Monday, 22 August 2016

Cry Babies Doll Review

Lexie has been in her element this week after receiving a Cry Babies Lala Doll in the post from IMC. There are a selection of three different Cry Babies - Coney, Lala & Lea. We received Lala in her cute mouse onesie the post. We had seen the adverts already on the TV and Lexie had already decided she wanted them all for Christmas. So she got a lovely surprise when we opened the parcel. 

The title really says it all, Cry Babies Lala cries a lot! Give her dummy and a cuddle to soothe her cries. She cries real tears and makes whimpering baby noises, to fill up her tears you simply pull off the back to her head, then there is a chamber you unscrew to fill up. 

Push the button below to see Lala squirt out real tears. If you don't soothe her she gradually gets more angry and more louder. 




Her arms and legs are movable for more playtime fun, you can sit or lie her down. She also comes with her own changeable animal print onesie, the onesie does get very wet while playing. So they will be drying time needed between plays.

Available from most toy retailers priced at £29.99 each.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Interplay FuzzyKins Craft Cosy Cats Review

We was rally excited when we got given the chance to review the Interplay FuzzyKins cats craft. We are half way though the summer holidays and anything that amuses the kids for a bit is always welcome. Lexie adores any type of figure or craft that involves felt tip pens, she constantly has felt tip fingers as she loves to colour. So I knew she would be so excited with this new range from Interplay. 

In the set you get three cats, ( large, medium & small) and three felts to customise the cats. Design and create different patterns on your new cats.

 Included in the pack are some felt beds which you just slot in together, these are a bit fiddly to put together and I had to help Lexie with this part of the task. There is a lolly pop stick to help you push the ends though for easier assembly. 

In the pack are sticky sided self adhesive shapes including fish and hearts which you can use to decorate the cat beds, capes or the little night masks for your new cats. 

The box also doubles up as a practice colouring in sheet too, so you can plan your designs before colouring you blank cats in. 

There is another set of Fuzzikins in the range too - the Dozy Dogs. RRP is £12.99. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

A Treat From Head To Toe

If you have been following my blog regular you will have noticed my post about starting slimming world. I've currently dropped two dress sizes and lost 18.5lbs. I have a long way to go but I'm really starting to feel better about my body shape and not hiding in jeans and baggy hoodies for a change. I got two parcels of treats last week and they have really given me a huge boost in confidence. Simply Be sent me some lovely clothes in two sizes smaller than I was a few months ago including this stunning midi dresses 

For the perfect casual chic look, this jersey dress with a rib-trim neck. This soft and stretchy dress comes in a sporty cut, I teamed it with pumps for a sporty '90s look. It reminds me of the baggy basketball shirt dresses. Accessorized with the stunning statement necklace with multicolored jem's with gold trim.

Dress RRP - £24 - Necklace RRP- £9

The white lace bomber jacket is perfect for the cooler weather and can be teamed up and down with different styles. I've teamed it with some Simply Be black cropped jeggings and a cute slogan #BeStylish t-shirt. 

Jacket RRP - £39 - Jeggings £12 & T-shirt £10. 

I also received a hair care hamper from the Harley street hair clinic . I currently use the Lush ' Big ' shampoo and on all honestly it's been great for my hair. I have to use treatments on my hair every two weeks as it becomes really dry even though I only wash my hair twice a week. I'm lucky I don't suffer with greasy hair anymore. I got sent some very different shampoo's in the hamper, which honestly I would never really pick up for myself.  Exposure to external factors such as brushing, pollution and UV rays can compromise the natural state of the hair leaving it looking damaged. 

The first was Sachajuan ocean mist shampoo, which is a brand I haven't heard from before and was my favourite of the lot. 
I loved the clean fresh ocean mist scent, the shampoo was really thick and you only needed a bit for it to lather well. Starring the brand’s signature ‘Ocean Silk’ technology – a cocktail of marine algae extracts which works to enhance strand-strength, suppleness and shine – this mimics the bed-head effect of the spritz, to create texture and body without adding weight. Perfect for all hair lengths and textures, but especially those with fine, ‘slippery’ hair that needs ‘tsjuj’, this eliminates dulling build-up and oil whilst granting enviable, just-back-from-the-beach bounce.

Bioderma Node Shampoo -  This shampoo leaves the squeaky clean feeling. It's very watery so you have to be careful when you are getting it out the bottle. The Bioderma Laboratory's 1st biological innovation, Nodé is a non-stripping shampoo that respects the biological balance of fragile hair and scalps. Thanks to its gentle cleansing base, made of a unique combination of surfactants and developed in accordance with the NOn-DEtergence concept, Nodé non-detergent fluid shampoo effectively cleanses while respecting the hydrolipidic film of the hair and scalp. 

