Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Mixit magazine from DJ Murphy Publishing Review

Lexie is a huge fan of magazines especially when they have her favour characters included. Mixit magazineis a totally new unique multi-character magazine for girls aged between  4-9.

Featuring all the hottest trends such  as Shopkins, DC Superhero Girls, Lego Friends and other much loved characters. So what's different about this magazine, It’s a toy and digital-led girls’ magazine, with a strong focus on collectables and ‘unboxing’. It exclusively features key influencers and box-openers from the vlogging community, Emily Tube and Creative Celeste. 

Lexie was really excited with the magazines she had her first dance show so she took the magazines with her while she was waiting back stage. Inside they are packed full of things to do stories, quizzes, cartoons, colouring, things to make, bake and do, collectable posters & games to do. 

Included inside are stickers with every issue plus you get the usual free girl stuck to the front. Which was a puppy in my pocket nail set and a Marinelle  Miraculous dance set. 

The magazine is full of things to do and great for passing time, Lexie thought the new magazine was absolutely great. We loved the competition feature in the magazine too where you have the chance to win some of the things featured inside. We will keep our fingers crossed for that. 

RRP- £3.65 Per Issue. 

Monday, 17 July 2017

Mosaics My Pretty Jewellery Box Review

Lexie is slightly obsessed with any boxes, she the type of girl that has a box in a box. Christmas she received a wooden jewellery box to paint which she really enjoyed designing. 

We was really surprised by the size of the Mosaics jewellery box from Brainstorm Toys it's huge. It has two drawers and a ribbon hinged flip up top to keep any special keepsakes in. 

The thick cardboard box is very sturdy, which has a pattern of butterflies on. It has coloured squares that show you which colour that goes where. 

With over 1400 very sparkly self adhesive sticky foam tiles to stick on and watch the glitter tiles create the pattern. 

Lexie found the peeling and sticking really easy, recognising colours and placing them where they need to go.

 She really liked how glittery they were and how much stuff she could if fit in the box once completed. As children decorate they will build fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination and the mosaic jewellery box is very engaging arts and crafts activity. 

Brainstorm toys have a great mosaic range with a journal and lots of different pictures you can carry on creating

RRP- £11.49 

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Anyone For Gin ?? Hayman’s Gin Summer Cocktail Classics

As warmer weather is fast approaching, Hayman’s the original English Gin Makers, have added a dash of Englishness to classic cocktails - perfect to enjoy on lazy summer days in the garden. Introducing three refreshing cocktails; English Ruby Fizz, Lavender Lady and Victorian Mojito, each recipe incorporates Hayman’s London Dry Gin, seasonal fruits, mixers and flavours to create traditional summer cocktails but with a delicious twist.

Hayman’s English Ruby Fizz
Semi-sweet, refreshing and with an eye-catching pink tint, the English Ruby Fizz is the ideal al fresco cocktail.  The sweet taste of the raspberries partners perfectly with the spicy ginger notes.

Makes 1 : Ingredients:
50ml Hayman’s London Dry Gin
20ml lime juice
10ml sugar syrup or Grenadine
4-8 fresh raspberries or raspberry syrup
Ginger Ale to top with
Lime wheel and fresh raspberries to garnish

Fill a highball glass with plenty of large cubes of ice
Set aside the ginger ale and garnish, and combine all remaining ingredients in a shaker with the ice
Shake well for approximately 12 seconds
Double strain into the highball allowing the liquid to run over the ice
Top with ginger ale
Garnish with a lime wheel and raspberries

Hayman’s Lavender Lady
The Lavender Lady is the Hayman’s take on the traditional sour White Lady cocktail.   The egg white creates a silky mixture, which perfectly accompanies the honey and Cointreau.  Top the cocktail with a sprig of Lavender, and sit back in the garden and relax.

