Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Easter Baking Challenge With Num Noms

We were challenged by Num Noms to make our very own Easter Egg Bark. Lexie couldn’t wait to get creating and unboxing the latest Num Noms. We received a cool parcel with ingredients to make some Easter egg bark, some latest Num noms and an apron and hat. 

The bark was super easy to make and you could use anything to top it not just mini eggs. Perfect for a quick easy treat or a great way to use up any bits and bobs of Easter eggs lying around. 

You will need : 

3x 150g milk chocolate broken in to chunks

Butter or grease proof paper

50g of white chocolate, broken in to chunks.

1x 90g of mini eggs

Put the milk chocolate chunks in to a heatproof bowl. Bring to the boil a saucepan of water, add the bowl with chocolate in top. Leave the chocolate to melt, stirring occasionally.

Line a small tin ( I used a brownie tin) and pour in the melted milk chocolate, spread the chocolate around the line.

Melt the white chocolate, then once melted add blobs to the milk chocolate then with a cocktail stick or fork swirl the white and milk chocolate together.

Bash and add the mini eggs or any other topping you fancy and leave to set in the fridge. 

Once set break in to smaller pieces then the bark is complete.

Included in the parcel was a bundle of the Num Noms range, including the Num Noms Mystery Make Up Surprise, Num Noms Sparkle Smoothies and Num Noms Mystery Packs.

The Mystery Make Up Surprise Num Noms character which was actually a cute body spray, when you take the hat off which was a nice surprise.

The sparkle smoothies was some lovely detailed lip glosses with a little wand, which have lovely scents to them.

The mystery packs was scented Num Noms characters, which had tuffs of different coloured hair which you can brush and style.

Num Noms are available from all major toy shops including. Smyths Toys


Tuesday, 16 April 2019

PAW Patrol Awards Launch at Kidtropolis in Birmingham

So Yesterday we was invited To Kidtropolis at the NEC in Birmingham to celebrate the Paw Patrol awards launch, to celebrate real life little heroes. Lexie was lucky to be about to do a meet Skye and get a super big fluffy hug. 

For the second year the much-loved pups with their unique personalities and special characteristics are celebrating ‘real-life’ little heroes in the PAW Patrol Little Heroes Paw Awards 2019. 

Do you know or have a little hero in your life who deserves to be recognised, ages from 3-10 years. and you would like to nominate them, you can enter the Awards by visiting www.PAWAwards.co.uk from 13th April, and sharing why this little one deserves to be one of the PAW Patrol Little Heroes of 2019.  If you are nominating someone else’s child, we ask that you seek permission of the child’s parent first. Anyone can enter and there are 8 awards and will be chosen by a panel of judges, with some special prizes for the winners and runner ups. 

Then here’s the chance for you to help them shine with the help of their favourite pups. Parents of youngsters across the country will be very familiar with Chase, Rubble, Skye, and Marshall, just some of the heroic pups from Nick Jr’s number one rated TV show PAW Patrol produced by Spin Master Entertainment.

The Awards

-           The Rubble Award for Strength

Whether physical or emotional, do you know a little one who has shown unusual strength? They may have been brave, tough or strong.  We’d love to know what they did and how proud you are of them!

-           The Skye Award for Courage

Has a little one you know shown outstanding courage.  Did they face their fears or help others through a courageous act? Please tell us what happened and why they deserve this award!

-           The Marshall Award for Loyalty 

Sometimes, loyalty is tested and it’s not easy to do the right thing by others! It might mean missing out yourself or upsetting another. But if you know a little one has shown remarkable loyalty or willingness, do let us know.

-           The Rocky Award for Making a Difference   

Has a little one helped the community?  Have they taught you a thing or two about saving the planet or shown inspiration, or wisdom or come up with a brilliant idea? Tell us why your little patroller is a shining star!

-           The Chase Award for Leadership

Has your little one proven a responsible leader? Was there a time when they unexpectedly stepped up to the mark to lead, shown confidence, maturity or set a great example? Whether at school or at home, we’d love to hear!

-           The Everest Award for Kindness and Friendship

Has your little one helped or supported a friend or family member in need or just been incredibly kind to others? Tell us how they have been a great friend or about their generosity and kind heart.

-           The Zuma Award for Being Helpful

Everyone needs a little help at times and often kids are not always first to offer - but if you have a special little assistant in your life then please share what makes them your helpful hero!

-           The Ryder Award for Kindness to Animals

Do you know a child who is a hero who shows kindness above and beyond to the animal kingdom? Tell us how this child is a friend to pets or animals whatever their shape, size or wherever they live!

*We was gifted tickets for the show and a goody bag for this post* 

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Your Fairy Kitchen Garden Review

So if you asked me what children's TV advert I remember from the run up to Christmas, it would be the My Fairy Garden catchy one. The My Fairy Garden range has now been extended in 2018 and there is lots of different items to grow your own fairy garden. With five fabulous fairies to collect, you will want a garden for them all. 

