Tuesday, 1 September 2015

My Superdry Festival Look.

I stumbled across this awesome competition over at The StyleRawr Blog  I've been a huge fan of Superdry since I can remember and although I won't be heading to a festival this year. I've put together if Superdry pimped me up, what I would choose. 

I'm quite casual so the top and shorts would be a great combo. The short have a pop of hidden colour which I love. Sunglasses incase summer wants to appear this year finally. A handy back back to keep the essentials like lipgloss, camera and hand-gel. This super cute boots would be perfect to dance in and love ├╝ber cute.

No festival is complete without a T-Rex necklace from Ji Ji KiKi & a flower crown from Asos. 

Seriously how cool is this field candy watermelon tent, I would so love one of these. I would just camp in my backyard! Haha

Bananagrams Game Review.

We only play a select few board games, they don't seem to amuse the kids like they used to when I was small. I am slowly trying to improve this, we recently got sent the Bananagrams game to play together and test out. 

Bananagrams is an anagram game. The game comes in a banana shaped bag containing 144 tiles of letters and there are five monkey tiles, which you can use as any letter you wish. 

The game is  for 2+ players. For two players you pick out 21 tiles each turn them over and try and make as many words you can placing them in a crossword type arrangement.  This game required players to work independently of each other and at the same time. Once you have used all of your letters, you get another from the pile or if you want to swap a letter that you can’t use, you pick up 3 tiles instead.  We continued this until all of the tiles were used and the winner is player that had used all their letters in their own crossword-type grid first.

I personally would of never picked this up for the kids, I honestly would of said that it would of been left in the bag unused or the tiles everywhere, but I'm been really surprised. We haven't followed the rules to every last detail, but Raiden has enjoyed picking the letters and making words. I've been really surprised with he words he has produced and how really good his spelling is. It's a fun game to use to help with spelling and get your brain working, thinking of different words to use. 

RRP-  £14.99

Sunday, 30 August 2015

What Has Lexie Been Wearing This Week

Trendy Tot Thursday  (#TT_Thursday) is a great little link up, where you showcase something that your child has been wearing this week. If it's new or old anything goes. 

I'm so late with my post this week, this week has been so hectic with everything. I've tried to get Lexie wearing trousers this week as much as I can ( she literally hates them). Her knees are so bad at the moment with grazes and bruises that I wanted to give them a break with some padding if she fell over again. 

The 3/4 leggings are from a bundle pack from TU, they are pretty simple with little button detail on the side. The pack of three was £11. 

The Cinderella top I got new from a local selling page for £4 before the summer. 

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Look In My Letterbox.

Slightly quieter this week, even the postman thought I was giving him a rest! Hehe


Exante puddings 

Bananagrams game 

Partylite candles 


Frozen Bundle 

Nuby monster set - plate, bowl & cutlery 


Gelli Baff 

Fluttershy Funko pop 

Supernatural Twin pack & Blood splatter Sam 

Horror Block subscription 

Alice Megan

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Free Fun Activities With Coca-Cola Great Britain and ParkLives This Summer

I'm always looking for free or cheap activities to do with the kids. The summer holidays can be very expensive and sometimes you just can't afford to take them places everyday. 

Coca-Cola Great Britain and ParkLives have come together with activities that are free and fun and open to people of all ages and abilities, aiming to get local people up and active in their local parks up and down the country. All activities won't cost you a penny and can lengthen the stay at your local park. I know after about an hour my two can get a little bored on the play equipment, so we normally take the scooters and a picnic to make a whole afternoon or morning of it. 

We went to a two hour family fun session. The staff was extremely friendly and very welcoming, showed the children the activities and what to do. They had a selection of outdoor games basketball, cricket, tennis & archery for the kids to enjoy. The kids had a blast and we are already booked in for another session at a different park. 

You can find the schedule HERE 

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

My Likes & Loves Of This Month.

Honestly this month has been a huge mix of emotions, I think I've been up and down more times than a yo yo. I've really had to think long and hard of what has made me smile this month. The Summer holidays have had me exhausted and drained, won't get me wrong I love having them off but for some reason. 

Trip To Legoland - The only thing that we really wanted to do this holiday, we have Merlin passes and we went about three years ago and we really wanted to go back. 

I got a job, passed my online training and I'm just waiting for my CRB to come back so I can start. This is a huge thing for me as I haven't worked for over 4 years. Now that my youngest is starting school next month, it's perfect for me to get back out there and start earning some money for myself. 

My Vivienne Westwood bag arrived from my competition win and its stunning, still a bit unreal that's it's actually mine. 

I've watched the kids grow up the last few weeks and it's been nice to sit back and take it all in. Sometimes to and fro the school, teas, homework and bedtime routine can be hard in term time. It's been nice to have a bit more relaxed attitude. I've put together ten of my favourite photos from the summer holidays so far. 

A Cornish Mum

Monday, 24 August 2015

My Quirky Retro Accessory Wishlist

I really am a fan of retro pieces, I am pretty shy in my personally but I love bright, bold mad unique things. I've put together some items that are on my Wishlist at the moment that have caught my eye and I would love to own. 

Garden Party Doll Shoe Bracelet - $40.00

I love this simple idea of using fashion shoes to add on to a bracelet. The Garden Party Doll Shoe Bracelet is made using approximately 50-60 fashion shoes and strung on heavy-duty elastic cord. 

Space Invaders Earrings - £2.99 

Punky pins 80's gamer earrings, I think everyone remembers space invaders don't they. I love the adorable button earrings. 

Retro Gamer Shoulder Bag - £24.99 

This is fantastic and I remember a certain gaming device was all the rage when I was growing up. This spacious BagBoy is definitely a winner. 

White Chocolate Mouse Ring - £4.50

Love the quirky cute creamy-white mouse. This bring back some memories I used to get these in my pick a mix. Will just have to remember it's not edible.

Roller Disco Tatty Divine - £35.00

I loved the look of this necklace and I had a similar pair when I was small. I used to love my skates even if I wasn't good on them.

My Little Pony & Troll Necklace From Ivy Bell Designs - £12

I came across Ivy Bell Designs when a friend had liked and shared a competition post on their page. I'm a fan of the collar necklaces and have been for a while. There are lots of bold and bright designs to choose from. The page also takes on custom designs if you have an idea in mind. The My Little Pony is my favourite, plus Lexie is a huge pony fan. Then the troll one just reminds me of when I used to collect trolls in every size, shape and colour.

Care Bears Funshine Bracelet - £9.99

I love the retro rules website it has some fun and different designs on to remind you of your childhood. I love this retro handmade charm bracelet featuring my ultimate favourite Care Bear Funshine.