Sunday, 16 October 2016

Air Hogs RC Batmobile Review

We recently just watched the Batman Vs Superman movie and both me and Raiden was impressed. Raiden likes his Superhero's and Batman is a firm favourite. We are both a bit obsessed with Gotham , so I knew the Air Hogs Batmobile would go down a treat. 

This Batman vs. Superman Official Movie 1/24 scale Replica Air Hogs RC Batmobile, is a mini version from the movie. We loves the extras of the LED's which glow when you are picking up speed.

I loved the detail on the Batmobile, the worn look on the top of the car gives a great effect. The detail is really impressive for a toy car. 

Once the batteries are in ( took me nearly a week to remember to get them - oops) The Batmobile takes 6AA batteries, three each for the remote and car. The Batmobile is pretty easy to control and the bat design remote is very easy to use as there are only a few buttons on the pad. Left, right, forward, back and the on/off switch. The car is highly manoeuvrable, delivering precise and long distance control with 2.4GHz communication.

Raiden had enjoyed making obstacles to race and see how fast it goes. After a few hits on the the skirting board, sofa, to unit and basiclly everything in sight. The car has not a mark on it, so it's made to last and very robust. The rubber tyres make it great on any type of flooring from carpet, lino & even outside on the concrete.

A must of any Superman or Batman fan's, I'm sure this is going to be on a few lists this Christmas. Available to buy from any major toy retailers.

From 8+ years  - RRP- £39.99

Friday, 14 October 2016

Interplay Dozy Dogs Craft Review

We recently had the Fuzzykins Cats to review and Lexie loved colouring them in and making them her own. We had the chance to review the Dozy Dogs and these have been Lexie's favourite so far.

In the set you get three different sized Dogs, ( large, medium & small) and three felts to customise the dogs. Design and create different patterns on your new Dogs.

 Included in the pack are some felt beds which you just slot in together, these are a bit fiddly to put together and I had to help Lexie with this part of the task. There is a lolly pop stick to help you push the ends though for easier assembly.

In the pack are sticky sided self adhesive shapes including bones and hearts which you can use to decorate the beds, capes or the little night masks for your new friends.

The box also doubles up as a practice colouring in sheet too, so you can plan your designs before colouring your blank Dogs in.

Perfect for crafty children this Christmas.

RRP- 12.99 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Slimming World Jelly Sweets

I have such a sweet tooth and sometimes fruit, yogurt or chocolate touch it. I came across the some jelly sweet posts on Instagram and I had to test it out. I will be making a batch of these for my slimming world taster session on Friday. They use three ingredients and are really sweet and tasty. So easy to make and they are 3 Syns for the whole lot you make!! 

Two sachets of sugar free jelly ( I used strawberry). 
Two sachets of gelatine.
One muller light ( any flavour) 

Make up one sachet of sugar free jelly with 200ml of water, add one sachet of gelatine. Mix well and set in a dish in the fridge for about 30 minutes. 

Once set use the other sachet of jelly and galantine with another 200ml of water. Add the muller light and stir well. Add this on to the set jelly, leave overnight so it sets.

Once set, cut up in to pieces and enjoy! 

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Frozen Milkshake Maker Review

We previously had the slushy maker chillimaker and it's always been a firm favourite and used years on still. We got sent a milkshake maker to review and Raiden was delighted. 

You have to freeze the cup for around 4-8 hours beforehand. So its best to use them refreeze so its all ready for the next time. 

The concept is easy literally a frozen milkshake in minutes, as long as the cup is pre-frozen, it does what it says on the box. 

The pack has a silicone outer cup, a freeze pack that goes inside the cup, a lid that screws on then the top that you can screw on and off and a handle to spin to make the milkshake. It seems the product has had a bit of a facelift as the cup is wider and the handle feature makes it so easy to use. 

