Monday, 19 September 2016

Pet Parade Family Mum and Baby from Flair.

Lexie loves anything that is animal related or any type of figures, anything cute always gets her vote. We had an exciting parcel turn up with the new Pet Parade Family pack from Flair. In the family pack there is a 1 Mum, 1 baby animal, 1 lead, 1 customisable collar & 1 dummy. They are available in Dog or Cat different options and breeds. 

The Pet Parade families walk with the lead and have very realistic movements. No batteries, mean lots of endless play. The joystick button on their back makes the animals walk in the direction their owner chooses and allows you to move the head eyes and tail. The magnetic feature at the end of the tail joins the two dogs together, so they follow each other around. The baby has a cute little dummy accessory too. 

Each pet has a name tag that you can name and draw on your own pets names. 

These are ideal for girls aged between 4 and 8 years old and retail at £9.99.  

Head over to the Pet Parade YouTube Channel, which has 14 brilliant webisodes

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Lexie's Weekend Style

Trendy Tot Thursday and Weekend Mini Style with Sarah at This Mama Life have joined forces to bring Weekend Tot Style! 

I've been awful remembering this linky lately and it was one of my favourites. A clothes shop is on my to do list for Lexie, so I will have no excuse then.

Lexie has been invited to two parties this weekend. This was outfit number one. This dress is getting slightly on the tight side now so it won't fit her for much longer, I'm really gutted as this was one of The Vintage Sweetheart dresses I got in their sale. The dresses are stunning and such good quality. I'm definitely gonna have to order some more in the next size up.

Her cardigan is from TU at Sainsbury's & gem studded shoes are from Next. 

This Mama Life

Saturday, 17 September 2016

IDO3D Vertical Design Studio From Flair

We had the chance to review the IDO3D Vertical Design Studio From Flair. I'm finding it very hard to get Raiden off his tablet to do anything lately, he seems to want to shy away and hide in his own little bubble. He is so creative himself but just needs that boost at times to get him motivated. 

So in the pack you get some 3D templates, which are great for getting the pieces you want very accurate. 

With the four coloured glue pens you can start to creative your 3D designs.

Draw, set and connect using the vertical spotlight included, which dries the creations before you glue the pieces together. You can even draw in the air! 

Check out the IDO3D_UK gallery creations on Instagram. The instructions are easy to follow and it takes a bit of practice with the pens to start doing your designs. Raiden has really enjoyed following and making the designs. He has enjoyed practicing with them and has so far made a few designs. This would make a great present for a crafty boy or girl this Christmas. I expect it to be on quite a few Christmas lists this year. 

RRP - £24.99.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Slimming World Pasta Quiche - Syn Free

One of my favourite things on slimming world is the pasta quiche. It's so filling and it tastes amazing. I'm not usually a great fan of cottage cheese, but this is actually the key part in the quiche, gives a lovely light texture.


Three medium eggs - Free 
Batchelors Pasta n Sauce Chicken & Mushroom, dried (110g pack) - Free
Cottage Cheese with Onion & Chives, Fat Free - Free 
Spring onion diced 

You can add anything in to the mixture, to bulk it out too. 

Make up the pasta and sauce with just water, I added slightly more than it says on the pack as it drys out quick. Once soft add this too a quiche dish. 

Mix the eggs and cottage cheese together, add the onions, peppers & mix well. Add the mixture on top of the pasta and sauce dish, add some extra peppers and tomatoes on the top. 

Bake on 140 for around 45 minutes, unless the top is golden brown and not squishy. 

Serve with lots of speed food. It's syn free and delicious! 

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Trolls Poppy Styling Head From Just Play Review

Got to admit I'm so excited to see the new Trolls film from Dreamworks which is coming out this October. I was a huge fan of trolls and had hundreds all different sizes, I really wish I had kept them, all now for Le is to play with as I'm sure after she see's the new film she will be hooked too.  To celebrate the release of the new Trolls movie, Just Play is launching a range of hair play & dress up toys based on the new film. 

We was delighted to be sent the new Trolls Poppy styling head to review, Included with the styling head is hair clips, hairbrush, a headband and some clips with multicolored hair. 

Just Play’s hair play collection will ensure that lots of laughs ensue as children create wild and wacky hairstyles for Poppy, themselves, and their friends. Lexie loved to create ultimate wacky hairstyles with poppy. The main feature of the Trolls are their bold hair and its fantastic they have been made up to date with some new characters from the film. 

We loved the flower headband on Poppy and it was easy to attach the different clips. 

The base of the head doubles up as storage for the clips and hairbrush, to keep them all together. 

Lots of other great items in the new Just Play range including a dress up outfit and a cool wig! 


Monday, 29 August 2016

Popcorn Maker Review From Savisto

As a family one of the things we love to do is cosy up on the sofa and watch a film together. It's one of the cheapest and family oriented things we do. There is always one problem though... Popcorn!! One likes salted and one likes sweet, so I'm always having to buy different bags. So when the new company 'Savisto',  got in touch with us. The first thing I spotted was this shiny vintage metallic red popcorn maker. 

Savisto specialise in homeware and kitchen accessories with a focus on modern, innovative, cooking and meal prep accessories for style-conscious homeowners. There are lots of new products being launched soon. 

 I've tried the whole popping corn in the pan and it was awfully wrong so I normally just tend to buy the bags you ping in the microwave. I've never really looked at popcorn makers before and I've always thought them to do very heavy and bulky. So I was very surprised when we got our delivery as it was the total opposite. It's so light and small. 

The popcorn maker is so easy to use and the kids can even use it and make there own popcorn while I'm supervising. You simply fill the lid with popcorn, add it in to the base of the maker. 

Add the lid back on to the top ( otherwise the popcorn with start to fly). Pop a bowl under the funnel then hit on by the switch on the side.  Then within around two minutes the popcorn will air pop and start to come out the funnel, warm and ready to eat. Add a bit of sugar or salt and your popcorn is ready to eat. 

Perfect for a low calorie healthier snack no need to use oil or butter as the popcorn is popped by using hot air. There is something very therapeutic about watching the popcorn start to pop then magically start to go crazy and multiply. 


The popcorn maker also comes with six red and white striped, cinema style popcorn boxes.

RRP- £23.99 

Monday, 22 August 2016

Cry Babies Doll Review

Lexie has been in her element this week after receiving a Cry Babies Lala Doll in the post from IMC. There are a selection of three different Cry Babies - Coney, Lala & Lea. We received Lala in her cute mouse onesie the post. We had seen the adverts already on the TV and Lexie had already decided she wanted them all for Christmas. So she got a lovely surprise when we opened the parcel. 

The title really says it all, Cry Babies Lala cries a lot! Give her dummy and a cuddle to soothe her cries. She cries real tears and makes whimpering baby noises, to fill up her tears you simply pull off the back to her head, then there is a chamber you unscrew to fill up. 

Push the button below to see Lala squirt out real tears. If you don't soothe her she gradually gets more angry and more louder. 




Her arms and legs are movable for more playtime fun, you can sit or lie her down. She also comes with her own changeable animal print onesie, the onesie does get very wet while playing. So they will be drying time needed between plays.

Available from most toy retailers priced at £29.99 each.