Saturday, 4 July 2015

Look In My Letterbox.

Another great week this week, went on a bit of a birthday spend last week. So I've had quite a few parcels this week. 


Infruition water bottles - We can't wait go get trying these out.

Savvycircle flash gel.


Cravendale glasses x2 

Nadia - The secret of blue water DVD 

Topshop make up bundle 


Grey Book 

Signed Funko Pop vinyls  - Billy is signed by Tobin Bell & Jason is signed by Director Sean S. Cunningham 

Paul's boutique bag 

Horror block 

Mini Mayhem billy 

Make Up Revolution - Will be giving a #Selfie one out on my blog next week

Misguided gold metallic sandals - Bargain at £7.89 


Liz Earle cleanser 

Alice Megan

Friday, 3 July 2015

Paddy's Bathroom Review.

One of my favourite things I love to review is bath stuff for the kids, they love the bath trying new products and it's great getting them to take care of their bodies. Paddy's Bathroom sent a massive hamper for the kids to try and test out.

Paddy’s Bathroom recently opened its doors to the world’s first Bubble Barber for two days only in London. It was a great success and with a menu of bubbly barnets to choose from, little ones were given the chance to sport their favourite celebrity hairstyles in bubble form, ranging from David Beckham’s Mohawk to Princess Leia’s Space Age Buns! See a selection of images attached. I'm so gutted we couldn't go it looked so much fun. 

I didn't notice at first until the products came that they was actually very similar to Ella's Kitchen  packaging. It is actually the same founder and has made ranges for both of his children. Ella's kitchen for his daughter & Paddy's bathroom for his son.

I like how the products are natural and organic and are gentle on skin. My daughters skin can't take to harsh bath products anymore she gets very dry and itchy. The products are super gentle and sting free on eyes.  

Included in the hamper was 

Two squirty bath toys
Bubbly stuff bubble bath - Smells like tangerine
Stuff for shiny hair - shampoo - Smells like lemons 
Foamy stuff - hair and body mousse - smells like rosey apples
Squirty stuff - hair and body wash - smells like squishy mangos 
Squirty stuff - hair and body wash - smells like juicy pineapples 
Stuff for hands - foaming hand wash - smells like squeaky clean lemons

All the products have different textures which the kids loved, lots of bubbles which stay around for a while which is always a great bonus. I find with bubble baths that the bubbles disappear before you have even got the kids in. 

The shampoo is amazing and does leave hair super shiny. My daughter hates having her hair washed and she hasn't minded this so far. Super squirty stuff with squirty bottles with the pump action foam, has been the most fun. The kids have loved squeezing and squeezing until and the fluffy foam has come out the cap. 

The kids have been great washing there hands with the foaming hand wash and it smells really nice too. Foaming hair and moose has been super fantastic, getting them to do a few pumps then to wash themselves has been a good help with getting my daughter to wash herself all over.

I loved the catchy scents for all the products they are all familiar fruits that the kids know. The kids have loved testing out the new Paddys bathroom range. 

My son opted for the David Beckham look, while my daughter wanted Princesses hair.  

Not only can your little ones benefit from the new Paddy’s Bathroom range, but a donation from every sale goes towards our Drop Buy Drop programme, helping kids in Rwanda get access to clean, safe water!

Thursday, 2 July 2015

What Has Lexie Been Wearing This Week. Trendy Tot Thursday (#TT_Thursday)

It's Trendy Tot Thursday  (#TT_Thursday) again, it's been so hot this week Lexie has just mainly been in her H&M summer £2.99 dresses. This morning we had strip down to our local library with the school and she decided she wanted to be all in pink. She didn't say very still for a photo this week either, hehe

The H&M skirt is just a plain straight design, it has a patterned flower design inside and it's very lightweight.

The top has a cute print of a horse on with her name printed on too. I won this on a blog competition when she was small and I found it while I was sorting out her clothes a few weeks ago. It's from simply colours. 

Monday, 29 June 2015

Sweet Cecily's Elderflower & Almond Hand Cream Review

I did a post not long ago about what 5 luxuries I would take on a dessert island with me. One of those items was hand cream. I literally have a hand cream in every room and one in my handbag so I have one wherever I go, I use it in all seasons and Its something that's always around. I have really dry hands because I wash them hands so much throughout the day. Sweet Cecily's asked me to review one of there hand creams. I reviewed some of there lip balms last year and I thought they was fantastic, read about it here. 