You fill the cup with milk, we added some choc shot syrup in the cup too. You could add any fruit juice or syrups to add flavour. Some fresh raspberries would work really well I think. Place the lid then spin the handle for a minute and a half. 

Don't overfill as it will just all spill out when you twist it then when you open the lid it spatters everywhere. Within minutes you have a thick, foamy frozen milkshake suited toy your own taste. Yo can choose your own healthy flavours without additives and sugar.

RRP- £9.99

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

U Hugs Dolls Season 2 Review.

It's very rare that we receive something to review which me or Lexie have never heard of before. Lexie watches a lot of toy videos on YouTube and was very excited when we received the U Hugs Dolls from Flair to review. 

There is six different characters to collect – Sweety Robot, Time Off Elf, Snowy Girl, Thorny Flower, Lazy Hero, Cheeky Kitten!

U Hugs are customisable dolls that come with interchangeable accessories, collect them all and share the accessories on the different dolls, mix and match to create different styles. You can create different looks, moods and unique attitudes. Show your creative personally with the different designs with U Hugs. The dolls themselves are like hard foam with 16 holes on to add the pin accessories, the pins are easy to slot in and Lexie had no trouble swapping and changing them. 

There is a cute little secret compartment at the back where you can store them safely, so they don't get misplaced or lost. The pins are unique with various finishes and each doll features a diamond pin on the top of their head as a unique symbol of the U Hugs family. They also have a hook on their head to hang up your doll. Each U Hugs doll comes with shoes featuring fashionable designs which you can flip round to create a new style.

Use the pins, eyes, mouths, wigs, clothes and shoes to personalise your doll. Each doll has their own style and the pins are interchangeable between dolls, so children can create their own unique doll too!

You can now buy additional pin packs too so you have more style to pick from.

RRP- £14.99 Available in all major toy stores.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Blueberry Baked Oats Slimming World Muffins.

If you follow on Instagram you will see I've gone slightly muffin crazy! I was getting bored with the same things for breakfast, so i decided to give some baked oats muffins a go. I did this recipe a few months ago and it tasted awful, it was a bigger dish and it was just all soggy. These come out spongy and very light! 

35g of oats ( HEXB) 
1 egg
2tsp sweetener
60g of blueberries 
2tsp of fat free syn free yoghurt ( I used the Greek layered strawberry one from Aldi) 
1tsp of cinnamon 
Frylight to spray the muffin cases

Mix the oats, sweetener, cinnamon together. Add the egg and yogurt. Mix well & add the blueberries.
Spray the muffin cases with Frylight. 
Add the mixture to the muffin cases and bake on gas mark 4 for 15 minutes.

Eat hot or cold, with the rest of the yogurt and some speed food. 

2 syn's for the cooked blueberries. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or a pudding.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Disney Princess Ariel Bath Styling Head

This has been one of Lexie's favourite review items this year. She is slightly obsessed with anything that is a mermaid or a unicorn. I'm a huge fan myself of The Little Mermaid & Ariel is by far our favourite Disney Princess. This item was one of the items already on Lexie's Christmas list so she was delighted when she came home from school and saw it waiting for her. 

This styling head is slightly different to a normal one, as this one is made for bath time. It has some  suction cups on the back, so you can attach it to the wall, side of the bath or even tiles. 

Ariel's statement red hair is long and shiny. Perfect for making your own styles or washing bubbles out. This comes with many fun colour changing features! With the magical power of water. Change the hair from blue to teal , eyes and lips with the magic of cold water then to change back for a different style. 

The set comes with five adorable accessories. Some lovely hair clips which double up for hair clips for you too in or out the bath. There is a cute shell cup, which is the shell like Ursula's necklace where she traps Ariels voice in the film. The brush is a dinglehopper/fork style which I thought was really cute. Plus a lovely slot in purple clip. 

The Disney Princess Ariel Bath Styling Head is from Just Play which is perfect for girls aged 4 years and over. Perfect for a princess fan or a budding hairdresser. 

RRP- £24.99