Friday, 24 April 2015

Kawaii Box April

If you aren't familiar with Kawaii Box it is a monthly subscription box with 10-12 hand picked Kawaii items. Every month they send you a box filled with a carefully selected mix of unique Japanese and Korean Kawaii cute products. The cost is $18.90 with free shipping, which works out around £12.60 GBP. I actually think the price for this box is extremely cheap and free shipping is always a bonus as it comes all the way from Singapore. 

I really liked this months Kawaii Box, I'm really gutted as I've had to cancel next months due to funds :-( :-( 

This month had an array of lovely items again. I do think it's a great box if you know someone that likes stationary or cute unique things.

My favourite item was the nail clippers. I can never find any when I need them, so these will come in handy and are pretty cute. 

Bunny ears hair grip. I don't think I will be able to pull this look off but I'm hoping it will look cute on my daughter. 

Apple keyring/plush - Lexie has claimed this already and added it to her school bag. 

Cute cat stickers, Lace effect stickers & a roll of sticker with Magic on. Stickers always come in handy and they seem to be Lexie's favourite things at the moment too.

Pink polka dot envelopes. I love the design on these. 

Diamond card case - I really liked this as I'm a fan of the smaller handbag, and my purse is huge. So this will be good if I just want to take a few notes and cards with me and not have them all loose in my bag. 

Sticky notes - Perfect and small for diaries. 

Matte badge - cute glitter matte badge 

Chewy sweets - Chewy orange sweets, these was a hit with the kids. 

Angry fine tip pen  - I didn't get this item as Kawaii normally means cute and happy?

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Trendy Tot Thursday (#TT_Thursday)

Trendy Tot Thursday is back, where you can showcase your trendy tots's outfits. Pick an outfit from in the week, snap some pictures and post! 

I wanted to do something different this week. Normally I pick Lexie's outfit.  This week I let Lexie choose her own outfit. 

The top is from Asda and it has funny cats on with glasses and a Tash. Which Lexie finds very funny. This was from eBay and I think I was an old ex-stock piece and was around £3.

The leggings are from H&M and have Elsa on them. I like these leggings as they are quite simple. These are a pack for two for £10.

The pumps are leopard print and from H&M too. £4 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

What's In My Handbag?

I don't carry a huge handbag around I normally stick with the one bag, but there is always some essentials I do carry with me always. My bag isn't very exciting to be totally honest I'm quite a bore. 

Hand-cream is something I use everyday even in summer, my hands get so dry and cracked. I'm a fan of the E45 hand cream as its quite thick. Very easy absorbed and leaves my hands moisturized and soft. 

Lip balm - I always like to have a lip balm on me, it's also a great distraction when madam is throwing a wobble, as soon as you mention " Lipstick" her eyes light up. I've been a fan of Carmax for years, it's long lasting, I love the scent and it a brand that does its job.

Plasters and antibacterial wipes (hiding in my purse)  - I have to have these on me as Little miss is very prone to falling over and bumping herself.

Purse - I have to have quite a big purse as I have loads of cards, vouchers, coupons and change in my purse. This is a lovely Marc B purse my sister got me for Christmas. 

Keys & Phone - Keys are explanatory , there is nothing really special on them a few keyrings, photos of the kids & a trolley keyring for shopping. I always carry my phone if I have to check emails, use the GPS or take a photo. It's always on hand. 

Tissues and hayfever tablets - It's hay fever season again achoo! 

Perfume Samples just incase I ever want to freshen up. Plus it saves carrying a big bottle around in my bag, 

Then the random items a pony, Elza's shoes, a bobble and a bracelet. 

Aquaint - I am a slight clean freak so I like to be able to wash mine and the kids hands there and there. This is perfect for days out at the park and you have a picnic. 

Aquaint is a 100% natural sanitising water (comes in a spray you can pop  in your bag) and it kills 99.9% of germs but is completely harmless even if digested. You can use it on skin, hands, surfaces, toys, soothers...or even as a mouthwash when camping.  Much better than using chemical-laden gels or wipes. 

Aquaint is a water-based solution that kills 99.9 per cent of bacteria in seconds, and its only other ingredient, Hypochlorous Acid, is a harmless, natural acid produced by the human body to kill bacteria. With just a simple spritz from the handy 50ml bottle (£2.49), any trace of any nasties will be eradicated from hands and no hand towel is needed, as it doesnt leave a residue.

