Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Kawaii May Box Review & Giveaway

We are huge fan’s of the Japan box and Kawaii boxes. Lexie was happy to receive a cute box, filled to the brim with lots of lovely treats. The box comes Kawaii themed filled with lots of Kawaii goodness. We was really surprised to see 8 items included in the box, generally there is 8-10 items inside each box per month. You do always get a great assortment of different products included and normally there is a type of food/sweet you can eat too. 

If you aren't familiar with Kawaii Box  it is a monthly subscription box with selection of hand picked Kawaii items. Every month they send you a box filled with a carefully selected mix of unique Japanese and Korean Kawaii cute products. The cost is $24.90 with free shipping, which works out around £19.66 GBP. I actually think the price for this box is extremely cheap and free shipping is always a bonus as it comes all the way from Singapore. 

First up is this Kawaii Dreams Handbag with cute rainbow keyring. A cute print reusable bag that can be used over and over again.

Amuse Character Egg Shaped Hair brush. Absolutely love this compact hairbrush, nice yellow with a cute bunny design.

Neon candy purple highlighter. I think this is my favourite thing from the box, I absolutely love the novelty value with this.

Sweet Bow Hair Tie Set - These are super cute embellished thin hair ties, which will look lovely tied up in Lexie’s hair. 

Pink butterfly pen. This pink butterfly pen is a great accessory for any pencil case.

Little fairy 2 in 1 sharpener and eraser. Lovely gem heart shaped 2 in 1 stationery.

Sakura washi tape set. Absolutely love the designs on this. 

Chocoball Brisk White Soda. These are little chocolate balls, which was white soda flavour.

For you to win a Kawaii box for yourself. Please click on the link below. 

Brummie Mummy Kawaii Box Giveaway ​​

Saturday, 22 February 2020

Uni-Verse Unicorns- Which One Will You Collect?

Uni-Verse Unicorns- Which One Will You Collect?

Lexie is a massive fan of unicorns and emojis, so these are the perfect combination of the two with season one Uni-Verse unicorns from Spinmaster. 

You start off with a emoji cloud pillow, you dip them in warm water to reveal four blind bags and the water will colour change what ever colour the pillow is. After the cloud dissolves it leaves a sticky slime so best to do in a bowl in sink or bath.

Each pack contains one figure, one pet friend, two accessories, one bio card, one collector poster, plus an instruction sheet. Discover lipstick and doughnuts for horns, purses and a moustache for mouths and more. Mix and match for sillier combinations!

There are over 40 figures to collect with, Colour changing, liquid filled, scented, fun hair, glow in the dark, transculent, metallic and fuzzy unicorns to collect. Each unicorn belongs to a different world including, Sweet treats landing, Nummy bay, Superstar city, Funtasyland, Glam -A - Ganzaland, Pet- Partypeak & Mist-Terious Land. 

Lexie favourite is an super duper uni-que ( rare) Mwah- Mwah Mia. Which is glitter/liquid filled, which is like a mini glitter globe. 

We received four packs, and received these Uni-verse Unicorns. 

Glammin Cameryn 

Mwah- Mwah Mia 

Bun Appetit Becca 

Sunburst Sydney

RRP is £9 but currently are £5 in most places. 

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Japan Candy Box Valentines Edition & Giveaway.

Japan Candy Box is a monthly subscription box which works out around £15.70p in GSP. Each candy box includes hard to find seasonal and exclusive Japanese candies. Including some favourites like Pocky and Kitkat. Everyone knows Japan is the king of the different flavoured Kitkats.

So inside this months box we got a selection of 10 treats. I liked the variety of this box, I know the Halloween one had quite a few puff snacks in and this box was great with different contents.. 

I’m going to start off with the favourite, here in the UK there isn’t much variety to a Kitkat, so the party ice cream Kitkat was a massive hit! Definitely wish is was a bigger sized bar for sure.

Calbee Say Endo Edamame Snacks was my favourite out of the box, I absolutely love a pea snack and we are lucky in the UK that they come on a variety of flavours. These was lovely as they was plain just slightly seasoned with a pinch of salt! Yum.. 

Fujiyama Look Strawberry Butter Sandwich Cookies. These was yummy favourite day cream chocolate with biscuit inside. One strawberry and buttercream. 

Eiwa Heart Marshmallows - Fluffy marshmallows in strawberry, pineapple and melon flavours.

Frozen 2 chocolate bar, chocolate covered biscuit.

Koikeya Karamucho hot chilli potato chips. Tiny sticks of chilli goodness, I loved these.

Kanro pure flowery double peach gummies. Sour flavoured white peach and yellow peach flavour.

Maruta flower inspired konpeito. Tiny star sweets introduced in Japan by the Portuguese in the 16th century.

Marukyo Momiji manjya - A specialty shaped maple leaf and filled it’s a red bean paste. 

Baby star ramen maru chicken noodle snacks. Indulge in a warm bowl of Ramen, delicious Chunchon noodle snacks. 

For your chance to win a Japan candy box for yourself click on the link below. 

Brummie Mummy Japan Candy Box Giveaway

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Swizzles Valentine Personalised Gifts..