We received the Your Fairy Kitchen Garden to test out and start some magical growing. Included in the box is your planter, which you fill up with compost ( not included). Add the fence and fairy house with removable roof for easy access to complete the garden. 

Plant the pea shoots in the garden, then water when the soil is dry. Comes complete with Fairy Fenn has jointed legs to allow her to sit on the fence, kneel on the ground or just fly around! 

Watch with Fenn as the pea seeds grow, then cut the shoots and eat. We was really excited to watch the pea shoots grow and giving Lexie some responsibility  to look after and enjoy over the next few weeks. The pea shoots started to shoot within a few days which was amazing. 

My Fairy Garden's website has loads of stuff to keep you busy, from meeting the fairies , fun and games and a garden diary to see what all the fairies have been up too.

The kits are perfect for helping children understand life cycles and how things grow. 

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Get Cosy With Hunkemoller Kids Mini Me Collection.

Normally on the weekend you will find Lexie snuggling in a onesie, that’s her favourite place to be when she isn’t in her school uniform. So when Hunkemoller got in touch to let me know they have just launched a brand new Mini Me collection  for kids and teens. I knew Lexie would be thrilled to add a new onesie to her collection. 

Not only are the onesies cute, they also have matching slippers to complete the look.  Also if you love to match your mini me they do the exact same designs for adults too, so you can be snuggle bunnies together. 

The onesie came in absolutely gorgeous packaging. It felt a real treat opening it up. 


We choose the grey bunny design, it also comes in pink and a lighter grey. The long sleeves onesie is super soft with a fleece lining inside to keep you extra warm. A full zip to open and close which is perfect for little hands and going to and flo the toilet.

Comfy and cute with a large hood complete with bunny ears was a massive hit with Lexie. 


Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Bathroom Transformation

As you all know last year I moved from a flat to a house and I didn’t realise decorating took so much time. We finally had the bathroom finished just before Christmas and apart from a new shower that has to be fitted its actually done and dusted. 

The bathroom was actually the worse room out the lot and I cried a lot after I took the house on thinking I had made a mistake as I hated looking at it everyday. I nearly didn’t take the house because of the state of the bathroom so I’m glad now it’s looking much better.


I went online and found a tiler in my area which had the best google reviews. He turned out to be a total letdown and just kept delaying the job over and over and left me a week with it half done. Just shows that not everyone with good reviews is an honest and good person. I think he got bigger and better jobs and realised mine was such a small job and thought it was ok to let me down. 

The bathroom cost me way more than I expected in the long run but it’s now done and dusted and hopefully something I don’t have to think about for a while. 


Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Wild Cakes Plush Toy Review

Lexie absolutely loves a plush soft toy, a total sucker for anything that’s cuddly and new! 

We got gifted some Wild Cakes which is a combination of a squishy and a plush in one.

Wild Cakes start off as a squishy cake, there is twelve to collect and come in an array of some of your favourite cakes. Each one is differently scented and smell good enough to eat. 

Inside the cake is a reversible toy, open the Velcro and out Pops a cute and cuddly animal. You can roll up the cake part and hide it inside the cuddly toy, then fasten with the Velcro to hide it away. 

Twelve super cute cuddly animals, so there is animal for everyone to love and take home. 

Available from Claire’s, priced at £12 each. 

Monday, 24 December 2018

Kawaii Box Christmas Special Review & Giveaway

We are huge fan’s of the Japan box and Kawaii boxes. Lexie was happy to receive the Christmas special box, filled to the brim with lots of lovely treats. The box comes with the Kawaii Box sign and a cute little cartoon rabbit on. We was really surprised to see 9 items included in the box and its a great assortment of different products. From snacks, plushes and accessories. 


If you aren't familiar with Kawaii Box  it is a monthly subscription box with 8-10 hand picked Kawaii items. Every month they send you a box filled with a carefully selected mix of unique Japanese and Korean Kawaii cute products. The cost is $19.90 with free shipping, which works out around £13.60 GBP. I actually think the price for this box is extremely cheap and free shipping is always a bonus as it comes all the way from Singapore. 

I’m going to start with Lexie’s favourite thing from the box which is the Alpaca multicoloured plush, she has a matching purse from a Kawaii bag so this was the first thing to grab her attention.

Lexie has her own mini pink tree in her bedroom so these 2 Kawaii smiling tree baubles that was made for the Kawaii Box look amazing on her tree.

This cute mermaid coin perfect is great for Lexie to keep her coins safe in when we go shopping.

Sanrio cleaning cloth is great for keeping items clean and shiny.

Ginbis Christmas shine choco corn snack. A sweet puffy snack, chocolate flavoured stars. I absolutely loved these and thought they was divine. 

The Candy cane pen was my favourite thing from the box, a lovely pastel pink and white. Doubles up as a tree decoration too. 

Nekoni Christmas stickers perfect for adding on to last minute Christmas gifts. 

Bourbon Tsum Tsum biscuits with white and milk chocolate biscuits inside, absolutely divine.

Pastel Harajuku ring set a collection of 7 lovely pastel rings perfect for dressing up any outfit. 

Click below to win a Kawaii box of your own.

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