Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Pull My Finger Game From Jakks Pacific Review

Lexie has asked for a whole bunch of games on her Christmas list this year. We have the odd few games but normally the kids play them then after one use a piece goes missing. So we have been looking for easy games without millions of bits you need to play. 

Lexie hadn’t heard of Pull My Finger  as was shocked when we received it that it farts and it bum inflates. Even so she was really excited to play. So the game is literally what it stays on the box pull Mr Buster’s finger until he farts and the bum deflates. If you deflates Mr Buster’s bum you are the loser and you start again.

The game itself was easy to set up. You slot the monkey ( Mr Buster) in to the green base, attach the bum and the tail to the area then you are ready to play. 

Spin the wheel then you are ready to go. You get an extra bum inside the pack in case it pops when it’s fully inflated. 

Both kids thought the game was hilarious to play, and they even had a go to see how big the bum got before it deflated. 

The game itself is super easy to play, it kept the kids entertained.  The round of games are short which keep their attention. It’s a simple and great and amusing game for kids. If your children are obsessed with bums and farts it’s definitely the game for you. 

Suited for 2+ players aged 4 years+. 

RRP £19.99 

Sunday, 4 November 2018

The National Pet Show At The NEC Birmingham

Yesterday we was invited to the National Pet Show at the NEC  and we all had an amazing time. The kids loved being able to see and touch lots of different animals. 

The show is a day out for animal lovers, who can view and meet hundreds of different animals, from dogs and cats to snakes and fish. The National Pet Show is returning to the NEC for its 5th year, and is set to be bigger and better than ever before!


After meeting the animals, you can watch animal action displays, listen to talks from the experts, experience interactive demonstrations and shop for the festive season! 

This year Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, The Supervet, will inspire young visitors at his specially built Noel’s Ark. This will take place next to the Kids Zone, creating a fun filled area for kids to enjoy animal handling, story-telling and book signings alongside other fun activities!

The kids loved the Fluval & Exo Terra Animal Zone And we stayed for the scary, scales & fangs talk with TV presenter and Biologist Dr Mike Leahy. Plus the mini beast talk which was fantastic. Raiden loved getting close and personal to all the animals. 



Monday, 29 October 2018

Half Term Craft Fun With Paint Sticks.

Now we are fully swing in to half term, I’m always trying to find ways for the kids to let off there creative side. We a few things planned this week, I always worry about them not doing as much creative things at home. 

We got sent some lovely mess free Paint sticks and chalks to test and review from Little Brian Paint sticks offer mess free painting , no need for brushes or water. Plus you can use them on multiple surfaces. Plus they just wipe off leaving no marks or stains. You just twist the stick to use and the paint dries within 90 seconds. A fun, clean, simple and very convenient way to paint. 

Mini paint sticks come in a 12 or 24 pack and perfect for finer details. Perfect for an add on in a pencil case. They come in classic, metallic and fluorescent colours.

Paint sticks come in 12 or 24 pack with vibrant classic, metallic and fluorescent colours. Kids can create arty masterpieces with a range of techniques including, painting, scraping, stamping and dotting.


Paint sticks in chalk come in a pack of 20 dust and mess free., creamy smooth and vibrant colours. We decided to draw an LOL doll on Lexie’s window for her to colour. She absolutely loved it. 

Lexie has great fun with some of the range and they was definitely mess free and easy to easy. Perfect for rainy days inside. Prices start from £5.99. 

Japan Halloween Candy Box & Giveaway

Japan Halloween Candy Box & Giveaway 

We was delighted to be able to work with Japan Candy Box 
again. The kids loved the box last time and they enjoyed testing out the sweets. They was very excited to be tasting sweets from another country and this time Halloween editions. 

Japan Candy box is a subscription box which delivers between 8-10 Japanese candy and snacks every month for $19.90 . ( which works out just over £15 ). We was thrilled with the selection for this month and we all have our favourites. Some of the sweets and snacks you can make out by the pictures what they are but as the writing is in Japanese it's literally a surprise every time.

I love how you get a mixture of different items from baked snacks to hard & soft candy.  The packets are so bright, cheery and colourful and they beat hands down on design. The UK sweet packets are quite boring compared to these.