Sweet Cecilys is a online place to purchase lovely natural skincare products which are all handmade on the North Yorkshire Moors.  They believe in only using the finest ingredients,  products are free from Parabens, Petrochemicals, harmful preservatives and SLS. None of their products are tested on animals, nor are any of the ingredients. 

The item came in a little cloth bag with a little note luggage tag. I like little extra packing like this as it shows that every order is important and that little bit extra goes a long way. The cream comes in a small plastic tub with a screw on lid. I'm so used to squeezy tubes that I don't think I've ever had an hand cream like this before. 

The scent of the hand cream is elderflower and almond, it's not something I normally would of put together but it actually smells really nice. You get the blast of floral then nutty, it actually works very well together. I've noticed Elderflower has become very popular lately and it's been used with a lot of different things now. It isn't normally a scent I would pick up but its growing on me. The hand cream is a decent thickness, smooths easily and absorbs really quick. It doesn't leave a greasy layer and leaves your hands feeling refreshed and smooth. 

RRP -£6.95 

Sunday, 28 June 2015

ZBox Lucky Dip

A few weeks ago, Zavvi had a Mystery box lucky dip box for sale. It's basically items from previous boxes at a discounted price. They must have had quite a bit of overstock as I know a huge amount of people did buy them. I was one of the lucky ones as I got a Funko pop vinyl in mine, which for the £9.08 I paid for the box. The Funko then pays for the box itself. It wasn't a pop I was going to collect in total honestly, but after seeing some pictures of what people got I was very lucky. I haven't bought any of the ZBox before so I didn't have the risk of receiving any doubles and there was some fun quirky things in them. 

The box contained : 

Gertie Pop Vinyl
Southpark Fridge Magnet
Transformer Stressball  
Zombie DVD 
Thundercats Holographic Card 

Overall for the price I thought it was a pretty good box. It seems everyone got the Transformer, Thundercat and Southpark item in theirs. 

Friday, 26 June 2015

Look In My Letterbox.

Another great week this week, I'm sure my postman hates me by now. I had at least two parcels everyday whoops! 


Hand cream

Dino necklace 

Reading Books & atlas 

Salix alba night cream 

Paddys bathroom goodies for the kids 


£120 Father's Day book bundle from The Book People  

Towels from Crissy 

Rubion party pack 

Dress from The Vintage Sweetheart.


Disney couture keyrings, paid £3 only for them. 

Zbox Lucky dip box. 

Nails inc Alexa Chung hearts nail polish - I'm a VIP member so I got a £5 off voucher for my birthday from nails inc. 

Funko pop from eBay this is The My Geek Box exclusive, this is for Raiden's collection.


Red Bull Tropical ( sopost) 

Pronamel toothpaste sample ( these always come in handy for small breaks away) 

Cup of tea samples in piƱa colada -  ginger & lemon 

Lacoste sample 

Alice Megan

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Dinosaur Necklace From Ji Ji Kiki Review

Ji Ji Kiki is a lovely independent website which was founded in by a lovely lady named Emma. Its based on a love of vintage, retro and all things a little quirky. She began just selling a small line of her handmade kitsch jewellery. Since then the website has grown to include homewares, vintage and kawaii jewellery, bags, hair accessories and clothing from indie designers from around the world.

I'm a massive fan of anything random and quirky, my sense of style my other half would say looks like I've got dressed in the dark with my eyes closed. I don't wear much jewellery but when I do it's normally bold and unique. Ji Ji Kiki asked me to review one of there new ranges of animal necklaces, there was a choice of Elephants, Dinosaur, Origami Fox Face, Origami Squirrel or Running Fox. 

I've always been fascinated with anything Dinosaur I think they are amazing creatures, so many sizes and types. After watching Jurassic World last week I couldn't resist the little Dino.   

The necklace itself is so tiny and adorable, very simple and elegant. It's actually the total opposite of what I would normally wear, I've had a few comments already with how dainty it is. I've really fallen in love with how pretty it is. 

The website is amazing and I've done a little collage of my favourite things that caught my eye while browsing. I think I'm gonna have to snap up the T-Rex necklace with my birthday money, it's too fabulous not to own.