Makes 1 : Ingredients:
50ml Hayman’s London Dry Gin
20ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
10ml of locally sourced honey or 20ml of honey water
10ml Cointreau
1 medium egg white
Dash of orange bitters
Sprig of lavender to garnish

Honey water:
Combine equal parts of honey and hot water
Stir until mixed

Add cubed ice to a cocktail shaker
Pour the Hayman’s London Dry Gin over the ice
Add all the remaining ingredients, except the garnish
Give all the ingredients a very hard shake and strain into cocktail glass
Garnish with a sprig of lavender

Hayman’s Victorian Mojito

Nothing says summer like a sun lounger, a good book and a refreshing minty mojito in the back garden.   The Victorian Mojito combines Hayman’s London Dry Gin with fresh mint and lime juice balanced with sugar syrup to create an ideal English classic.

Makes 1 : Ingredients:
50ml Hayman’s London Dry Gin
25ml freshly squeezed lime juice
20ml sugar syrup
Premium tonic water or soda water
Freshly picked mint leaves

Fill a highball glass with cracked or crushed ice and a few fresh mint leaves
Pour in the Hayman’s London Dry Gin and let it run down over the ice
Add the lime juice and sugar syrup
Churn vigorously ensuring the ingredients are well mixed
Top with the tonic water or soda water
Garnish with a mint sprig

Free Family Picnic on July 23rd To Celebrate Love Parks Week.

Birmingham is set to play host to a giant, free family picnic on Sunday July 23rd at Handsworth Park in celebration of Love Parks Week (14th-23rd July).

Held annually, Love Parks Week is an initiative run by Keep Britain Tidy which encourages communities to show their support and appreciation for their local parks. In Birmingham, there are more than 581 parks and green spaces and range from large historic parks to small local green spaces and allotments.

Hosted by ParkLives and Birmingham City Council, The Big Picnic will take place between 1.30pm – 4.30pm and will see families from across the city invited to enjoy a picnic lunch, where squash, water and fruit will be provided, and take part in a whole host of fun, free activities ranging from Zumba to soft archery to family-friendly games and activities.

More free activities will be on offer throughout the week, including orienteering, Tai Chi and Green Fit Baby.

Gaynor Roberts, ParkLives Programme Manager at Birmingham City Council, said: “Love Parks Week is a reminder to us all to continue to use and support our local parks and recognise the local groups, such as Friends of Parks and Park Rangers who work so hard to keep them safe and welcoming places for all of us to enjoy. The ParkLives Big Picnic event is a great way to kick-start the celebrations and I hope families from across the city enjoy the activities on offer throughout the week and are inspired to visit their local park more often.”

Tonia Clark, Secretary of Friends of Handsworth Park, said: “Time spent in local parks can give people a bit of ‘me time’, away from their busy routines. I’ve been involved with the Free Family Fun sessions at Handsworth Park and it’s great to see people make new friends and realised how much they enjoy being outdoors. Without free access to local parks and green spaces, none of this would be possible. I’ll definitely be showing my support during Love Parks Week!”

Now in its fourth year in Birmingham, ParkLives runs in 10 cities nationwide and is part of a £20 million commitment by Coca-Cola Great Britain to invest in community-based programmes. Activities are delivered by teams from Birmingham City Council and are designed to help to bring communities together and improve wellbeing.

Liz Lowe, ParkLives lead at Coca-Cola Great Britain, said: “Local parks play such an important role in the physical and mental wellbeing of communities. For some, they are a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, for others they offer the chance to enjoy fun activities, learn new skills and meet up with friends.

“The ParkLives sessions we host in Birmingham are designed to help local people make the most of their city’s great outdoor spaces, whether that’s relaxing with a spot of Tai Chi in the park, joining a walking group or getting active with a Zumba session. There’s something for all ages and abilities in the programme, so if you haven’t joined us yet, Love Parks Week is a great time to start!”

To join ParkLives Big Picnic at Handsworth Park, visit http://www.parklives.com to book a place, or simply turn up on the day.

Friday, 7 July 2017

MOKURU - The latest fidget toy craze from Japan.

With the success of the fidget spinner there is a new craze in town the MOKURU.  Hou can flick & spin and do amazing tricks, watch it roll and fall. 

This handheld wooden toy was originally designed to test an individual’s balance and focus - now this simple design is testing the dexterity of fast fingered flippers everywhere. Crafted out of beech wood into an eye catching cool design, players can flip tip and spin one MOKURU or more.