Lotte Toppo Halloween Cookie Sticks
This is a limited Halloween edition of Lotte’s Toppo cookie sticks. The crispy cookie sticks are filled with delicious milk chocolate. 

Koala's March Cookies Halloween Edition
This special Halloween edition of Koala’s March has special Halloween designs on both the box and the cookies!

Coris Mizuame DIY Flavor Change Candy
Mix the 3 different pouches of clear liquid candy to reveal a new mystery flavor! What flavor and color will come from mixing strawberry, soda and lemon.

Skeleton Ramune Candy
This coffin shaped box contains ramune flavored candies shaped like bones. They are like puzzle pieces which can be assembled into a human skeleton.

Halloween Sweet Candy
This is a traditional Japanese brown sugar treat that has been popular in Japan for generations. This version features a special Halloween packaging.

Halloween Umaibo Snack Stick
Umaibo or "delicious stick" are popular puffed corn snacks available in countless flavors. This special Halloween edition tastes like authentic Japanese corn potage soup.

Monster Stamp Candy
Lick these monster candies and use them as stamps or eat them just like normal candy. Each of them features different spooky icons.

Halloween Caramel Corn
Tohato has made these famous caramel corn treats since 1971. This special Halloween edition has pumpkin pudding flavor.

Marukawa Witch Mystery Gum
The witch is brewing mystery flavors. Can you guess what will come next? By combining all 5 flavors the taste disappears.


Marukawa Witch Color Change Gum
This cola flavored gum will change the color of your tongue to red or black when you chew it. Play some tricks with your friends.

Click the Gleam widget below, to win your own Japan Candy Box. 

Trials & Tribulations Japan Candy Box Giveaway

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Gel-a-Peel Accessory Kits Review

We was asked by Gell A Peel Gel-a-peel.mgae.com To take part in there #MySchoolSuppliesSoMe campaign and jazz up a package of multicoloured ring binder, psychedelic note book and pencil case with Gel A Peel, the easiest way to customise and decorate. Not only is it a great way to be creative if you decide you want to recreate you can just peel and start again. Designs are literally endless.

Here are Lexie’s designs on her back to school items, she’s the coolest kid in the playground. School doesn’t have to be plain notebooks, dreary ring binders and lacklustre pencil cases, i think, like everything you do at school, they should be a reflection of your talent, ability and personality! She had fun designing her items and also making some bracelets too. The Gel A Peel are super easy to use and come in a huge variety of colours, simply trace the templates, peel the gel design and your creations are ready to wear and share!


What’s more, Gel-A-Peel can be used to customise almost anything! The gel formula sticks to most household fabrics and surfaces, allowing you to create endless personalised designs. For the budding fashion designer, the Gel-A-Peel Fashion Maker includes an innovative workstation that allows you to easily gel onto fabrics. 



There is a huge range staring with starter kits to get you started and deluxe kits that have amazing colours. Also in the range is 3D Nail A Peel for fantastic and great designs to jazz up your toes and hands. 


Monday, 24 September 2018

The Unicorn Room Reveal..

We have been quite lucky that when we moved in friends and family helped give 80% of the house a once over with paint and really there was only the bathroom which needed a total revamp and the living room which isn’t in to bad of shape at the moment.

So the kids came from sharing a yellow room and Lexie definitely needed to have her own sense of style, with her favourite thing of all Unicorns! Originally she was going to have unicorn paper but we thought pink and white walls would be so much easier is she ever wanted to change in a few years time. So we went with a unicorn border I picked up from eBay for £7.99 a roll. The room was a cold blue colour and really needed an update. 

All Lexie’s furniture and bed was from her old room, until she can look after her things a bit better. I decided as it wasn’t in bad shape at all, it would do for now until it needs replacing and just put some finishing touches to complete the room.

The heart lampshade is from Amazon, the unicorn canvas from B&M. The unicorn wall sticker from eBay with her name on. 

The units was originally from Ikea. The heart shelf was from a local selling page about 8 years ago which I had in my room for my perfumes years ago as I had an awful hot pink room.