Vichy Dercos Cream Shampoo - I'm familiar with Vichy as I use their blemish day cream and for some reason I've always thought they was a skincare brand. So I was really shocked to find they do hair are as well. I really liked this cream shampoo  It's enriched with Keratino-complex and 3 natural plant oils intensely nourishes and protects the hair fibre. Leaving it really soft, silky and smooth. 

Thank to to Simply Be & Harley Street Hair Clinic For My Treats. 

Free Summer Activities Parklives & Coca-Cola Great Britain

I'm always looking for free or cheap activities to do with the kids. The summer holidays can be very expensive and sometimes you just can't afford to take them places everyday. 

Coca-Cola Great Britain and ParkLives have come together with activities that are free and fun and open to people of all ages and abilities, aiming to get local people up and active in their local parks up and down the country. All activities won't cost you a penny and can lengthen the stay at your local park. I know after about an hour my two can get a little bored on the play equipment, so we normally take the scooters and a picnic to make a whole afternoon or morning of it. 

We went to a two hour family fun session. The staff was extremely friendly and very welcoming, showed the children the activities and what to do. They had a selection of outdoor games basketball, cricket, tennis & archery for the kids to enjoy. The kids had a blast and we are already booked in for another session at a different park. 

                                    You can find the schedule HERE 

Friday, 5 August 2016

Peppa Pig - Princess Peppa's Enchanting Tower Playset

I don't think anyone who has a 5 year old or under, there little ones who don't have an obsession with Peppa Pig. Lexie loves to watch the show and is still a big fan. She loves little houses where she can role play with figures. So we was very excited to be sent the 

Princess Peppa's Enchanting Tower Playset for Lexie to review. 

We have had quite a few of the range in the past and they have lasted though both of the children playing with them. The Playset is of a good quality, quite thick plastic. It has a little lock on the side so all the contents stay locked inside and it's easy to carry to and fro wherever you want to play. 

The set has for rooms to explore and make your own fairy tale adventures with Peppa pig. The set comes with a Princess Peppa figure, which you can buy the additional Royal figures too.

 It comes with a pink four poster bed and little pillow for Peppa to get her beauty sleep. 

You can spin the enchanted mirror so Peppa can see her reflection from rags to riches. 

The door is rotating for extra creative play.

 Plus the window has a cute balconies for Peppa to wait for her prince. 

The steps are a great addition for Peppa to stand on too. 

Perfect little set to encourage imagination play and creative play, a must have for a Peppa pig fan. 

RRP - £24.99

Monday, 1 August 2016

Poppit Baker Playset Review

Lexie has been slightly obsessed with tea parties since I brought her a miniature tea set at the start of the holidays, I knew the Poppit Baker would be a great addition for her to create some yummy treats for her to use. 

The Poppit sets are really easy to use and they allow you to create mini pieces that look really real. You simply pick your mould, add the coloured air dry clay to the mould. There is a choice of four colours, Pink, White, Brown & Green. 

You load the mould to the popper, and squeeze until the creation pops out. Then you stack your creations then decorate using the glitter glue, sprinkles and the stick in candles or berries.  

In the set you can make up to 12 creations with the air dry clay. The set comes with a little bakery display case, cupcake box & a cake stand to showcase all the imaginative treats. Lexie has had so much fun, building up the different sweet treats, displaying them and waiting for them to harden so she can use them for imaginative play. Perfect for having some creative fun time in the summer holidays. 

The Poppit Baker Playset makes 12 creations and comes with numerous moulds and clay 

colours and retails at £19.99. Available at

Friday, 29 July 2016

Shibajuku Dolls - Review

We had a really exciting delivery of the new Shibajuku Dolls this week. I grew up with the likes of Barbie & Sindy, even though they was my idols. I'm always looking for different dolls for her to play with. Lexie has a mixture of Lottie, Monster High, Disney Princesses & even Barbie. 

I'm a massive Harajuku/Kawaii fan already and I collect the Harajuku Lovers Perfumes with the dolls on so honestly I was really looking forward to seeing the doll in person myself. 

The Shibajuku Dolls come in 5 different styles, which are dressed in the latest Harajuku fashions with there quirky style, coloured hair and funky accessories. Each doll has a very unique style and personality that shines though.

The dolls are larger than a standard fashion doll, they come fully posable. They have glass eyes and real lashes. They also come with 4 different hair accessories to share with you and the doll. 

We received Yoko and there is so many little features I liked I loved the two tone pink and purple hair. The silver glitter eyeliner and the cute cat knee high socks. Yoko has became Lexie's new best friend and she has gone everywhere with her. 

Who with you choose from Namika, Suki, Koe, Shizuka & Yoko? 

RRP - £24.99 

Only available in Smyth Toys Superstores