We was thrilled to get a Swizzles parcel this week, they are the king of sweets and are over 90 years old! Everyone has a favourite Swizzles sweet I’m slightly partial to a Parma Violet every now and again. From love hearts, refreshers, double dips, squashies, double lollies & drumsticks. There is something for everyone to enjoy and they always go down well at a kids party too. We have tried and tested that one out. 

Swizzles have an online store where you can buy direct from them  Swizzles  Here are the perfect sweet gift ideas for unique and personalised gifts, not available in shops. For any occasions including Valentines Day,  Weddings, birthdays & Christmas. They have a code valid from 1st-14th  February for 15% off, using the code V15. Great gifts with great prices affordable for budgets large and small. 

They are the only place to get love hearts printed with “Just Married” on them too. So they are the ultimate wedding favour to help celebrate your special day.

New for 2020 are these personalised Love Hearts tubes with 25 mini rolls inside. RRP £9.99.

New for 2020 are these limited edition pink Valentine’s rolls. Which you get 30 in a clear gift bag with a pink ribbon. RRP £9.99.

Then this swizzles hamper is packed with all the favourites inside. £7.99.

Sunday, 5 January 2020

Baa Baa Bubbles Game Review

This Christmas we have been testing a new game from Spinmaster. Baa Baa Bubbles is a fantastic game for all of the family, 3+ years. Inside the box is Baa Baa, the meadow tiles and the bubble solution. The game is all assembled and doesn’t need any batteries, which is always a plus! 

Apply the solution onto Bubbles, scatter the meadow tiles around her and take turns flipping them over. Feed her the number of times shown on the tile and watch her sudsy wool grow. 

But be careful! If Bubbles is allergic to what she eats, she'll sneeze, blasting her bubbles and you'll lose your tile. If she doesn't sneeze, you get to keep the tile. Earn the most meadow tiles to win.

With Baa Baa Bubbles, the surprise and delight never ends! Perfect for young kids and parents too, everyone will have a blast feeding Bubbles. Add Baa Baa Bubbles to your next family game night.

   It is currently half price on Amazon, £9.99 from £19.99. Which is an amazing saving.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Marvel Universe LIVE

We was kindly invited to Marvel Universe LIVE at The Arena in Birmingham on Saturday and honestly we wasn’t sure what to expect.  The show was action packed full of amazing stunts, fireworks and just an awesome cast of characters. The audience will witness cutting-edge special effects, pyrotechnics, and impressive 3D video projection mapping in this completely new thrilling adventure. With aerial stunts, martial arts and daring motorcycle skills, fans of all ages will be immersed in the Marvel universe in a show unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. 

Super Hero action, thrills and drama will soar, smash and burst into arenas across the UK next autumn as Marvel Universe LIVE! returns with a brand new show. Visiting nine UK cities in this all new production, produced by Feld Entertainment, Marvel fans will see Spider-Man, 

The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy join forces with Doctor Strange, master of the mystic arts, in a race against time to recover the Wand of Watoomb before it falls into Loki’s hands.

Called on by Doctor Strange, the Guardians of the Galaxy join Marvel Universe LIVE! on a momentous crusade against the scheming Nebula who teams up with the conniving and loathsome villains Loki and Green Goblin. The incredible superhuman forces of Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther, Hulk and Black Widow will unite in clashes that pit student against mentor, sister against sister and brother against brother.

“Our tremendously talented creative team and a nearly super human cast, have created a show that brings Marvel to life,” said Juliette Feld, producer of Marvel Universe LIVE! “The show creates an experience that immerses families in non-stop action, creating movie-style thrills and jaw-dropping stunts that showcase the powers of your favourite Super Heroes right before your eyes.”


The show will be flying into arenas in Nottingham, London, Sheffield, Glasgow, Liverpool, Belfast, Dublin, Newcastle, Manchester and Birmingham from September until December 2019. For tickets visit Marvel Universe Live

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Snow Queen At The Old Rep Theatre

Nothing screams Christmas than a trip to The Old Rep Theatre for their annual Christmas Show. Pinocchio was utterly amazing last year so we was thrilled to be invited to see This years Snow Queen. The Snow Queen opens it doors at The Old Rep on Saturday 16th November until Monday 30th December. If you are a fan of Frozen you are in for a cracking surprise, this heartfelt story will have you on the edge of your seat.

This adaptation of the magical adventure follows inseparable friends Kai and Gerda.  When the heartless Snow Queen steals Kai to help rebuild her broken treasure, can Gerda rescue him in time before she plunges the world into an eternal winter? With the help of an unlikely band of companions, Gerda travels to the Kingdom of Ice to confront the Snow Queen and rescue her friend.

From the creative team behind last year’s Pinocchio, comes a seasonal adventure for the entire family. With an epic original score, spellbinding storytelling, and more than a pinch of Christmas magic, this thrilling re-imagining of Hans Christian Andersen's classic fable promises to be a fairy-tale you won’t want to miss this Christmas.

Book your tickets now for a snowy adventure https://www.oldreptheatre.co.uk