Saturday, 28 March 2015

Look In My Lettebox.

Hi everyone, here is my weekly round up with items I've received this week.


I won the whole range from Witch skincare, can't wait to start using it. 

MAC lipstick from another blog. This is actually my first ever MAC lipstick and it's gorgeous.


Acrylic Riser Stand to display some of my Supernatural pops on. £7.49 from ebay. 

Build a bear Rainbow dash for Lexie's birthday next month. It was actually £17.50 with delivery in a promotion they had last week. 


Mystery box from a Funko group

A selection of different Funko's 

Alice Megan

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Trendy Tot Thursday - (#TT_Thursday)

Trendy Tot Thursday is back, where you can showcase your trendy tots's outfits. Pick an outfit from in the week, snap some pictures and post! 

This week is a dress that I got for Lexie for her 3rd birthday last year. It's a vintage hand made dress, which on the listing said it was made from an old duvet cover. Th listing said it was age 4/5 years but it still seems so big for her. So I'm not sure if the wrong size was listed. 

The dress itself was £10 with postage and it's an unique one off. I love the blue bow at the back and the pattern has a glitter shimmer to it and it's just gorgeous.

 I had totally forgotten it until I noticed it at the back of the wardrobe. I'm hoping it fits slightly better for the summer as I think it's going to be a firm favorite. 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Superdrug Own Brand Footcare - Get Ready For Summer.

Even though there is a few brands I love, I also like to try own brands. In the past I've found that sometimes they work better than some branded items. I do love to get my feet ready for summer, so Superdrug sent me some items to try out. 

I normally do use a foot scrub once a week, I like to keep on top of dry dead skin so it doesn't build up. The Superdrug Intensive Foot Scrub 
contains gentle exfoliates, jojoba seed oil and aloe vera to smooth and soften rough and dry skin. The scrub itself is very thick and it has small grains in. I actually now prefer the smaller grains in any exfoliates as they don't tend to stick on you when you are in the bath. I liked the scent, it's pretty mild not overpowering. I really liked the scrub and it did leave my feet feeling smooth and soft.

RRP -£3.49 

The Superdrug Intensive Foot Cream contains aloe vera to sooth and vitamin B5, renowned for its conditioning properties. The cream itself is also really thick, it does take a while to absorb and leaves a slight greasy film over. Once it's dry it does leave a love,y silky smooth feeling. There really isn't a scent at all either, which I found a bit strange as normally when I moisturise  I do like a bit of a lingering scent too. 

RRP- £3.49 

Superdrug also are proud to say that no animals are tested in their own brand range. So great products without animal cruelty too.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Look In My Lettebox.

Hi everyone, here is my weekly round up with items I've received this week.


I won this very nice wooden candle set last week. 


Superdrug foot therapy items 

Godiva chocolate 

Colgate adult and kids toothpaste 


Lots of Funko pops, the Joker one was a swap. The ponies are for Lexie's birthday.


My little pony squishy pops

Atomican blind bag 

Alice Megan

Friday, 20 March 2015

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Ravensburger Puzzle Giveaway.

I'm giving away this lovely Ravensburger Puzzle. I remember The Hungry Caterpillar Story when I was growing up. It's actually 45 years old. The way it's explains change and growing is magical. It's definitely on the top of my list for children's books. 

Four bright and colourful puzzles specially designed for youngsters aged 18 months+. Each puzzle shows The Hungry Caterpillar in a different stage of his development - the 2 piece shows him nibbling his way through leaves, on the 3 piece he's emerging from a big red juicy strawberry, the 4 piece shows him at his biggest and fattest, whilst the 5 piece shows his transformation into the beautiful butterfly. Each puzzle ensures that children get plenty of visual clues to help them assemble the pieces, helping to build their confidence and encouraging them to move onto other titles and larger piece counts. Start with the 2 piece puzzle and move onto the 3, 4 and 5 piece puzzles once your youngster has started to understand the concept of piecing together the different scenes. The puzzles are made in super-thick white-lined card, just right for little hands. Finished puzzles measure 11.5 x 16cm when completed. A great introduction to jigsaws!

Please check out the Rafflecopter to see how to enter - Good Luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Trendy Tot Thursday - (#TT_Thursday)

Trendy Tot Thursday is back, where you can showcase your trendy tot's outfits. Pick an outfit from in the week, snap some pictures and post! 

Hello it's Trendy Tot Thursday again. This week Lexie is wearing a black and white striped long sleeve skater dress from H&M. The dress itself is quite thin so it's perfect for spring/summer as it's very light. They normally have this dress for sale all year around and release it with different prints. They are around £4/5 each.

The black tights are a two pack from Adsa for £4. 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Pop In A Box - March Unboxing

So excited this month, as it is Pop In A Box time yet again!  If you haven't heard of Pop In A Box before it's basically a subscription service where you get sent a mystery pop a month. You can have up to six pops delivered. On the website you thumbs up the pops you really want, thumbs down the ones you would hate and the ones you aren't to fussed about leave neutral. So you are guaranteed a pop you are going to love with the surprise of not knowing which one.

We are on the 3 pop plan, as I added some of the kids likes. Lexie did well last month with a 6" Discord from My Little Pony and a Frozen pocket pop tin.  

Every month you have a chance to be given a special/limited edition pop. A ride, oversized or pocket mini tins. As long as you have the item thumbed up, you will have a chance in winning it when Eddy works his magic! 

This month we have got it early and I was a little ruthless with some of my Wishlist and likes, but I think it was after the cut off point and my pops was already picked. As one of them I had thumbed down, but it ok as she was actually one of my favorite characters from Buffy. 

Again totally thrilled to bits with our subscription, we received this month Evil Queen, Woody (Special events giant edition) and Wishverse Willow. Again thrilled with my sub, roll on next months.