Whats more, Aquaint works as a mouthwash. Its ingredients are so natural that it is even safe to swallow, making it ideal for cleansing the mouth first thing in the morning. It and can even be used as water to brush your teeth and rinse your tooth brush! 
Aquaint is stocked in Boots, Ocado, JoJo Maman Bebe, and Amazon and in selected Babies R Us stores. It is also available to purchase online
As well as the 50ml bottle £2.49 &  Aquaint is available in a 500ml trigger spray bottle (£4.99). 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Get Your Body Beach Ready With A Little Help From Beauty At Tesco

With the sun shinning and Summer rolling on. Check out his post on how to get your body beach ready with some great preparation and tanning products from Beauty at Tesco.

Step 1 – Exfoliation   

Get into the habit of regularly exfoliating for summer-long smoothness. Gentle exfoliation removes dead skin cells and build up to reveal newer, softer skin beneath. The Calcot Manor Lazy Evening Gentle Salt Scrub buffs the skin’s surface without harsh abrasion, to leave it luminous and glowing. Simply scoop into palms and gently massage the blend of natural sea salt and softening almond oil over the body before rinsing, repeat twice a week.  I loved the sweet scent on this, it's a quite large salt scrub and it works well on leaving your skin smooth and soft. The clickable sealed jar is great and looks fantastic in the bathroom too.  


Step 2 – Hydration  

Ensuring skin stays hydrated will it look smooth and healthy. Dry oils are designed to lock in moisture after bathing or showering, leaving a subtle glow to the skin, without feeling sticky or greasy. The Lazy Evening Dry Oil Body Spray provides a light and softly scented, hydrating boost for the body, enriched with vitamin C and patchouli. After showering or bathing, whilst skin is still slightly damp, spritz all over the body and lightly massage in.   
Step 3 – Moisturising   

To keep the skin in optimum condition and ready-to-bare this summer, don’t forget to complete your routine with a good moisturiser. The Lazy Evening Moisture Soufflé is a nourishing, skin soothing body cream with a lightly whipped texture that’s easily absorbed. Smooth this chamomile, sweet fig and vitamin E enriched soufflé all over the body and massage in a circular motion to stimulate circulation and aid absorption. The Soufflé is a really thick cream and a little goes a long way, it does take a bit longer than normal to absorb in to the skin. The scent itself is amazing and I could still smell it the morning after on my skin. 

 Sealed with a golden kiss  

Once your skin regime is complete, you can apply your selftan for the ultimate beachready look. Beauty at Tesco has a range of tanning products to suit all shades, whether you’re looking for a gentle glow or a long lasting sun-kissed tan.   
St. Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse is a speedy tanning solution that starts to develop instantly on application.  It is quick dying, easy to apply and super lightweight, helping you to achieve a faster finish. The new actives in this Bronzing Mousse allow its wearer to pick the shade of tan they desire according to when they wash it offIt  will continue to work for up to eight hours, developing into your chosen shade. A 100% natural tanning agent and intelligent shade technology are used to ensure that your tan is tailored to your individual skin-tone for a natural looking, streak-free golden glow.   

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan is a light-weight, fast drying, non-sticky mousse giving rapid streak free results. Accelerating ingredients helps it to develop quickly and, depending on how dark you would like to be, can be showered off after 1 hour for a gentle bronze, 2 hours for a rich chocolate and 3 hours for an intense deep tan.  

Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze allows you to build your colour from a light glow to a ‘Gentle Bronze’. It can be applied every day, to both moisturise your skin and give you a hint of colour. Apply as you would body moisturiser, ensuring that it is well rubbed into your skin.
Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs Spray is designed specifically for your legs. Simply spray directly on to your legs for a natural, bronzed and flawless tan in an instant. The easy to apply spray blurs imperfections, giving you the confidence to bear your legs this summer. 

Soleil Beauty Bronzing Mousse is a light and easy to use bronzing mousse provides an instant hint of colour and develops into a deeper tan within 2-4 hours of application, leaving you with a streak free, natural looking tan. 
For something more subtle try Soleil Beauty Tinted Bronzing Lotion, this non-greasy tinted bronzing lotion is the perfect solution. It is tinted for an instant glow and will develop within 2-4 hours into a golden tan. 
Soleil Beauty Instant Bronzing Lotion is a wash off bronzing lotion will give you an immediate, flawless, natural looking tan that can wash off almost as quickly as it was applied.

Check out these and other tanning products available at Beauty At Tesco Now