effect too.

Lexie loves the shopping trolley and has been taking Baby Emma for a spin!

Casdon does a fantastic 44 piece play food set which contains an assortment of fruit and veg, includes play tins and fast food. Perfect for the shopping trolley and role-play. The set is perfect for an addition for your role play shopping trip. 

The last item was a mini Henry Mop & Bucket set, which comes in Hetty and in pink too. The super friendly character that helps development of hand and eye co-ordination. Perfect accessory to role play and pretend that they are doing jobs around the house just like Mommy or Daddy.

For ages 3+ 

Sunday, 24 June 2018

New House - The Boy Cave Revamp!

We moved back in March from a 2 bedroom flat to a 3 bedroom house. The kids used to share a room and it was utter chaos. Raiden used to constantly be in my room, as they just never got on. They couldn’t be in the same room together without getting on each other’s nerves.

The kids have picked there own colours for their rooms, Raiden had the smallest room due to him having the less amount of stuff. He doesn’t really play with toys as such so he didn’t really need a huge amount of space. The room when we moved in was a lavender purple and cream and really had to go. 

He picked the colour “ Jellybean “ from Homebase, it’s really bright once on. Along with a plain white on the other walls. 

He needed new furniture, as the old stuff was mainly Lexie’s. The Argos ottoman bed is great for storage underneath. He has computer consoles, games, books and Lego underneath all safely away. He decided he wanted black furniture so the leather look headboard goes well in his room. The cute pug cushion is from Asda Home Collection. 

The bedside table and desk was from Argos and came together as a set and personally I think it adds too much in to his room. I previously had already ordered the small circle drawers, which I was going to add his lamp on and use as a bedside table. I think I may take out these and add to the bathroom at a later date.

He has a few shelves that he has added his Funko collection on to, with a few shelf dividers. He could do with another one just to space them all about a bit more.

The curtains, lampshade and duvet cover was all from Argos colour match range in 
“ Poppy Red “. 

We have added a few home touches with a lava lamp, moneyboxes and his cute cactus from Homebase and the pots are from H&M.