Small enough to fit in a pocket or a purse, MOKURU is the go anywhere toy for all ages, a new game for kids to play in the playground, and for big kids to play in the bar, at a desk, or to be played against others in competition. Players can refine their techniques until they become a MOKURU master. Fidget spinners are so over. MOKURU is the new black or, as the Japanese say, Genbu. Also available in green (Matcha), orange, (Kirin) white (Byakko), red (Suzaku), blue (Seiryu) and yellow (Inazuma)!

Designer Masakazu Node has worked hard to ‘create the perfect size, shape and materials’ for MOKURU. Now the fast flipping toy will be distributed in the UK and Ireland exclusively by Peterkin.

Already a big hit in many markets around the world, including Japan and Hong Kong, beginners can simply tip over the toy, let it flip and catch it with their fingers or flip it to draw a triangle or square. MOKURU masters can use five MOKURU at once with one hand. Claimed to help focus and concentration, imagination and alleviate stress, MOKURU fits into your pocket.

There are fakes out there so take care to make sure it’s a real MOKURU. 

Available from SMYTHS Toys and Amazon today. RRP £10 

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Blippo Surprise Kawaii Bag Review

We was very lucky to be asked to review the Blippo Surprise Kawaii Bag on the blog. In Japan the Fukubukuro lucky bags are extremely popular, so they have created their own mystery bag. A cotton blippo bag filled with a least 15 cute and practical items inside.

It’s also separate from our subscription boxes and does not involve any subscribing. So you can pick and choose when ever you would like a surprise bag in the post. 

Lexie was really excited to open the bag and check out the contents, the first she pulled out was the Hello Kitty geek glasses. She's wanted some glasses for ages and these have been her favourite thing. 

Next was one of three purses,  Lexie was thrilled with the idea but I'm not sure there needed to be 3 of the same sort of item in the bag. The watermelon slice was cute, and lexie loved Pikachu and the bear face stripy one too. 

The fruit shaped hair clips are perfect for school, along with the ice-cream cone charge and Oreo type cookie keychain. These have been popped on her school bag.

The pink chocolate shaped bar doubles up as a mirror and comb, and the empty spray bottle is great for a holiday or Lexie has been using with it some water in to cool her down while fanning herself with the fan in the pool.

The stick on pearl gems have been used to decorate her jewellery box, the macaroon luggage tag I think we will give to my sister as she travels a lot.

 The stretchy chunky shell bracelet and the soft plush fluffy cat have been a favourite Lexie has taken the cat to bed every night. 

The llama case, I'm not sure if it's a phone case or a card holder as it's a bit small for a phone.

RRP- £13.29 

Click below to win you're own mystery bag. 

BL Trials & Tribulations Of A Brummie Mummy giveaway

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Aqua Dragons In To Space Review

We are huge fan of pets, and we recently watched are caterpillars grow and turn in to butterflies, after they had hatched we released them in to the wild. So when we received an email to say if we wanted to review some Aqua Dragons I knew the kids would be in their element. 

These are special Aqua Dragons as On April 17, 13.8 million Aqua Dragons, or Artemia, eggs were launched into Space from Mequinenza in Aragon, Spain.  The total Space flight lasted 3 hours and 32 minutes.  This launch comes on the success of World Alive’s recent Kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000 for the launch, record video footage of the flight and then package these Space eggs into a new range of Aqua Dragons kits known as Aqua Dragons Live Astro Pets.

Aqua Dragons are a unique kind of crustacean called Artemia, that have a biological process called Diapause that allows them to hibernate, hatching once in contact with water. You can watch them grow day by day, they start off as tiny little black dits then you can see their tails and them glide though the water. The kids have loved watching them hatch, feeding them and learning about Aqua Dragons. 

As a result of the most recent the eggs reached an altitude of 109,560 feet and a low temperature of -590 Celsius.  Consumers can watch the full space mission of their new pets by visiting the Aqua Dragons in Space YouTube channel 

 All Live Astro Pets also come with a Certificate of Authenticity for their flight mission. 

The full line of Aqua Dragons in Space will be available at retail starting this summer. Consumers can pre-order now on the Aqua Dragons website